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Submitted by -Mezzo- 829d ago | opinion piece

How Microsoft's Surprisingly Strong Xbox One Video Game Lineup Gives Them An Early Edge

Forbes - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is out.

The long-time CEO leaves in his wake a company still struggling to adapt to a new era of hyper-connectivity, tablets, free software, and app-stores, but he also leaves the Xbox division with a surprisingly strong hand, despite the sudden departure of its former chief Don Mattrick. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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PeaSFor  +   829d ago
nothing more than wishfull thinking.
OpieWinston   829d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(31)
n4rc  +   829d ago
Ya sure.. Forbes is just some dumb fan site..

Microsoft stock is up from last year and last month.. X1 Pre orders sold out.. Best game lineup...
Wanna talk wishful thinking? The general attitude that all advancements xbox makes will be coming to playstation.. Keep dreaming

Remember you all going on about 5-1 or 4-1.. Then suddenly quiet down when it gets confirmed its more like 2-1.. Wonder how that looks now after after indie-con..

Wishful thinking indeed.. Lol

Sony fans may hate Microsoft.. But the rest of the world doesnt
gobluesamg  +   829d ago
It's 2-1 in North America which is not a good sign for Microsoft pre-orders. They can't be pleased with the worldwide demand.
Chevalier  +   829d ago
Seriously? Sold out at retail isn't difficult, the stock we're getting is so pathetically low. Also 2-1 is only the U.S. Last I checked that is ONE country. The rest of the world might not hate MS, but, only country outside U.S. that actually outsold Sony was the U.K. where they are currently losing as well. Also Sony is releasing in 32 countries vs. The paltry 13 that MS is releasing.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   829d ago
You do realize that 2-1 could be the difference between
And if you think the Xbox one is going to come back in any way you can just kill that dream right now.
JokesOnYou  +   829d ago
@gobluesamg, Chevalier & Kobe357 preorders are just an early indication of likely 1 month sales= early adopters/hardcore fanbase, even then they can change rapidly all the way up to just days before launch, but either way not 1 ps4 or X1 has been sold yet so I'd be careful assuming too much:

"Wii U Pre-orders Selling Out Across U.S."

"Wii U pre-orders have been sold out at GameStop, according to the retailer due to “off the charts” demand."

"Wii U Pre Order And Launch Units Sold Out, But More To Come On Black Friday Says Nintendo"

"Of course, if you can't find a Wii U preorder anywhere around your town — or online — you can always hit up the online auction sites."

-Sure preorders matter, but more importantly its who's going to pick up a ps4 or X1 beyond the hardcore fans? I believe Microsoft has the edge so far because of its core games launch lineup which will steadily grab a lot of attention as the drm fiasco has lost much of its steam, remember micro hasn't really begun advertising yet and gamescom seems to be the start of whats to come but also I think micro has a wild card up their sleeve with Kinect and their all in one TV approach is going to have a lot of appeal with the non-loyal folks looking to buy a next gen console= 10's of millions who don't preorder and easily eclipse the loyal fanbase of both consoles several times over. So with that said if preorders were so important ask Nintendo about this:

"The Wii U Needs to Be Replaced By A Real Contender – Now"

"The Wii U is in trouble. Yesterday it was revealed that in the last quarter Nintendo’s latest home console had sold only 160,000 units globally, with only 10,000 being sold in Europe."

"Nintendo talks up former glories after Wii U sales flop"

-Need I go on? There are now literally 1000's of Nintendo is in trouble and Nintendo sales flop stories but hey there were 1000's of Nintendo will sell like hotcakes stories based on preorders too. Unfortunately beyond Nintendo hardcore fans(preorders) non-loyal gamers and casual consumers haven't found much value in the wii-u. If this doesn't demonstrate preorders don't matter as much as YOU THINK then I don't know what does.
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nukeitall  +   829d ago

it can also be the difference of 1 and 2 million.

That said, there are so many factors coming into play. Remember the PS3?

Sold out everywhere, but the market quickly collapse and out of nowhere the Wii was a huge hit! Outsold everything else and it wasn't even on the pre-order radar!

