Killzone: Mercenary – The first addictive Multiplayer title on the VITA?


August 23rd, the day we see many big games such as Saints Row 4, The Bureau, and of course, Splinter Cell: Blacklist (It’s amazing by the way!). But to those of you who have PS+, you were able to snag yourselves an exclusive Beta to Guerilla Cambridge’s new handheld title; Killzone: Mercenary. The Beta was released yesterday for the UK and Europe (whereas North America received it 2 weeks early by just signing up for the Beta). Luckily, everyone will be able to download the open Beta on August 27th.

I thought I would try it out seeing as I owned both PS+ and a VITA. I have been hoping for good things to come from this game but at the same time, I’ve been extremely hesitant in getting it as I personally find FPS on the VITA to be very difficult to play.

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pedrof931759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

This is going to be a big year for GG.

Shadow Fall MP looked amazing. I've notice in the mp for Mercenary that you could buy different armors for your character that translates to somekind of customization, I hope SF also has it.

iamnsuperman1759d ago

As far as I am aware SF has everything unlocked but by doing different task and challenges with different weapons (gotten rid of XP) which leads to customisable weapons. Also Warzone has customisation with the types of custom games modes. Apart from that I don't think it does have any aesthetic customisation.

fardan851759d ago

I'm really sad, I couldn't play a single game. I keep on getting a different errors.
I wanna try this game :(

Stsonic1759d ago

Static IP your vita and put it in DMZ mode on your router.

fardan851759d ago

It seems like some vita-less fanboys disagree with my feeling.. LOL

I just got lucky, played few games.. Wow.. great graphic & smooth gameplay.

GuruStarr781759d ago

OMG, been playing this game since 9pm last nite and it's almost 4 pm the following day!!!

September 10 can't come soon enough!

I actually really enjoyed Resistance Burning Skies MP on Vita, so this is just amazing compared to that..

fardan851758d ago


A friend of mine just finished R:BS, when I asked him about it he told me it ain't that good.
I wanted to get it from psn since it cost less than $12, but I decided to ignore it.

KZ on the other hand is awesome, I'll wait for a demo + reviews then decide. MP is fun, it got me addicted in 15 mins.

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GraveLord1759d ago

The game is fine but its the Vita I have a problem with. It has no ergonomics! Vita just isn't suited for a twitch shooter.

Clover9041759d ago

Having actually played it, I have to strongly disagree. The Vita is perfectly suited for fps games, and Killzone Mercenary proves it.

GraveLord1759d ago

No, its really not. Go grab a Dualshock 3. Now grab a Vita. Feel the difference? Vita is flat and has no ergonomics. It doesn't feel good in your hands. This isn't my opinion its a fact. Vita isn't contoured for your hands at all. I believe the reason for that is the rear touchpad.

Take a look at the Nvidia Shield. Now that has ergonomics.

fredrikpedersen1759d ago

Im not sure if you are being serious, or just trolling

FriedGoat1759d ago

Gravelord, it is YOUR OPINION, not fact. It feels good in my hands. I do have larger than average hands though, maybe its just not good for small hands.

Pixel_Enemy1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

If you desire grips, buy them and quit complaining.


CaptCalvin1759d ago

Good luck trying to fit that Nvidia Shield in your pocket.

boybato1758d ago


try this hack:

and purchase one of those Vita grips as that is the closest you'll get for getting a DS3 controller (Not until we get a FW update that support it just like with the PSP Go)

otherwise do us and yourself a favor and sell the damn thing.

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meatysausage1759d ago

killzone is not a twitch shooter. Its quite weighted, in a good way

GraveLord1758d ago

It requires fast reflexes and its pretty much the only AAA shooter on Vita.

dead_eye1759d ago

You can buy covers for it that would make it better for you. I don't have a problem with it. love the beta

Clover9041759d ago

If the Vita cramps your hand, there are simple, cheap solutions to your problem. Just get one of those plastic vita snap-in grips that effectively turns your Vita into a controller-like shape. I'm using one now. I'm not going to miss out on the greatest mobile shooter ever over a ten dollar accessory :)

strigoi8141759d ago

There is an accesory that is called trigger grips..if you want your vita to have a little ergonomics

staticdash221759d ago

Lol bruh, you must be trolling. Killzone isn't a twitch shooter.

G20WLY1759d ago

GraveLord, these guys are spot on. If you're down for extended multiplayer FPS sessions, you'd benefit from one of these grips.

I got the Nyko one that doubles the battery life, and in all honesty, it feels like they aimed for the feel of DS3. They've done a nice job too - even the material they have used feels quality.

Treat yourself man, don't miss out! ;)

BastianSiv961758d ago

Please can you send me a link for the NYKO one? Amazon or eBay link.

G20WLY1758d ago

^Here you go mate, I've sent to you by Private message as well:

PrimeGrime1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Sounds dumb but I swear anyone I have heard complain about the Vita like you are. I always ask to see how they hold their Vita.

I always follow with a face palm because every single time that person is holding their Vita all wonky.

It is comfortable for me even after hours of play, I can bet I hold it differently though. Of course when I go over board my hand does cramp but even with the DS3 my hand will do the same after playing games way longer than I should be. The Last of Us has been killing my hands.

Wish I knew how you held yours. Oh well.

Well if you do buy the official trigger grip, safe to put some padding in the triggers, cause it can at times scratch the triggers on your Vita if you care about that.

I won't use plastic casing or anything like that with mine because of that but I have to keep everything I own perfect, the same way it came out the box. That is just my personal issue.

Stsonic1759d ago

Buy a trigger grip and stop whining

etownone1759d ago


your absolutely right.

Do what I did, go out and buy an aftermarket cover with real triggers. The difference is like night and day. It will buche more comfortable to hold and play.... Especially fps.

My cover comes off and on real easy.

BastianSiv961758d ago

Your cover sounds really good. Please send me a link to where I can purchase it, the exact same one.

gaelic_laoch1759d ago

Pick up the ergonomically designed VITA cover, it is amazing!

GdaTyler1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


OMG stop trolling. I find that the stick provide precise aiming. Also gyroscope aiming can be use to weapons like the sniper rifle. Just adjust your sensitivity and please stop hating.

kingPoS1758d ago

There are accessories you can buy that fit onto the vita.

Just trying to help.

clearelite1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Those are your personal opinions that don't apply to everyone. I think this game might just be amazing and I highly recommend trying the game for a while first.

" This isn't my opinion its a fact"

The part about it not feeling good in your hands is clearly an opinion and that is a fact.

granted a DS3 is more ergonomic but I think the Vita is very comfortable too.

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tigertron1759d ago

It really is an amazing handheld shooter. I've got the bad boy pre-ordered.

radecGaming1759d ago

i'm trying to warn all the hardcoregamers out there that dont play this it's really ADDICTIVE !!!! i cant stop playing it!!!

Clover9041759d ago

Haha, right! We only get one level in the beta, yet I can't stop playing it over and over. The game looks and plays great!

meatysausage1759d ago

Playing the Beta, the graphics are amazing!!
Great game and recommend it to everyone

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