GTA V Advertising Knows No Bounds

Rockstarturk: On 17 September 2013, which will output the PS3 and X360 platforms attainment of GTA V game lovers very little time left. Sony, Rockstar Games exaggerating the advertising business to Taiwan will be a great cover photo of the back of a truck all day tour of the artistic work involved in the nation's capital Taipei. What will we see. :)

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LackTrue4K1729d ago

regardless of gas prices, I would still drive that to work every day. :D looks sweet!!

badz1491729d ago

GTA V's ad campaign put everything else to shame! it like everybody already knows it's coming but for T2, "nah...what the hell, let's just slap it in their face anyway!"

1729d ago
LOL_WUT1729d ago

I only saw the PS3 logo... This game is going to sell like crazy! ;)