Listen to Dan Greenawalt Talk Forza 5 Behind Closed Doors “You’ve Never Driven Anything Like This”

Forza Motorsport 5 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt is a man that’s extremely passionate about his job and about his game, and it shows in this behind closed door presentation for the press at Gamescom, where his passion for simulation and racing was very evident and most of the journalists in the room went completely fish-eyed, while the few actual gamers and sim-racers present started to smile wide.

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allformats1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

“You’ve Never Driven Anything Like This” - Whatever. I've driven way better.

Turn Ten seems to forget that they are new kids of the block. Polyphony Digital has been at this game way longer, and are way better and more efficient than them.

But Turn Ten keep spewing rubbish talk.

Abriael1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Eh, that's not such a tall order.

Having tried the game at Gamescom, I can easily say it's true even simply because of the generational gap.

That doesn't mean we'll never see other games like that when the next generation hits, but as of now, the statement holds true.

The suspensions especially feel awesome, and the cornering behavior of the cars I tried was amazing.

JokesOnYou1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

allformats Nobody said anything about GT....I'd expect any dev, I don't care if its a indie dev to speak confidently about his game, if he doesn't think its the best why do I want something a dev knowingly made half assed? Both companies boast about their product but when its xbox related some folks go nuts, insecure much?

1520d ago
cleft51521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I admire there passion, but when there next gen game is still comparable to a current gen game (GT6) it is a bit of a big statement. Still I can admire their passion for what they are making.

Abriael1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Eh, comparable how? because having tried both they do feel rather different. I'm a BIG GT fan, but there's a limit to the calculations a PS3 can do compared to a more modern machine. GT7 or whatever they'll call it on PS4 will probably be leaps and bounds beyond it. And it's the same with Forza 5 from what I experienced at least for the variables it takes in account.

Foxgod1521d ago

But will GT7 be leaps and bounds beyond Forza 7?

cell9891521d ago

@ Abriael ok now youre just over hyping Forza, you do know optimization comes along way on PS3, I dont think the gap is that big as you make it out to be, the fact that Forza in a 1st generation game on new hardware and GT6 is a 4th generation game tells you that besides a few extra polygons per vehicle, no one is going to break new ground in here

Abriael1521d ago

@cell989: no. I'm just describing what I tried. Did you?

There's no optimization you can do to put a 7 years old machine on par with a new one. It's that simple.

Physics simulation is one of the elements that tests hardware the most. Again, it's that simple.

robotgargoyle1521d ago

The comparisons will be inevitable. Two rival companies, two highly rated racing series. GT6 is coming out towards the end of PS3s console cycle, and should benefit from devs being familar with it's tech. Forza 5 is a launch title made on a new console. The best titles usually arrive towards the end of a console's cycle, launch titles seem rushed and devs have not taken advantage of the hardware just yet.

That being said, Forza 5 will be one of the most polished launch games on either next gen system. GT 6 will be great too. From understanding, it's an apples to oranges scenario where no games is a clear winner. Preference is key.

JackStraw1521d ago

@abriael you didn't really describe anything lol. you pretty much just said "hey forza 5 is better. believe me, i tried it at gamescom."

i'm not doubting you as, i'd hope it'd be better being a next-gen game and all, just pointing out the fact.

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Sayai jin1521d ago

It's all subjective. Your opinion counts and should be respected. Do you expect a dev to not actively promote and have confidence in their game(s). I like this kind of passion from devs...

testerg351521d ago

Always a Sony fan commenting first. Must suck with nothing else to do.

No_Limit1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Not surprising as all as the first poster also approved the article.

allformats (1) | 1h ago

Hicken1521d ago

Oh, we've got plenty to do. Or play, I should say. But we can't play games ALL the time. So we take a break and come here.

JBSleek1521d ago

I really do admire when Sony fans are always the first to comment on an Xbox One game especially one they have never played.

Some insecurities huh?

Spoons1521d ago

Funny, they care a lot more about the One than even the console they are buying.

PraxxtorCruel1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Damn! Talk about being a hurt over a comment like that. Who's going to buy a game where the guy behind it feels it's no good. Imagine that? The creative director talking bad about his own game? Besides he has every right to boast, the last 4 Forza games have all been a great hit amongst fans.

Bundi1521d ago

Insecure much? Did anyone but you even mention polyphony? People aren't allowed to speak confidently about their games now without some insecure fanboy crying foul?

Just rename yourself to all Sony please.

strifeblade1521d ago

You do know gran turismo 6 is going on ps3 right? you do know the first gran turismo game you will see is gran turismo 6 port on the ps4 a year later. You know in forza 5 not one car is ported from the 360 version while both gt5 and gt6 sport a full roster of upscaled car models from the ps2. Lazy much>? Look at the meta rating both forza 3 and forza 4- both arguable better than gt scored much higher than gt5. To the tune of 91 and 93 vs 85. You do the math. Do you even think for one second gt6 on ps3 can match forza 5 on x1.

JackStraw1521d ago

let the guy have his opinion. my goodness.

illtownNJONE1520d ago

ur a typical sony drone....

Belking1520d ago

"Polyphony Digital has been at this game way longer"

And it takes them way longer I love how you bring this up in a forza thread. I'm sure the mods will let this slide. Then again you could be one of

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cell9891521d ago

I hate Dan G. he talks all kinds of mad shit about Polyphony and the GT franchise. Shows signs of insecurity about your product, mean while Kazunori Yamauchi stays classy

Sayai jin1521d ago

I am not one for trash talking either, but he did not trash talk Poly in the article.

testerg351521d ago

Isn't Sony starting to smack talk a bit now?

JBSleek1521d ago

Sony has been taking jabs as MS does that show insecurity? No it's all about competition.

pete0071521d ago

yeah, there was alot classy on gt5s rele the appollogises from him for the unfinished product he has thrown at us, and yes i bought gt5 and it sucked big time, you all know it. i shit on PD

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Foxgod1521d ago

This will be one of the first true next gen experiences.

cell9891521d ago

"true next gen" experiences wont happen till a year from now, when devs start getting the hang of the new hardware, right now its a new playground for all devs, no such thing as true nex gen just yet

Abriael1521d ago

The new hardware is a PC with very little differences, on both sides.

They're all pretty used to that.


Exactly...give em a full year or two and we'll start seeing some truly mind-blowing games. These launch titles are just scratching the surface

JackStraw1521d ago

"the new hardware is a pc"

i don't know whether to laugh or cry. show me a pc with architecture like either of the new consoles.

just... stop.

thetruthx11521d ago

It's going to be very difficult for any racer to top Forza with the photo realism and added immersion from the rumble triggers in the xbox one controller.

The 3 coats of paint on each car adding to the realism makes this the most impressive graphics wise and it's a simulation racing game

Sayai jin1521d ago

I expect this game to be top notch. Since you mentioned other racers...the next GT will be top tier also.

DigitalRaptor1521d ago

The game looks pretty tight, but what kind of driving enthusiast is getting immersion from rumble triggers rather than a racing wheel?

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