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Submitted by SG-17 901d ago | review

Killzone: Mercenary Beta - First Impressions

When I first heard about Killzone: Mercenary I was both excited and skeptical. So far the PlayStation Vita has been disgraced with lack-luster garbage bin shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. I was hopeful that Killzone: Mercenary would be one step towards saving the platform. I was right, as far as I can tell from the beta. Guerrilla Cambridge’s partnership with its parent Guerrilla Games really shines through will Killzone: Mercenary. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita) -

tigertron  +   901d ago
It truly is the best handheld FPS out there. I'm looking forward to the full retail version. :)
abzdine  +   901d ago
i agree!
but before you buy the retail version check the PSN version first it might be cheaper like almost all sony 1st party games when they come out.
fardan85  +   901d ago
I hope the SP will be awesome like KZ2.
The mp in KZm is simply addictive.
GuruStarr78  +   901d ago
I'm going with the physical copy.. pre order bonus is nice, and I prefer physical copies.. discount isn't ever enough to go digital.
abzdine  +   901d ago
i personaly prefer to go digital especially when it comes to handheld.
NukaCola  +   901d ago
This beta is tons of fun. I'm figuring out the control style pretty well and am getting the hang of the level. The layout is perfect. It feels small but yet large and full of different paths to accomplish the missions. I love the interrogations and melees...and the counters. I wish they added a killcam though. I get killed a lot from unknown spots and would like a quick "hey dumbass I'm here cam" to help me out. The minigames are awesome too. Gotta think super fast or it's your ass. Those graphics are unbelievably superior to anything else on any handheld. I'm so blown away by the visualization and fluidity of the entire experience. I'm so excited to get the full game in a couple weeks. Best FPS on handheld and maybe a GOTY for FPS contender as well. This company has redeemed the shame Nihilistic has shown. KZ Mercs day one!
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GuruStarr78  +   901d ago
I agree completely. A killcam would help.. I get killed alot...LOL..

Just hit sgt major II, can't wait for the actual release, got it preordered and plan on squeezing every minute out of the double xp bonus.
SmokingMonkey  +   901d ago
My Vita is awesome, I will be playing KZ merc more than i'll be playing GTAV.

AS great as GTAV looks, GTAIV left a bad taste in my mouth, with strange social interactions like darts and bowling. Plus, the whole M$ paid exclusive thing really soured me on GTA.

GTAV is looking undeniably great, but I won't be holding my breath for this one.

LOGICWINS  +   901d ago
Its rather clear from what we've seen that Rockstar has taken everything fun about GTA and put it into 5 while weeding out the boring stuff. Too say that you wont like it because you didnt like GTA4 is an error on your part.
SmokingMonkey  +   901d ago
I said it looks great didn't I?

Boring stuff like the rumored filling up for gas?

Or maybe getting stoned in GTAV will be better than getting drunk somehow in GTAIV...right?

I loved GTA vice city, but since GTA san andreas, GTA has lost it's 'magic' IMO,

i hope GTAV proves me wrong and I love it all over again. (thank science they finally made the shooting combat better, that lock on nonsense from GTAIV sucked!)
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_FantasmA_  +   901d ago
I hear you man. Thumb me down all you want, but GTA is really over rated. If you've played one, you've (almost) played them all. 3 was okay, but Vice City was a classic. Vice City was the only one I liked, and everything in that game worked well. The setting, characters, music, etc all made it feel epic. San Andreas was terrible and I never even played 4, or have even watched gameplay or reviews of it. You can only kill so many hookers before a game gets old.
Pintheshadows  +   901d ago
Yeah, because that is all there is to GTA right. Killing Hookers.

Jesus wept, people on here are getting worse.

'San Andreas was terrible'. In your opinion.
Elimin8  +   901d ago
@ _FantasmA_

"Vice City was the only one I liked, and everything in that game worked well. The setting, characters, music, etc all made it feel epic." I definitely agree!
_FantasmA_  +   901d ago
Oh I'm sorry, I didnt know I couldn't have different opinion. I guess I should like San Andreas because that is the popular thing to do right? Jesus isn't real. And yes GTA got cool with the kids because you could run around shooting cops and killing hookers, not because of its missions and Hollywood voice actors. I'm not saying thats what the game is about, but that is what people would talk about in high school when these games were new.
Pintheshadows  +   901d ago
'GTA got cool with the kids'

I wasn't in 'high school' when I played GTA. Nor was I in secondary school. I also don't believe in Jesus. For you to say that it was only liked because it was cool with the kids shows an unvbelievable level of ignorance. Yeah, that is the only reason it was popular. It wasn't for the well written and snappy dialogue, strong parodic characters, and expansive, varied, and infinitely explorable game world. No, kids just liked it 'cos it was gangster' and they were young and it had swears in it and hookers.

Of course, I should of realised.

Just one more thing.

'I never even played 4, or have even watched gameplay or reviews of it. You can only kill so many hookers before a game gets old'.

So you've never played 4 but that is what you assume it is and you wonder why you got called out for your misinformed opinion. And make no mistake, having not played 4, saying that it is just killing hookers is about as misinformed as you can get.