Todays console is a lot more than just the niche core market....
Ulf  +   829d ago
n4rc is right, with regards to the pre-order ratio.

The PS4 will only outnumber the XB1 sales in the beginning, while the hardcore crowd (the kind who read N4G) jumps onboard. It will likely mirror this generation, after that, unless something serious changes, over the next couple of years.

Sony's new pay-to-play-online policy may swing the sales toward MS in some regions, since free-to-play used to be a major selling point. Likewise, if one platforms exclusives outshine another's, that will change things up as well.
No_Limit  +   829d ago
"You do realize that 2-1 could be the difference between
Etc. "

LOL, do you really think that there will even be that many systems at launch?

Also, the Gamestop 1.5 million vs 700,000 (the current 2-1 ration) is not how many pre orders there is, it is just what the title said "first to know".

From gamestop: "PowerUp Rewards members can join the First to Know List to receive title announcements, trade and pre-order details, and similar offers related to the PS4.*"

LOL, this thing is getting sillier and sillier everyday.
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zerocrossing  +   829d ago
It's entirely subjective.

If you're actually interested in those games then yes MS may have the edge, but if you honestly don't give a damn about those games mentioned then the Xbox One has nothing that places it above the competition.

The same goes for Sony's PS4 and Nintendo's Wii U.
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Shadowsteal  +   829d ago
I love how Xbox fanboys can't see what happened to their beloved 360 the last exclusive title worth playing released in march, Gears of War Judgement. Which was crap, all my Xbox friends were severely dissapointed.

Meanwhile we on PS3 got or will get:
Ni No Kuni
God of War: Ascension
The Last of Us
Tales of Xillia
Kingdom Hearts HD
Beyond: Two Souls
Gran Turismo 6

Truth is 360 gamers got nothing to play, that's why they're hyping up Xbox One lineup.

But little do they know, that sooner or later after their lineup releases and PS4's lineup releases. Xbox One owners will have nothing to play but on PS4 you'll start seeing.

Uncharted 4
Littlebigplanet 3
Last of Us 2
Gran Turismo 6 or 7 for PS4
Ratchet and Clank (Into the Nexus proves there will be more coming to PS in the future)
The Last Guardian
Media Molecule New IP
Sony Santa Monica New IP
Guerrilla Games New IP
Quantic Dream New IP

And so many more us PS4 gamers won't know how to count. All of these new IP's have been confirmed by either the respective developer themselves or Sony to be in the works. Trust us Xbox enthusiasts with PS3 we've been blessed with hard hitting exclusive after exclusive to the point that we've been spoiled. And we know exactly what to expect with PS4. And know to expect nothing else from Xbox One.
aiBreeze  +   829d ago
PS3 also had Time and Eternity and Dragon's Crown. Just looking at the exclusives so far this year paints a pretty sad picture imho for the Xbox and why I'm not quick to jump on the Xbox One wagon until they prove themselves.
Shadowsteal  +   829d ago

Forgot about Dragon's Crown great game, perfect for Vita!
Time and Eternity wasn't so hot so I didn't include it.
vividi  +   829d ago
You left Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus and Sly Cooper that lunched in February
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Shadowsteal  +   829d ago

Wow lmfaoo see how spoiled we are? I can't even remember all of them at once.

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strifeblade  +   829d ago
SONY FANBOYS BEFORE E3: "The whole xbone lineup will be kinect LOLOLOL"

Reality: More than most people expected- microsoft stole the show in terms of games.

SONY FANBOYS AFTER E3: "Sony's smart- they didn't blow their load all at e3, just wait until gamescom- over 20 exclusives confirmed. MORE THAN MICROSOFT! LOL Can't wait to see AAA titles from AAA studios!"

