Another Attempt At Recreating Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception In CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "Almost a month ago, we informed you about a recreation of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3 in CryEngine 3. Well, today we bring you another attempt at recreating this title in Crytek's engine. Modder Antonio Jean (who is 18 years old mind you) has finished his recreated map and presented some images from it."

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DoomeDx1700d ago

Except from the screenshot with the has nothing to do with uncharted except for it being in the desert

_QQ_1700d ago

Well uncharted doesn't really have iconic scenery, you can tell if a scenery belongs in a Mario game or a halo game for example.Uncharted is mostly regular jungle,regular mountains or regular dessert.

ShugaCane1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Let me disagree. The UC series has some of the most iconic sceneries ever. You're so wrong calling it regular, imo.

thejoker10001700d ago

LOL go back to your COD KID

_QQ_1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I am actually very correct in calling just don't understand what i am saying. Somone could look at that and think, "asian, temple,ruins," most people won't think uncharted.On the other hand a green pipe alone will instantly remind you of mario. If anything ruins and temples will remind me of Indiana Jones before it does uncharted.

Almost everything in uncharted is based on reality therefore most everything is regular,it isn't fantasy based,which means recreating uncharted3's scenery is as simple as making desserts, temples, and jungles.How well these are created is a different story. But for DoomDX to say the screens have nothing to do with uncharted is wrong because a dessert is in fact part of uncharted. So Stop posting ingame pics because you are just proving my point.

lol scrub you probably think playing battlefield or killzone over COD means you have a refined taste of online games. At most i have only borrowed a COD game from someone.

Drakesfortune1700d ago

I agree and disagree with Lopez....stuff from mario or sonic like the green pipe he mentioned then yeah you would instantly know it is from mario....but you also said halo which is similiar to uncharted i could show you random scenery in there and you wouldnt just grasp instanlty like it was halo...

if i showed you a picture of a forest you wouldnt instantly grasp it was uncharted....but if you was more defined and showed the temple then those you like uncharted (ME) woudl get it instanlty and if i showed you the Warthog picture you would say Halo

However the scenary and vistas in Uncharted are 2nd to none..

Uncharted fanboy not afraid to say it love that game and drake

ABizzel11700d ago

Even though he was trolling I kind of agree, Uncharted isn't known for it's iconic scenery, it's known for it's great story telling, great cast of characters, amazing graphics, and masterful set-pieces.


Now imagine being able to go anywhere in that second pic. Uncharted 4 baby.

ZodTheRipper1700d ago

When I think of Uncharted I think of hanging down a crashed train

I think of a truck falling off from a plane

And I could list at least 10 more memorable scenes that cross my mind instantly when thinking about this franchise so don't tell me Uncharted hasn't anything iconic in it.

_QQ_1700d ago

@abizze I'm not trolling. @zod scenery and scenes are 2 different [email protected], i'm not much of a halo fan, personally i find the scenery in halo dull and repetitive,but nonetheless the predominant purple of halo structures and vehicles,plus the overall look of buildings armor ect are pretty recognizable

AbortMission1700d ago

Uncharted doesn't have iconic scenery? Uh, the train the the snowy Himalayas? The temple hiding the location to Shambahla? Even the desert in UC3 is iconic.

Your comment = fail.

_QQ_1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@Abortmission another scrub who fails to understand the meaning of my statement. your comment is pretty fail i must say.

edit:read the rest of my comments.

HammadTheBeast1700d ago

Where is this "iconic" Halo scenery?

scott1821700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I usually think of Tibet, that part is very iconic to me. And the beautiful exotic scenery that I have never seen so perfectly in another game. It blew me away how amazing it looked.... The train scene on the snowy mountain pass, holy SHIIIIIIII.

ZodTheRipper1700d ago

Despite only finishing Uncharted 2 & 3 once so many memorable levels (or "sceneries", if you want) cross my mind when thinking about those games. I explored everything in the Tibetian Village of UC2 or the Museum of UC3 because I was interested in those locations. Of course, The Last Of Us topped that with a huge leap but I wouldn't say Uncharted hasn't anything iconic in it.

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user74029311700d ago

doesn't look 1/15th as good as uncharted 3

Timesplitter141700d ago

True. When you look at it closely, you notice U3 isn`t THAT impressive TECHNICALLY. The texture resolution, the shading effects, etc... aren't incredible or anything.

But it's ND's genius-level artists that make it look incredible. Aesthetics are what matter the most in visuals

pandehz1700d ago

Yep its totally the artists credit.

Tech is only the tool.

thejoker10001700d ago

uncharted 3 is masterpiece

LAZL0-Panaflex1700d ago

Uncharted 2 was a masterpiece. Uncharted 3 was ehh. I particularly like the octagon shaped bald guys in uncharted 3.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1699d ago

I don't see how you're getting more disagrees than agrees. Uncharted 2 is definitely the masterpiece in the uncharted series.

tudors1700d ago

I was really impressed with UC3, the desert scene was amazing!

sonerone1700d ago

honestly, this sand looks crap...

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