Splinter Cell And One Of The Most Notorious Places in the World

Kotaku - I was reminded of how powerful big-budget video games can be—yet how frustratingly tame they often remain—while I was playing the new Splinter Cell. This game goes somewhere I didn't expect. Spoilers ahead.

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JunioRS1011701d ago

Yeah, let's put Guantanamo Bay in video games to desensitize those who are unaware of the very real human rights abuses going on there.

Action games are cool, but at least have the decency to put fictional settings in the game.

And yeah I know this isn't the first or 100th time this has happened in video games, but trying to make Guantanamo 'cool' or something is just wrong.

alexkoepp1701d ago

terrorists aren't humans, they are scum. lock them up and throw away the key

Godlovesgamers1701d ago

Im guessing your from 'Murrica'.

Wagz221700d ago

@alexkoepp what an ignorant thing to say :)

Godlovesgamers1701d ago

I couldn't agree more and that very same sentiment is why I refuse to play any game thats uses the wars of the last decade as their backdrop and prop up the US invasion as something heroic.

joab7771701d ago

Spolier!! I know everyone feels bad torturing a terrorist that can lead u to the person that is trying to destroy the US. They don't giv options b/c there r none. There is no time for talking or bargaining. You do what u can and hope the inyel is good. No one has a problem with his methods unless they r set in a non-fictional setting.

I still remember Hillary Clinton saying that prior to 911..if she had to torture a terrorist to stop 911...would she. She said no!

SonyKong641701d ago

Jack Bauer? is that you Jack?

Washed minds of the tv masses of Murica..