Reality: Gamescom consisted of pure indy announcement and was a complete dissapointment regardless of what the faboys say. Bunch of confirmed timed exclusives and exclusives shared with pc.

who would have thought sony fanboys would brag about exclusives that are shared with pc or are timed exclusives LOL. The first year in nexgen gaming in terms of games belong on xbox one.
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JackStraw  +   829d ago
Basement Crawl
Deep Down
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Galak-Z: The Dimensional [could be timed]
Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
MLB 14: The Show
N++ [could be timed]
The Order: 1886
The Playroom
Shadow of the Beast


Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
Fable Legends
The Fighter Within [Kinect]
Forza Motorsport 5
Killer Instinct
Kinect Sports Rivals [Kinect]
Powerstar Golf
Quantum Break
Ryse: Son of Rome
Sunset Overdrive

15 > 13?
strifeblade  +   829d ago
You do know deep down is not confirmed exclusive, not ever was there a mention by the developer of the game being exclusive. So i am tired of hearing this game as confirmed exclusive because if it was they would have advertised the crap out of it. All is known they are making a ps4 version- thats it.

Playroom is a techdemo comes comes pre installed on every ps4. Oh you conveniently forgot to mention titanfall. I don't care if its a 1 to 1 and a half year console exclusive- it matters. Resogun is a schmup on psn, if your going to include this small psn title and not include arcade exclusives like lococycle (not much to brag about honestly but neither is resogun lol), or below another exclusive, or project spark? Pretty biased list missing a few on the x1 side and adding 2 too many exclusives on the ps4.

#1.5.2 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
JackStraw  +   829d ago
@strifeblade well seeing as the game has only been announced for ps4, and in that announcement it was said the game is being made with an engine developed specifically for the ps4, it's safe to assume that it's a ps4 exclusive.

but feel free to QQ more.

titanfall isn't an exclusive, it's a console exclusive. want me to list all of the console exclusives for ps4 as well? i can. i didn't include lococycle because IT'S NOT EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX ONE. neither is below or project spark! below is a timed exclusive, project spark is a console exclusive. i know that's hard to grasp, but i listed EXCLUSIVES for each console. not console exclusives, not timed exclusives, not brand exclusives, just plain old exclusives.

take playroom away. 14 > bash on resogun, yet have no problem with those mediocre kinect games? OKAY!

again, feel free to QQ more.
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christocolus  +   829d ago are totally right.I actually forgot about all the arrogant comments some sfans were making before these shows...lmao...
jessupj  +   829d ago
It's funny how MS fanboys are bragging about exclusives all of a sudden.

Both launch line ups are comparable, but I would still give a slight edge to the X1 line up. Keyword there being 'slight'. To say games belong to X1 in the first year is completely untrue.

But the fact is all this talk about how much better each launch line up is stupid. Like a few other wise people in this thread have said, I'll be playing my PS4 for years to come, not just the first 3 months.

The much smarter thing to do would be to look at past history to determine what the next 8 years will look like. Sony absolutely smashes MS in the exclusive department. It's pathetic how few exclusives MS have released in the last few years for the 360, but certain people like to forget this little inconvenient fact.

But I of course expect MS fanboys to cling onto the unimportant launch line up, because as soon as they do they smart thing, they realise the PS4 is a much more attractive option to a core gamer, and they can't have that now, can they?

Keep clinging to your launch line up because I'll be enjoying exclusive after exclusive for the ENTIRE next generation.

Good day sir!
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quenomamen  +   829d ago
Strong line up of launch games on a weaker more expensive system. What about in a year ? What about 3 years from now. A good line up of launch games is just that, a good line up of launch games.
s8anicslayer  +   829d ago
In all fairness if you take away Ryse and maybe 1 or 2 other xbox one launch titles that were originally pinned to be on 360 you'll then understand why the 360 lacked some AAA games in 13 and why the One is launching with a "Potentially stronger lineup". Imagine if Sony saved TLOU as a PS4 launch title how the PS4 would've been bolstering a deadly launch lineup with full retail games and free to play and PSN games not to mention the free PS+ you'll get. Both systems offer a great launch lineup the bigger question is who will offer the most games within the launch window and first year.
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Christopher  +   829d ago
This is like the 5th article saying this exact same thing from forbes since day 1 of gamescon.
NateCole  +   829d ago
???. 33 vs 22 for PS4. If we are only counting AAA games then we already know the story here. PS is the home of AAA games. Sony have proven this since 1995.

