Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time (iOS) - Review on Popzara

Despite its quirks and increased difficulty, this long overdue and fittingly titled sequel remains a fun, playable follow-up that fans will enjoy.

Full review by Chris "Wolf Man" Mitchell.

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pivotplease1574d ago

It's pretty awesome. Definitely more difficult and some of the new mechanics and plants are cool. The themed places under the guise of a quest through time is also sweet. Wasn't really feeling the whole pay for certain plants thing though. They should have just sold the game for 5 to 10 dollars straight up.

Pillsbury11574d ago

Have you had to pay to advance yet? I'm only on the first world ( Egypt) and I'm trying to get all the stars, have you found it difficult to advance?

camel_toad1574d ago

You can pretty much get past anything difficult with the on demand powers you have to spend coin (not real cash) on but I think those powers kind of kill what made the first PvZ so great. It also sucks that one of my favorite plants (the ice plant) is available by purchase only.

I loved the first game but this 2nd one is just missing what made the original so great.

Abdou0231573d ago

This game is Typical Pay to Win.
The difficulty in it isn't awesome, it's to make people buy coins to get the special powers.
I'm very disappointed in it, Well this is what you would expect from EA.