Gran Turismo 6 DLC To Be Absolutely Free, According To CEO

We are planning to allow downloads for free, says Yamauchi

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nick3091732d ago

Free dlc will be the successful future of gaming.

Plambey1732d ago

I agree, some publishers are actually listening to their audiences.

cleft51732d ago

Indeed, this is another great move on Sony's part.

Hufandpuf1732d ago

It's technically not economical to just "give away" DLC. Think of all the hours devs spend on new content for nothing in return. Consumers might like it, but expect to see less DLC.

cleft51732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

You really should listen to some of the stuff that the Witcher developers have to say about this stuff. Free DLC keeps the customers engage in the world and playing the game.

It also creates positive word of mouth that keeps the game selling over a long period of time well after the game sales have peaked. This then allows the developer to sell full expansion packs to their customers and because so much of that content has been free before consumers are willing to support a developer that has treated them well. This is exactly the case for The Witcher series and why that game still tops the best selling list on Steam whenever it goes on a Steam deal.

Developers have to think about being successful over the long term and that is not always about making money off of every piece of DLC they release. In the end, it is very good business to release free DLC because it keeps momentum going for expansion packs and the eventual sequel.

rainslacker1731d ago

You want people to keep playing your game and not trade it in, thus not having copies out there on the 2nd hand market? Well keep giving stuff away to those that purchase it new to give them incentive to keep it. Seems pretty economical to me.

For GT we're not talking super expensive level packs, just new cars or paint jobs, maybe a track or two if we're lucky.

GT5 already does something like this with their challenge mode which always puts up new content for the player, although they are kind of repetitive at times.

Hufandpuf1731d ago


It's already known that devs don't make ANY money from second hand games aka Used games. That why they sell DLC. To make a profit and keep players coming back.

rainslacker1731d ago

Umm...yeah. That's my point. If you keep players coming back by continuing to provide them with content then they'll be less likely to trade in the game in the first place. With this, you'll have the paid DLC for those willing to pay for it, and the free stuff to keep people engaged. This in turn makes it so less are sold on the 2nd hand market, and then people are forced to buy the new copy if they want the game.

Keeping value in a game is the only way to keep people from trading it in, unless there is some sort of block to prevent 2nd hand sale.

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Thatguy-3101732d ago

I actually see Sony first party studios taking the lead on this. Hopefully more developers and publishers see this as the future. This Gen we as gamers got screwed a lot. Hence why it wasn't my favorite generation this far.

Gster1732d ago

I think they're only talking about dlc for new cars, I wouldn't say the other dlc like new tracks will be free

PlayStation_41732d ago

Wow, looks like all major Sony games may go down the free DLC route... I like it!

Retroman1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

if the DLC going to be free why not have it in the game as a completed game no need for the DLC.

come on YAMAUCHI think for a change. make full complete game = no dlc........ DLC only for lazy developers.

in long run FREE is good.

ginsunuva1732d ago

Because usually dlc is made after release..

So you'd have to delay the game a ton.

Retroman1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


if developers make a full completed game there is no need for DLC as i previously stated. this gen of gaming that's all we're getting DLC after DLC did not see that on ps1,ps2 games. so future games will ALWAYS!! be half complete for 60.00 and 10-15.00 more to be completed???? for 75.00 you get a full completed game. oh my goodness and SONY now trying to make it right by giving FREE content which should have been FREE from from jump.

kingPoS1731d ago

I'm willing to accept that they'll somehow find a just a few more cars or tracks to add to the game.

I mean It's not like more race tracks are a bad thing. Heck they're even graciously offering the new 2014 models.

What more can you ask for?

paul-p19881731d ago

Most of the DLC for GT5 was cars which hadn't been made in real life before, or hadn't been shown yet. The new corvette, the GT-R Yamauchi used at Nurburgring 24hrs, the new VW Scirocco etc.

I assume the same will happen with GT6, especially as the GT Vision trailer showed they are working with manufacturers to create prototypes, so once they are made they will be put in the game after release.

Tbh i like it, we get more new cars, and much more recent ones, to play with :)

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thekiddfran1732d ago

Great news! Can't wait for this game

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core_51732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

this is just for the vision cars, not the regular dlc

staticdash221732d ago

First Killzone Shadow Fall has free DLC, and now Gran Turismo 6?

Well, you definitely have my attention Sony.

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