All indications point to an early PS4 lead in anycase. Both hardware and software.
thrust  +   829d ago
Day one games are not good tho, unless you like indie indie indie!

I have my tablet and phone for indie games while am traveling.

Both consoles will do great tho.
Shadowsteal  +   829d ago
The thing is that this Generation we have Massive third party support alongside the Launch.

So I'll be Playing

Drive Club
Assassin's Creed 4
Battlefield 4
Infamous: Second Son

So I don't think I'll have time for "Indie, Indie, Indie"

So many gamers have the wrong perspective on Indie's. Insomniac is an Indie look at their games. The Indies you see PS4 touting are starting their games with Sony support. Yknow why? because they're going to be incubated with Sony and at one point join the ranks of SOny top-tier developers with AAA games. Quantic dreams is technically still indie, they choose to make their games exclusive to PS.
gamertk421  +   829d ago
The same applies to now. Oh, 360 fans don't have anything to play since Gears, but I'll tell you what I played since then. I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, State of Decay, caught up on the Walking Dead game, playing Splinter Cell, going to get Diablo 3, Madden and GTA5. Hell, I even played Last of Us, but you're too narrow minded to dream that someone might actually have...(gasp) both consoles! The only other PS3 game you listed that I might possibly play is Beyond, but that will definitely be a weekend rental. See, I don't care as much about exclusives, so much as games I enjoy, so your diatribe means little to nothing.
DigitalRaptor  +   829d ago
So you can describe Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, Knack, War Thunder, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, AC4 and several more as "not good" without even playing them, and then oust a plethora of unique and creative indie games as a kind of "saving grace" for PS4.

Every single one of Sony's game's ships as a complete game, the same cannot be said for MS.

I'm used to seeing people ignoring years of historic evidence but it never makes you any less short-sighted. All I hear is "launch" this and "launch" that - Short term mentality is not something to be proud of.

@ gamertk421

And what if someone doesn't have both consoles? The job of a console manufacturer is to support their consoles for the long-term, something Microsoft has not done historically. Shifting your lineup to next generation to attempt to compete is not admirable or respectable.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   829d ago
MS has the better launch day line up for gamers it doesn't natter how many titles a console has.
NateCole  +   829d ago
OpieWinston  +   829d ago
Dead Rising 3
Ryse: Son of Rome
Watch Dogs
AC4: Black Flag
Killer Instinct
Zoo Tycoon
Skylander: Swap Force
Battlefield 4
Call of Duty Ghosts
Crimson Dragon
Fifa 14
Fighter Within
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Madden NFL 25
NBA 2k14
NBA Live 14
Peggle 2
Powerstar Golf
Need for Speed Rivals
Zumba Fitness: World Party
Forza Motorsport 5
Just Dance 2014

it has a bit for every console gamer, even a bit for some PC gamers making the integration to console gaming like a new look on Zoo Tycoon is going to be nice to see.

Killzone Shadow Fall as a launch title? It's a mediocre FPS especially since Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghosts are both coming out at that date. Titanfall and Halo will be positioned perfectly, after the Battlefield/CoD hype goes down for MOST they will jump on Titanfall and seeing how hyped it is right now the hype could go all the way to the next Halo launch...Sooo yeah Xbox One is home for Shooter lovers definitely.

Rant Rant Rant Rant

Point is...It's a better launch lineup if you look at the facts. PC ports don't make a good launch lineup AT ALL!
KonsoruMasuta  +   829d ago
Opie, the PS4 get's most of those games too. I don't see how you can use them in an argument that the One has a better lineup.
#3.1.2 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(6) | Report
Blastoise  +   829d ago

Yeah Killzone is mediocre but games like Peggle 2, Ryse Son of Rome, Crimson Dragon and Fighter within are going to set the world on fire right?

