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Final Fantasy XIV Breaks Record for Most Preorders in History of Japanese PSN, First on US Amazon

The early access of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has just started, and things are getting crowded with queues already visible on many congested servers. This isn't really surprising, since preorders for the game were apparently through the roof, as shared by Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida.

The downloadable PC version of the game is also currently first on Amazon US's best seller charts for games. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Naoki Yoshida, PS3, PS4)

Wizziokid  +   710d ago
Well deserved IMO, I wont get to play until Monday myself (work) but I really enjoyed Beta 4.

The best thing is they don't make you pay £40/50 for the box and then the monthly fee, I got mine for £13 on Shopto before the raised it to £15 and IMO more MMO's with a sub should follow this route, you look at ESO which is going to have a monthly fee and item shop and the box is still $60.
Abriael  +   710d ago
Agreed, besides the game looks fantastic on its own right. Honestly I would have spent the 60 without blinking once, but hey, cheap is good, and they also gave the PC version for free to everyone that played the original
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ShugaCane  +   710d ago
Hey, mate, could you please tell me what makes the game so good. I didn't get the chance to play the beta, and I'm too lazy to read the previews lol. But the feedback seems so good it got me really interested.
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Abriael  +   710d ago
@ShugaCane: it's really too many things, I do advise to try the previews lol :D
FamilyGuy  +   710d ago
After all the improvements that were done and the open beta convincing even more players this is no surprise whatsoever. I have a good number of RPG fans (mostly my old WKCs friends) on my PS3 list and all were playing the beta as well as notifying me and each other which server they'd be playing on.

$40 brand new with the first month free of the monthly charge. People have been waiting a long time for a proper ff mmo. SE fans do still exist.
Kamikaze135  +   710d ago
Well desrved indeed. An amazing game! Glad it's finally out :)
Stsonic  +   710d ago
5 long days wait is finally over since beta, ahhh it feels good to be back in eorzea :D

Servers are mad, monster being chopped down everywhere.
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catch  +   710d ago
I'm at work counting the hours until I can get home and play. I just hope the servers are up to all the pressure!
Reborn  +   710d ago
More like monsters are getting killed all over. FATE are nuts.
goldwyncq  +   710d ago
And they say Final Fantasy is dead.
Kurisu  +   710d ago
Final Fantasy will never be dead to me!
It has been dead ever since they became Square-Enix. It's funny how people try and justify the monthly fee for this but then get mad over Elder Scrolls Online doing the same thing.
KonsoruMasuta  +   710d ago
Talks about a franchise being dead - Has remade Dante as his icon.
Abriael  +   710d ago
Says the one with Donte in his avatar.

Only those blinded by ignoreance think that Final Fantasy is dead.
Baka-akaB  +   710d ago
It's funny how you pretend people that are ok with subs in FF and other game are mad over the subs in ESO .

Make no sense whatsoever , then again you never ever made sense around here
zeal0us  +   710d ago
ESO is going to be $60 plus $15. The overall response to the ESO videos has been mixed. A lot of people don't feel what Zenimax is offering, justify a sub fee. Not mention they're adding a cash shop. Most people rather the game be B2P or F2P.

FF14:ARR is only $30(standard edition) plus $13-15 depending on how you sub. The overall response to FF14:ARR has been positive. I haven't seen a complaint against the sub fee so I guess people believe what SE is offering justifies the sub fee.
greyhaven33  +   710d ago
@ dante
You are such a troll to this game, I've seen you saying the same things in many different threads.

Normally I don't respond to people like you but your negativity is pathetic
Magicite  +   709d ago
ESO is joke compared to FF. A maligned PC bug-fest.
Magicite  +   709d ago
Haters will always say what they want. Just wait for FF15, I bet it will be a blast!
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   710d ago
Only one thing can make this perfect........adding Blitzball Online.
Magicite  +   709d ago
That would break all and any expectations :D
Shuyin  +   710d ago
I'm back home from work in 20 min :) TIME TO GAME THE WHOLE DAY XD.
GraveLord  +   710d ago
I could never justify paying a monthly fee for any game, no matter how good it is. It's just not worth it.
Abriael  +   710d ago
You're free to be a cheapo.

Bet you have no problem paying 15 bucks for two hours at the movies.
GraveLord  +   710d ago
Actually I do have a problem with that. I do not pay $15 to see a movie. I never have.

