Killer Instinct New Character

Well some wanted a new character and oh man did we get what we asked for. Judging by her play style, she seems to be entirely different than any previously playable characters.

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No_Limit1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

her name is Sadira. A new character and she is an Aerial fighter with a spider web and wolverine claw. Looks like a fun character to play with.

Sam Fisher1704d ago

Looks like mortal kombat w/ Down syndrome

maniacmayhem1704d ago

Anyone notice she had Fulgore?

I know it's a long stretch but what if this is DH's re-imagining of Fulgor?

kingdip901704d ago

That.... would actually be cool

LackTrue4K1704d ago

i dont like that idea, but a new character is more then welcome.

buynit1704d ago

No.. Id rather have her and fulgore.

They can be brother and sister, cousins, nease. Anything just dont take out fulgore for her

kingdip901704d ago

I wonder how much she costs?

No_Limit1704d ago

$2000 for 10 minutes. :D

Oh, if you mean the game, she is part of the 8 characters package for $20 or you can buy her separately for $4.99.

kingdip901704d ago

Just 10 mins huh... excuse me I'm off to talk to the bank ;)

DigitalRaptor1704d ago

Why didn't they just bring this game out when it was ready?

vividi1704d ago

Six characters at launch?

DigitalRaptor1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

They are charging $20 for 6 characters and $40 for 8 in total and additional extras. Fighting games generally have 20+ characters at launch, and that is considered a full package in the genre. KI is not a full game by any stretch, which is why they're going for a "second season" of 8 more DLC characters.

They should have waited a year and offered it as the full package, when it was ready.

Fireseed1704d ago

Ok well it's all a matter of opinion then in that case. Personally I think launching with 6 characters for the price it's set at is ready. I mean the core fighting mechanics are there. The visuals look great already. Each character has their own unique feel and play style in accompaniment to unique stages and theme songs. The landscape of game development has changed, games are a service now a days, not a set in stone product. I mean look at League of Legends, it only launched with 17 characters (albeit LoL champs take SIGNIFICANTLY less time to produce) and now it has 115 in a time span of 4 years. Should they have waited 4 years until it was "done"? No. Cause they wouldn't have had the funding. Piecing games out like this allows them to foster a community of dedicated players and gauge how much demand their is. Who's to say we don't get to a season 4 or 5? But hell, if you really wanna keep believing that it's really not "ready" then don't buy it until season 2 comes out. Consider it a manner of self implemented development time. There problem solved :)

tokugawa1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

killer instinct looks f'king incredible and i cant wait. but i have to agree with raptor on this one.

the game should be delayed for another 8 - 10 months atleast. the current launch model is ridiculous and nothing more than launch day padding.

and frankly the xbo launch line up doesn't need any padding.

how can we start a petition to get this delayed until the COMPLETE package is done? man i want KI. but i want it with its full potential realised.

check my comments, and i aint needlessly trolling

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Bundi1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

What's with the lies there digital? Its $20 for 8 characters or $40 for 8 characters plus costumes and the original killer intsict game.

Educate yourself.

If it's 20 for the core game with 8, maths dictates that 16 (later on probably) will be $40 sans extras and 32 for $60 which is the standard price for a game.


jetlian1704d ago

I wonder if the original ki has its own achievements. Otherwise i'll probably just get 20 dollar one

Kingdom Come1703d ago

I'd rather 6 superbly balanenced, detailed characters than 22 with over a half being filler, and the game being massively unbalanced. This game is looking brilliant...

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