DatRealBoy  +   829d ago
@opie r you mad because most of the hype train is going towards ps4 im not saying xbox wont sell but it will be out sold by ps4
PFFT  +   829d ago

You know youll be playing Peggle 2 when it releases on the PS4. So stop with the sarcasm.
JackStraw  +   829d ago
@opie what are the "facts" that "pc ports don't make a good launch lineup"? most people who will buy a ps4 have never played games like ps2 or warframe, so they're pretty much new games to them. they are perfect for a launch lineup because 1) it opens up the console to devs so they can get used to it for future game releases and 2) it gives more games to play on the console at launch, for the reason i listed above. most people who will buy the console hasn't played them.

i guess pc ports don't make a good launch lineup but 360 games that have been updated for the one & kinect games do?

hey, logic!
1lawrence  +   829d ago
it better have a better lineup what has microsost been doing the last 3 years nothing plus all three exclusives are not original ips makes it eaiser to make at least sony started out the gate with two new ips drive club n knack u may not like these games but at least there still taking risk with new software instead of the safe no imagination route that microsost takes just buy third party games
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christocolus  +   829d ago
I feel same way..its shocking how sony fans are listing indies titles as core launch titles and bragging about having the advantage...its really weird
ashahab861   829d ago | Spam
from the beach  +   829d ago
They seem to be - and should be - pushing this 'best for games' angle.. that's what will sell the console through the launch period.

Funny now looking back on all the 'TV' stupidity!
n4rc  +   829d ago
Its not stupidity.. Its incredibly useful IMO..

I'm 30 years old.. I watch TV.. A lot more then I play games..
Having my cable run through the xbox is a huge selling feature..

Can come home from work and just say "xbox tv" and boom.. Tvs on.. A friend is online and wants to chat or play a game? I get the notification and can instantly switch to the game..

Then i can keep watching the leafs games while its sets the match up Or instantly and effortlessly switch back and forth while never leaving my game

Edit: original AND clever.. Lol.. Full package there ;)
#5.1 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
ashahab861   829d ago | Spam
from the beach  +   829d ago

You've mistaken my point, I meant the people who complained that Xbox One was focused only on TV features, before the games were announced, now look stupid.

I'm pumped for the switching / voice on features too!
Braveheart_NZ  +   829d ago
I am buying my consoles for games first and foremost and both companies will have great exclusives that I will enjoy, but regarding cable tv, it doesn't look like Microsoft is the only one that is going to have TV on its system. Sony is in talks with several high profile media organizations to help populate an internet-based service that will stream channels and offer up on-demand content. The offering, which Sony is apparently looking to launch by the end of the year, would be the realization of some long time aspirations. Viacom is apparently at top of the list of potential partners, as the home of channels like MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. That deal is said to be in the preliminary agreement stage.Sony's also been holding meetings with a number of other content providers like Disney, Time Warner and CBS. It wont need a cable box plugged into the PS4. Those cable services will stream directly through the PS4. I look forward to there future announcement on this matter. I have both consoles pre-ordered and already paid for in full, so I am no fan boy. I will enjoy both consoles for what they BOTH offer :)
#5.1.3 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
DatRealBoy  +   829d ago
in all honesty I don't see how that's a game changer its a glorified input button
SonyWarrior  +   829d ago
30 year old 2 bubble troll on n4g.... lmao what a sad pathetic life.
Ju  +   829d ago
$500 for a voice controlled cable box extender. Well, if money doesn't matter. sure. Why not
Supermax  +   829d ago
Can't wait to play all my dollar ninety nine games on ps4
thrust  +   829d ago
Titanfall! Can not wait to be playing it on my Xbox one.
#7 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
aiBreeze  +   829d ago
My soon to be upgraded PC is hungry for that monster too!
Ju  +   829d ago
I'd play it. But unfortunately it isn't on my console of choice. Not that I would be starved with titles, though. I have the feeling Respawn is missing out more than I am.
#7.2 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
solidworm  +   829d ago
MS is in the dumpster at the moment and with investors looking to dump the XBOX division things are looking pretty scary at Redmond at the moment. Heres hoping MS can somehow pull their heads out of the fire and survive because without competition we are all screwed in the long run.
Belking  +   829d ago
You are funny. We all know who is in trouble with investors. It's the one who has been in trouble for the last 5 years. here is a hint. They make the ps4.
aiBreeze  +   829d ago
When their CEO announces his retirement plans and their stock suddenly jumps up 9%, you'll have a point.
Belking  +   829d ago
@aibreeeze above

