Gamescom: Ubisoft Has Faith in Vita, Wii U

“We all think that they’ll be able to sell more machines in the future.”

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DjKiba1764d ago

Yeah just like the Vita got a Price Drop so does the Wii U need one

ShadowHarp1764d ago

The Wii U doesn't need a price drop, it's already being sold for less then it's actually worth.

MasterCornholio1764d ago

A price drop worked wonders for the 3DS so i dont see why it cant work well for the Wii U especially with their holiday line up.

Brazz1764d ago

A price drop is a good thing for WIIU and Nintendo will go whit a price drop for sure.
even if the Big N get a loss in WiiU ya need to remember that Nintendo consoles have amazing exclusive and people normaly buy nintendo consoles to play nintendo games.
loose in console to gain in software, this is something that can work very well for nintendo.

N4g_null1764d ago

The price drop is the dumb answer. Better games with system purchase is the smart value.mariokart, X, dkcf, or sm3du would be golden. Digital downloads of hd remixes of current $80 plus wii games would move tons also.

plus if you were to buy it at a cheaper price what games would you get?

BattleAxe1764d ago

"ShadowHarp + 1h ago
The Wii U doesn't need a price drop, it's already being sold for less then it's actually worth.
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Ignorance is bliss.

AbortMission1764d ago

Less than it's actually worth?

It's worth under $200 at its current state.

falcon971764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Your right WiiU is being sold at a loss,due to edram basically,that memory and especially the edram cache that is ridiculously expensive its why pc's dont use it and it costs more than ps4's system RAM that's for sure,and edram is used to push powerful processor's to extreme levels,wiiu already has a custom E6760 couple that with tons of edram and you have a beast...

Ps4 could be less if they lowered the on board storage ie HDD,just like WiiU has a controller that will be say $50/£40 more than say a ps4 controller,it all evens out,the GAMEPAD or HDD are nothing power related yet make both consoles about £40 more than they should be think about it,only ps4 doesn't need all that storage,but WiiU does need the GAMEPAD so if anything Sony are giving you something that's not needed for your game experience and it drives up the cost of the machine,WiiU's GAMEPAD is part of the dual screen experience the WiiU offers and is very much something they have to include,not ps4's HDD ???

JP13691763d ago

Embedded RAM - at least in the case of the Wii U- is being used claw back some performance out of the awful cell phone RAM that Ninty stuffed into their console. 8GB of DDR3 with ESRAM is much better and 8GB of GDDR5 shits all over Nintedo's "solution".

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Misaka_x_Touma1764d ago

Only way price goes down is selling Gamepad separately which is not gonna happen

falcon971764d ago

Nintendo have not put anything on wiiu that drives up cost everything is integral to the experience,unlike ps4 with an over expensive HDD when they could just let consumers buy their own HDD which is cheaper and better.

SaffronCurse1764d ago

A price drop is always welcomed in my books.

falcon971762d ago

No need for a price drop on WiiU,ps4 needs to drop that poor amount of HDD as most gamers will eat it up in a year or less and need to get a 3rd party HDD so why not just take the 32GB approach of WiiU as it makes the console cheaper and if your going to end up buying a bigger HDD anyway why over charge consumers on a pathetic amount of HDD ?? I have a 2TB HDD made by Toshiba and it runs beautiful on wiiu.....

andrewer1764d ago

Ubisoft is awesome, they support everybody, and don't whine like most of the studios nowadays. I seem to have a taste for low selling plataforms (lol), but Ubisoft is always there.

TekoIie1764d ago

You got to give them credit. Releasing AC4 and Watchdogs on Wii U and Rayman: Legends on Vita while other devs just ignore them.

AWBrawler1764d ago

the low sellers are more hungry for sells, so they seem to have better quality games. just look at Dreamcast and Gamecube

admiralvic1764d ago

Ubisoft has so much faith in the Wii U that they needlessly delayed the Wii U version of Rayman Legends...

Actions > Words

N4g_null1764d ago

Red steel 3 please... if you really believe. Make a 3d brawler!

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