Yoshida wants to keep a 'steady flow' of post-launch PS4 games

Polygon: "The consoles must be supported by steady releases in the months following their launch.

It's an issue suffered by recent devices that third-party studios have been slow to adopt, namely the PlayStation Vita and Wii U, which are only now starting to recover to varying degrees. If either of the next-gen consoles launching later this year suffer the same draught, it would be disastrous for their future prospects — but Sony Worldwide Studios president is confident that won't be the case for PS4 thanks to the console and company's developer-friendly approach."

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OlgerO1521d ago

Thats what sony has always done for the last years, and that is one of the many reasons why I will be getting the PS4!

ZodTheRipper1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

There are so many big and good games coming out this holiday season, they wouldn't be smart to pack everything into the launch-lineup. They'll probably announce a lot of games from the really big first party studios before the PS4 launch which will be released all throughout 2014 & 2015.

gaffyh1520d ago

Early PS3 years were a little painful, but it did make me love Resistance way more. Good to see they have learned from that mistake

ZodTheRipper1520d ago

^Yes it was due to the complex cell architecture, developers needed very long to get used to the hardware. Fortunately, Sony learned from that mistake and is being praised for their new approach now so I'm expecting shorter development times and higher quality from first and third party studios with PS4 =)

trafalger1520d ago

it wasnt until mgs4 came out that the ps3 started to shine.

"if we talk about some new Naughty Dog game that's coming, and show some teaser movie or something, people might like it —but that might not be the best presentation of the game they're actually developing for PS4."

i take that as learning from the ps3 launch where they showed cgi video for games like killzone and gran turismo so early only to have those games delayed. we also seen agent come and go and the last guardian m.i.a. it does look like sony is way more focused going forward. easier hardware for developers and working closely with indie developers will make sure they have a steady flow of software.

"It's a luxury for us not to announce these games we have in development, that we do not feel the need to do that to support the launch of PS4."

this almost sounds like a dig at nintendo who are kind of floundering trying to get games out and using nintendo direct to show that games are coming.

Pintheshadows1520d ago

I tell you what, the PSN store next gen is going to be exciting. There will be something new and excellent almost constantly.

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cleft51520d ago

Yeah it definitely seems like Sony is well prepared to keep up their momentum with 1st and 2nd party efforts.

bumnut1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Are you for real? PS2 & PS3 both suffered from a lack of games after launch.

Hopefully PS4 will be different

1lawrence1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

both 360 n ps3 had bad launch 2007 had uncharted hevenly sword motor storm ratchet n clank foklore etc then 2008 was the year of metal gear 4 its just cool to say ps3 has no games but myth xbox 360 2011-? gears............

ZHZ901520d ago

That's not true, PS2 had many many MANY games. As for PS3, starting from 2008 it had many many MANY games.

bumnut1520d ago

I didn't even mention 360, no need to bring that up. It did also have a poor choice of games though.

I had a PS2 from launch and the choice of games was poor, the best game was Timesplitters.

As for PS3, it was poor for a while after launch.

You guys act like I just called you mum a slag (or mom a slut if you are American).

iamnsuperman1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I think this is the smart move. Since mid tier games have officially died indies can fill that role of gap fillers but at a lower cost making these bigger hits more affordable and making the $60 priced games less of an issue for consumers (still an issue though). Third parties also fill certain gaps of the years. It is better not to bunch the exclusives but slowly release them throughout the year

Hufandpuf1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

"Since mid tier games have officially died indies can fill that role of gap fillers but at a lower cost making these bigger hits more affordable and making the $60 priced games less of an issue for consumers"

So very true +bubs for intelligence.

staticdash221520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Very true. It's something that Mark Cerny also commented on, which tie into the rising cost of developing AAA games. There has to be a cheaper, but also great quality option that fills the middle void of the gaming market. That's takes some pressure off the first party developers and in conjunction with better developmental hardware for next gen, development cycles don't reach to long, and less expensive when they don't have to pump in outside resources.

MasterCornholio1520d ago

Wow i never thought about it that way before.

Indies are essential to the PS4s success despite fanboys calling it the 399€ Indie box.

christrules00411520d ago

What can I say? Karma's a b!tch

pyramidshead1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

With people already having enough to hook into pre-ordering it there's certainly no rush, drip feed us those true next gen treats, Yoshida, as we already have plenty.

No need to over indulge at launch to over compensate as it clearly doesn't need to.

LarVanian1520d ago

Infamous releasing in February seems to be an example of this steady flow. It would be awesome if Sony managed to bring out an exclusive every one or two months! I can just imagine the fall 2014 line-up consisting of The Order, Naughty Dog's new game, Media Molecule's new game and even Santa Monica's new game! I hope Shadow of the Beast and Everyone's gone to the Rapture make 2014 too!

Off-topic: The people commenting in the Polygon section seem to have no idea what they're talking about lol.

TheOneEyedHound1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Everybody has gone to the Rapture might be at launch. Check out Wikapedia for some reason nobody has mention it. Anyways everybody has gone to the rapture might be a good indie, check out Dear Esther on youtube thats what they are going for but with great interaction.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1520d ago

I don't think releasing that many games next fall is a good idea. That's not really spacing them out.

I'd rather they spread them out over a longer period. That way, the Sony exclusives don't compete with each other, and each game can get the attention it deserves.

LarVanian1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I was thinking each of the games could come out during separate months.
The Order: 1886 - September
Media Molecule - October
Naughty Dog - November
Santa Monica - December

If Sony gave it some thought, they could easily provide each game with efficient advertising without letting them overshadow each other. However if this was not to come to fruition, then as you were saying, it would probably be best to spread them out and maybe release a couple of exclusives post Christmas.

@ TheOneEyedHoud

I've got a stupid question, but is EHGTTR an indie or will it be a full-blown retail release? I've heard it has a big open world after all.

Pintheshadows1520d ago

LarVanian, I like your enthusiasm but even with all their developers I worry that they may blow Sony's load too quickly. One exclusive every 2 months would be adequate and i'd like to see them releasing big titles during the quieter summer months.

Feb/Apr/June/August/October/D ecember. That would be 6 BIG exclusives a year with enough time between each to allow them to breathe.

corvusmd1520d ago

Uh....duh!! I know this quote is probably based on something he was asked...but this quote is kinda dumb, of course he does. Then again, maybe this is to combat the criticism of PS3 having greay exclusives upfront like infamous 1, Uncharted, and some Say the first Killzone on PS3 (but I was majorly disappointed by the gameplay myself), then for like 5 years or so having no exclusives worth playing until Last of Us.

ZBlacktt1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Well, that depends on your taste now. As God of War 3 came out, I see no MGS4 in your posts, no Uncharted 2 or 3. No Infamous 2, Killzone 2 and 3.... No MAG, just on and on. No Gran Turismo 5, etc. No Resistance games, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, Journey, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet....

nades_all_night1520d ago

"5 years or so having no exclusives worth playing.." That's all I really needed to see.

@ZBlacktt, Well said.

DigitalRaptor1520d ago

No exclusives worth playing?

Well aren't we a bold little troll?

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