It's better to retire than to be replaced because of losing money. You don't wanna talk about stocks, trust me. Sonys stock has been crap for the last 5 years and continues to get worse.
#8.1.2 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(10) | Report
saint_seya  +   829d ago
Belking :
When u said its better to retire than been replaced, u mean like don matrick right???
Yeah a sinking ship, better jump before its to late :)
meatysausage  +   829d ago
dude be reasonable. They are not dumping xbox. It makes money for them.
Besides, they are about to release a console, probably have spent billions in R&D, to therefore dump it?
givemeshelter  +   829d ago
LOL these type of articles on N4G LOL
come_bom  +   829d ago
Microsoft does have a better launch lineup then Sony, but the PS4 is going to sell more. 400€ price tag, game offerings with PSN+ and more AAA 1st party studios is quite an advantage for Sony.
Kakashi Hatake  +   829d ago
Without Dead Rising 3, the X1 launch line up looks like ass. I don't care for racers, so Forza is out. Killer Instinct is made by an unproven dev. I'm not seeing what's so good about the line up. It's no better than PS4s. I think Xbox fanboys saw MS toot their own horn and ran with what they were saying.
C-Thunder  +   829d ago
And they're struggling to get that game UP to 30fps.
BigShotSmoov007  +   829d ago
And right now sony's launch lineup is just ass. What game on there makes you so excited about buying a PS4 at launch? Who buys a whole new console for a bunch of indie games that's already out on the PC or is going to be on the PC in about a month? Come on now, the PS4 future with it's exclusives are big, we all now that but if you talking about launch, X1 has way better games to play and lets not forgot Microsoft is sitting on some exclusive titles in the future to look forward to as well.
saint_seya  +   829d ago
Im more exited for killzone than any other game out there, and i love platformers so i want to play knack.

Can i get any of those in xbox? No i cant. Can u get forza (if u are a big fan of forza) in ps4? No u cant. You will get the console that has the games u like, so i will, and everyone will.

Btw im thinking i will like those games, but untill reviews are up, i cant say for sure they will be good games, and knowing that.. HOW PEOPLE TALK SO MUCH OF ALL THIS GAMES, EVEN TRYING TO MAKE LOOK GAMES LIKE RYSE, DRIVER CLUB, TITANFALL OR ANY OTHER GAME THAT ITS NOT EVEN A FRANCHISE A MUST HAVE GAME, BUT FANBOYS TRY TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THE BEST GAMES EVER..

Sad to hear people talking of games and hyping those game so much.. they may en up been like haze.. So please, stop with this talk till have motives to do it #when finally those games are out#
#10.1.3 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Ju  +   829d ago
I only need one game. And seeing what Guerilla is pulling off with KZ and the Shadowfall MP thread on here might as well be just THAT game.
strickers  +   829d ago
It's subjective. I prefer Ps4 line up. Killzone better than any XB1 game at launch for me.
50PcntMoPowaFool  +   829d ago
Sony has the likes of kz:sf and inf:ss which dnt rily bring nothing new to the industry apart from prettier graphx.
ashahab861   829d ago | Spam
BigShotSmoov007  +   829d ago
Infamous SS isn't even a launch title. Thats coming out in Feb but I am looking forward to that game. If that was a launch title then I would jump at getting a PS4 at launch also but really they have nothing big as a launch title other than Killzone and that's not a game that excites me anyways. I can wait to play that next year. X1 at launch for me cause I'm looking foward to Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon and Ryse along with the third party games.
PFFT  +   829d ago
Hey hey hey Layoff Second Son! That game looks awesome.
strickers  +   829d ago
Not true at all. What does any XB launch exclusive bring??
DoesUs  +   829d ago
Oh, Forbes..............gotcha!
NateCole  +   829d ago
Seriously. Can someone tell me why x1 launch lineup is better than PS4?. Some of you people are stating this like it is fact without any proof but when i ask for one. None.

@opiewinston. What is the point of you list?.That X1 has less games than PS4 on launch?. You do know the list of launch games on the Ps4 is much larger than that right?.