This isn't even remotely comparable though. There are plenty of high quality AAA MMOs out there that have a $0 entry point.
Baka-akaB  +   710d ago
Meh on that . There are B2p's like the excellent Guild Wars 1-2 (hell almost only guild wars) , there are former sub based mmos wich already built quality content thanks to said subs , and then there is the always f2p lot with barely 1/3 of their support or in some cases quality .

I've yet to see any original f2p match up in qualities and content with a contemporary sub based mmo .

Someday as f2ps gain strength and popularity , they will , but it's quite afar
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Abriael  +   710d ago
LOL. There's absolutely no F2P or B2P game out there that can compete with the quality of a P2P.

It's a completely different development philosophy.

P2P is developed to keep everyone engaged as much as possible with quality content and large, frequent updates.

F2P and B2P are developed with the main purpose of making you buy crap in the cash shop.

The difference in resulting quality is enormous.
papashango  +   710d ago
I'm gonna agree. I've never seen a f2p or b2p offer long term content. These developers have only one thing on their mind and that is to get players to use the cash shop. In other words its more like a short term model.

With sub based games. Developers focus solely on adding content to keep their subscribers happy. It's a long term model.
SnotyTheRocket  +   709d ago
Yeah, never paying to see a movie for $15 isn't anything to brag about.
Destrania  +   710d ago
If it wasn't for all the other in incredible games coming out on Playstation this year, the wait would be intollerable for the PS4 version of FF XIV to be released before I play it haha.
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CertifiedGamer  +   710d ago
Abriel it is not about being a cheapo, it is about the fact that people can play better MMO RPG's for free. A realm reborn isn't even a AAA game. Developer's used to say subsciption fee in order to have more content, Square-Enix doesn't do, you pay to play something that should be free, and something you already bought. If I had to pay, I would rather play WOW at least that game has decades of content. Square-Enix doesn't make decades of content but instead decades to level a character just to have you fighting the same creatures over and over again.
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Caffo01  +   710d ago
did you play it? i think not..
CertifiedGamer  +   710d ago
I played the Beta and it sucked. Have you ever played an MMO besides a realm reborn?
Caffo01  +   708d ago
Sure.. Daoc and ffxi.. And judging an Mmo basing on a beta with level cap is not so smart
contradictory  +   710d ago
this is an actual good Final Fantasy game
granted you like MMORPG'S you'll enjoy it
hkgamer  +   710d ago
anyone know if this game is cross-buy? Would be great if it is. Would not want to buy this game 3 times. PS3/PS4 & PC...
raiden-49  +   710d ago
Don't think so but if you get it on ps3 then on ps4 you can use the same account(this also works for pc).
hkgamer  +   710d ago
yeah, I guess I will just wait until I decide which platform I will play this on.

Had FFXI for 360 & PC. I have more responsibilities now so can't really splash money around like before.
dcj0524  +   710d ago
Very Well Deserved. I won't be getting it until they drop that subscription but the game itself is incredible!
catch  +   710d ago
I wouldn't hold my breath. You could always just jump in for a month or two at a time now and then the game itself is cheaper than most.
dcj0524  +   709d ago
With next-gen consoles coming thats getting most of my gaming funds. Maybe I'll get the ps4 version after them tax returns.
Caffo01  +   710d ago
3 hours maintenance now...:(
CertifiedGamer  +   710d ago
I bet you think Final Fantasy 13-1&2 were great games.
Caffo01  +   708d ago
Not really, i couldn't even finish 12 and i disliked 13.. If i like ARR doesn't mean I'm a ff fanboy..
CertifiedGamer  +   708d ago
13 is the biggest peace of shit from the series ever.
greyhaven33  +   709d ago
I didn't get a pre order code, but I decided to try anyways and it let me on the game, just a small download before I was able to play. Maybe psn automatically set it up for me? I'm not complaining

I play on PS3 and pre ordered digitally a few days ago
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gano  +   709d ago
First time i was willing to pay for a mmo game.
This is tough to say, but the game is hot.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   708d ago
Glad it's looking good for this MMO. My friend joked and said: "There are two kinds of Final Fantasy players, ones that only play the MMOs and ones that don't." I agreed jokingly, but I realized I fit into the category of people that are all for the main series games, but do no care for the MMOs. The problem is: I play the games for the plot and/or singleplayer adventure. MMOs don't have an emphasis on plot. They certainly don't have singleplayer either. Never understood why MMOs are in the main series in the first place, but if that helps them generate more income, it's fine with me. Same with XV, I hope it being a main series game gets it more recognition (although from hardcore turn-based RPG players, it's had an opposite effect already).

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