In fact it was such a polar opposite to the previous games with its relentless darkness that it generated a huge backlash with the San Andreas fans. It is bleak. Really bleak. I can see why some didn't like it, but you know what, you actually might.
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_FantasmA_  +   901d ago
You're dumb. I heard no kids talking about the snappy dialogue. It was about the cop killing high speed chases, getting a 5 star wanted level, and killing hookers. Did you go my schools? No then stfu. Nobody my age during those years cared about plots or characters. It was a hit because you could be a gangster and kill people. That is a fact. Maybe you are some old guy, but this is how it was my school. And I didn't like SA, so why would I like IV when I heard people saying it was a step backwards and that it sucked compared to the older ones?? Yeah let me go spend my money to see if I like the game. I've never cared for GTA, so just cause you love them, I'm supposed to waste my money on them?? Do you know what an opinion is? Stop responding to me and go listen to some snappy dialogue.
DoomeDx  +   901d ago
What the hell man

What has GTAv and TLOU got to do with this?
Ju  +   901d ago
Sorry, man, you got an off topic from me for hi-jacking this thread.
mafiahajeri  +   901d ago
Come September the 17th you will be proven your wrong on all those claims...
willie32  +   901d ago
I really hope they fix the spawn issues before release.
805Junior805  +   901d ago
It's not as bad as it is in other games. The game is fast paced that it is bound to happen. And the map is small with minimal space for spawn points that aren't in the open so someone is bound to run into a spawn point while someone's spawning. Either they spawn in front of you of behind you. I'm sure they will fix it, that's why they picked a small map.
slivery  +   901d ago
Yea I agree with Junior.

What can you expect when you are spawning so much. Not trying to act like you need to be a pro or something but the less you die, the less you will get spawn killed.

Not going act like I haven't ran into some spawn kills or even down my own but it honestly doesn't happen that much for me. Not enough for me to complain about it.

Map is pretty spread out. Thing is when people are all dying so fast and spawning, it is unavoidable. Its going to happen eventually. Even if the spots are completely random. There is only so much space, at some time people are going to end up in the same area.

I think the map is big enough but like Junior said its going to happen and I am pretty certain from trailers and what not there are bigger maps than the one we have now.
kwiksilver99  +   901d ago
true.i wonder if the reason gg opted for 4v4 included the added concern of too many spawn kills.
anyways,im sure they must be aware of the situation with the beta going around and hopefully fix any issues that can possibly be ficed before launch.
805Junior805  +   901d ago
I love this game. I love how well it plays, and how amazing it looks. The spawn kills are a common problem in online multi FPS games so it didn't bother me. WarZone is a fun game mode with the game going to either side at any moment. I joined a game where we where losing by 40+ points and ended up taking the win. I'm buying the handles add on due to my hand numbing from playing so much. This is a definite buy for any ps vita owner and those who didn't make it on the beta are really missing out. KZ: M and GTAV will keep me occupied till November.
Ripsta7th  +   901d ago
Ima have to steal the vita i gave my brother,,for a little while... :p
CocoWolfie  +   901d ago
oh I agree its really good, the area is well done for muliplayer, it doesnt feel to big or too small, the weapons and armor have a lot of variety and work well, i actually like switching weapons, so far i like using the submachine gun and sniper w/scatter shotgun the most, but yeah its really enjoyable :)
slivery  +   901d ago
I love that charge sniper rifle. Looks so awesome when you bombard a person with it. Hell when I get hit with it I am like "holy shit!"

Freaking love this game. I usually use the single shot sniper rifle though, that charge one can be a little easier to use cause of the blast radius from the charged shots. Sometimes I just like people to know I killed them with one armor piercing bullet.

Both feel awesome though super satisfying pulling off a head shot with either of those puppies. I enjoy mostly all the shotguns myself, I usually run a similar build. Sniper and shotty.

Oh and the exploding heads.. Jeez so much in this game its ridiculous its on a portable.
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ziggurcat  +   901d ago
i hope they fix the connection problems because i've been kicked out of 2 of the 3 sessions i've played so far.
dkgshiz  +   901d ago
Game runs really good and is quite fun. Day one buy.
Evilsnuggle  +   901d ago
I watch the beta footage of killzone mercenaries in HD it has better games graphics than anything on xbox 360.
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GABRIEL1030  +   901d ago
AAA game:


I'm very surprised with the beta, the games is great !
TheDivine  +   901d ago
Its great. Really wish it had larger op layer counts though. So far vita games have been all 4v4 which gets boring quick IMO. Still its the first real effort we've gotten and shows what the vita is capable of. Makes me wish Resistance had gotten an extra year in development, it could've been a really great game like this seems to be. Love me some KZ.
Otoshigamisama  +   901d ago

Mantis Engine :)
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Ju  +   901d ago
Oh, boy, My internet is so bad I only got into a game once...damn. Looked great, though. Don't have bots in Mercenary, huh? Or are they in? Would be fine if it'll support bots to enjoy this offline.
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kwiksilver99  +   901d ago
the author mentions 'aim acceleration' as detrimental to the otherwise efficient controls.
can anyone with knowledge on 'aim acceleration' please enlighten me on what it is ?
also ,was it also there in previous killzone titles?
slivery  +   901d ago
Well for PC for instance it is called "Mouse Acceleration" I can assume its probably the same thing.

It is a setting that allows you to adjust the screen cursor acceleration.

It basically is an artificial speed increase. If that makes sense to you. In a PC's instance say you don't have a gaming mouse that has a really high DPI count needed for extreme speed and precision to move the cursor fast enough.

Well you could then use "Mouse/Aim Acceleration" to increase that speed in an artificial way.

Something that exists in every version of Windows.

From what I read I think hes pointing out he has a problem with the aim acceleration not working with well when aiming down sights. As he says it makes it slow.

I personally don't agree, I think they meant to do that. I think that is how it should be when aiming through the sights, just feels more realistic. When you use a real weapon in life, it will be slower holding that gun up to your face and using the sights versus to just freely aiming while firing it.

I don't find it to be a problem and as I said above I usually use the sniper the most so I am always having to use the scope. Unless someone bum rushes me, sometimes you can get lucky and just fire off a shot since they are so close without the scope.

Point being I haven't even noticed the aim acceleration giving me a problem with aiming down sights.
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kwiksilver99  +   900d ago
thanks for the insight.
glad t know it isnt really an issue to worry about.

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