Sony has every corner covered in regards to launch games both big,small,free or paid. This is fact and is more important for any launch.

Until there are reviews for evidence of these games you guys have squat to go on regarding which has the best lineup as it is all just personal opinion right now.

Personally i would say the PS4 becuse it has variety and i prefer Sony ips in anycase. This is my preference but it does not mean it is PROOF that PS4 has a better lineup.
meatysausage  +   829d ago
Honestly, there is no answer to you question.
Its all about what you as a consumer prefer. Maybe you like xbox games more than PS4, or the even the other way round.
Most of these articles about the games,controllers etc, cant be answered definitively, its a completely subjective thing.

Besides, even though the xbox lineup is good, its about the long run. No one is buying a console for just launch games
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BigShotSmoov007  +   829d ago
Well seriously can you why the PS4 launch titles are better than the X1 without any reviews for them? It's all about opinion. More doesn't always mean better. What big titles does sony have coming out at launch that makes you or anyone so excited to pick it up on day one?
Max-Zorin  +   829d ago
There is no better launch lineup. You are entitled to your opinion. Sony and MS fanboys stay looking like a cross between State of Emergency, that riot on San Andreas, and Urban Chaos: Riot Response.
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50PcntMoPowaFool  +   829d ago
Titanfall is a bit different.
We all knw kinect ws there last gen bt wsnt wat it ws meant to be.Nw kinect 2.0 is wt the og kinect should hav bin and that gives devs of creating unique motion controlled experiences.
Melankolis  +   829d ago
I agree that Xbox One has the better exclusivity announced (not on launch date) so far. But i trust in Sony in delivering great games later.
In addition, i never interested in Halo, Forza, or Dead Rising. The last game shocked me that it actually liked by many people.
---stone---  +   829d ago
Didnt the 360 have a better launch line up than the ps3?...granted they were a year a part with the 360 with the head start.

How did that fare from launch to now between those two?... in the ever evolving fecal tossing fest that is the console wars...

Who sold more consoles why and with what?

Launch day means very little in the overall scheme of things, imo.
gamertk421  +   829d ago
That is really a tough comparison though, just because of the time difference last Gen. The reason we're seeing more of an emphasis on the launch games is that this time if you get a new console, you have the two options there, so you have to differentiate them to decide which suits you best. What games do you want? What are your friends getting? How important are past achievements/trophies to you? Do you strongly prefer one controller over the other?
When I add it all up, I go with the Xbox One.
PSnation4  +   829d ago
ps3 vs 360 exclusives.. the trend will continue with ps4 vs xbox one exclusives

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thetruthx1  +   829d ago
Microsoft has a far better launch lineup and already has Halo, Quantum Break, Fable, Sunset Overdrive, Black Tusk stealth game, and Titanfall prepped for next year
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strickers  +   829d ago
Far better? Delusional. Killer Instinct ? :-)
thetruthx1  +   829d ago
What about Killer Instinct? It's a good looking fighting game compared to....... Oh that's right the Ps4 doesn't have a fighting game yet Lol
inf3cted1  +   829d ago
Halo with 343 industries suck, and Titanfall is not even an exclusive.

For me, no Halo, no Xbox.
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bitboi  +   829d ago
BigShotSmoov007  +   829d ago
Fable is a shooter?
Bundi  +   829d ago
Project Spark a shooter?
Quantum Break?
Forza 5?
Dead Rising 3?

In fact, PS4 seems to be more shooters than anything else at this point.
BigShotSmoov007  +   829d ago
People always want to bring up the future of the PS4 and we all know games like uncharted, god of war, R&C will be released at some point for the PS4 and that's definitely a system seller but do you really want to spend money on a console thats not giving you anything you want to play right now for a launch? When you talking about, "LAUNCH" for a console you want to play the games thats going to excite you when you actually go pick it up, not games that's going to excite you a year from now. Right now other than Killzone and I'm not even a big fan of that franchise, Sony isn't giving me any other games that I want to play. They have a bunch of indie titles that you can either play on your PC right now or will be released in the next month on the PC, long before it gets to the PS4 so really what will people buy for the PS4 other than Multiplatform games? X1 actually have a good exclusive lineup of launch titles to play like Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, Killer Instint. Forza along with the same third party games. Plus I'm getting the whole next gen experience cause the Kinect comes with it, even though it's $100 more I have no problems with paying that when I'm getting everything they have to offer. Either way I"m going to get both consoles but my console of choice this year is clearly the X1.
etownone  +   829d ago
I think Xbox One definitely has the edge as far as launch games,

