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Will Gran Turismo 6 Come to PS4, Vita?

IGN - PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida talks to us about the future of Sony's PS3 racer. (Gran Turismo 6, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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dark-kyon  +   740d ago
i dont now if i want gran turismo in vita,when you play that game with a steering wheel you no can play again with a controller.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   740d ago
No it won't
There will be a Gran Turismo 7 for PS4 and maybe, JUST maybe one for vita. (could be GT7 port)
If they are making a GT7, do name it like that. I know it already sounds alot (GT7, wow thats alot of GT) but it shows progression and its easy
sinncross  +   739d ago
I can see GT7 on PS4.
I do not see why they cannot make a lite edition of GT6 for PSV.

Just include premium cars, maybe just the racing varsity of its too much. The tracks, no day night if they are struggling to port that. Make races more portable based (like no endurance) .

Try get a higher number that 4 racers per match... allow connectivity to PS3 edition for online, but obviously PS3 users who join PSV matches would have to abide by whatever limits the PSV has (tracks, car list).

I am sure GT fans would be able to live with that much.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   739d ago
It sure would be nice
I do hope that Vita gets its own edition of GT
Then they can build the game around the tech of the vita and make the game graphically really good.
Cause the only port that was just excellent was Rayman Origins. There was no co-op online, but neither did the console version, only local.
Need for Speed Most Wanted was also pretty good.
But most ports of vita are ... a bit weak IMO
It's also why I fear for Minecraft and Borderlands 2. I'd luv to have those games in my pocket, but I'm gonna wait and see how they perform.
jc48573  +   740d ago
didn't he say he was more interested in releasing GT7 on the ps4.
level 360  +   740d ago
Naturally after GT6/PS3 the series will switch to PS4.

Hopefully ASAP.

Would love to see creator Kaz-san diversify the series and maybe add technical 4WD driving tips/instructions on GT's tutorial feature.

And add technical terrains/tracks/courses for 4WD SUV vehicles.
Hicken  +   740d ago
Frankly, it doesn't really matter if it's GT6 in particular. Both the PS4 and Vita will have their own GT titles. That's all that really matters.
slivery  +   739d ago
Well they pretty much already confirmed they aren't putting GT6 on Vita. I honestly think they could put some type of version on it but I don't blame them for not wanting to waste their time on it right now.

We did get Need For Speed an open world game but maybe with all the physics and such in GT6 it just makes it more difficult to put on the PS Vita. I guess that is exactly what they said. It would just be really hard to fit the game on it.


They also said they aren't interested in just porting over GT6 for PS4. They would want to work on it from the ground up, so it would be GT7 basically.

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