But Ps4 has their own AAA games like KZ, Infamous

I guess to each their own.
I'm sticking with Xbox again this gen.
assdan  +   829d ago
Literally every friend I have whose a fan of Halo got pissed of by that trailer, and I'd hardly call its existence a surprise.
Dead Rising 3 looks like it's killing the original ideas and is trying Call of zombies. Plus it's probably coming to PS4 at some point.
Killer instinct is hardly free to play. If you ever want all the characters, you'll need to pay more than the full price of a standard game.
I'm not a fan of racing games, so I can't say how good it will be. But Racing games usually don't seem to be system sellers.
IF you think that a multiplat and multigen game will be a system seller, you're crazy. People that game on PC, won't get an Xbox for it, and a lot of 360 owners won't see the point in upgrading.
And lastly, Do I even need to talk about why saying games one the both the PS4 and Xbox one will give the xbox one an edge is stupid?
I do have to give you some respect though, because you didn't include Ryse.
Bundi  +   829d ago
In terms of announced AAA games, Xbox mops the floor with PS4. Sony is relying on 3rd party games and indies. They've only announced 5 AAA exclusives and truthfully only KZ SF, inFamous SS and The Order seem like hard hitters with Knack seeming more like a medium budget indie game and Drive Club the poor man's PGR.

They have a host of free to play MMOs but they are not only available on PC, they are available right now and have very average scores so nobody is missing out on much.
Hicken  +   829d ago
List these AAA exclusive games that mop the floor with the PS4 list.

If you want to play the disregard game, we can disregard half of the XB1's exclusives as being ported 360 games.
Bundi  +   829d ago
With pleasure.
Dead Rising 3
Forza 5
Fable Legends
Halo One
Quantum Break
Killer Instinct
Sunset Overdrive

Not going to list
Project Spark and TitanFall because they have PC/360 versions so do not qualify as exclusives in my books.

As far as ported 360 games go, if you believe Ryse as it is now can be done on 360 then by all means disregard it.
Anything from that list a 360 port?

True AAA exclusives with no PC/360 versions. Floor mopping list. Care to challenge it with announced PS4 exclusives of the AAA variety or are you going to pad it up with 10 dollar Indy games that make next gen seem redundant?
filipakos  +   829d ago
Most of the games xbox one has were pushed from xbox 360 to one why are you so happy about it?At least sony still supports ps3 with the last of us,ratchet and clank,beyond two souls and many more , not just push those games on ps4 just to show off and tell "Look we got gamezzz , xbox doesnt"
PFFT  +   829d ago
Cant we all agree with the fact that both systems will have something great to offer at launch?? No side will be bored and both will be entertained. I for one cant wait for Next gen!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   829d ago
Paying for timed exclusive 3rd party games and having less 1st party games don't give you an edge to me.
Gaming_Guru  +   829d ago
I'm actually more excited about the PS4 build-in UI features like watch live gameplay from your friends list. As with the games i'm more excited about multiplatform games like Battlefield or Metal Gear Soild. The exclusives would be Infamous and Deep Down that get me excited as with the games inbetween they are fillers for when i get bored of the other games.

Plus Drive Club being virtually free with PS+ which is more like Project Gotham Racing than Forza is fine by me. Titanfall i can wait on because it's like Starhawk with Brink's free-running, so i'm good for now. I'd just rather play Starhawk for my mech fix, lol.
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PSnation4  +   829d ago
RYSE of the QTE
RYSE of the microtransactions

killer instinct of DLC
8 characters
its free game!! yeah..1 character for free (Jago)

enjoy ur M$ launch day games xboners
Discod99  +   829d ago
I switched my PS4 preorder to X1 because its all about the games and the Xbox has them.
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