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Tomb Raider moves over 4M, Square to develop more persistent online games

Darrell Gallagher, Square Enix’s newly appointed head of studios in North America and Europe, has said the firm will change the way it approaches games development by creating more persistent online games. Oh – and Tomb Raider has sold over 4 million copies worldwide since its March release. (Industry, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

ArchangelMike  +   777d ago
I bet this talk of "more persistent" games simply means that they're going to shoe-horn multiplayer into all their games. Good to hear that next gen Tomb Raider is still on its way though.
Anthotis  +   776d ago
"More Persistent Online Games" is code for "Always Online DRM".

They'll add half assed multiplayer to games just as an excuse for sneaky DRM.
starchild  +   776d ago
This is good news. The recent Tomb Raider was excellent and deserves to sell very well.

I can't wait to see what they do with the next game.
windblowsagain  +   777d ago
Like WTF.

4million are excellent sales.

Tombraider had it's day/ with games and movies. I think this game did well for a comeback and i enjoyed it.

Will get the next one. Loved the original playstation games.
sarcastoid  +   776d ago
4 million... what a failure. Better start doing mobile games. /s
Aleithian  +   776d ago
Loved this remake. Hated the originals. Will definitely buy the sequel to this.
starchild  +   776d ago
Well, I loved the recent Tomb Raider as well. It was one of the best games I have played in the past few years. But I can't agree with you about the past games. They were great games for their time. It WAS time for a refresh though.
Aleithian  +   776d ago
I don't dispute that the old games were "good." I just said that I "hated" them. There are plenty of good games that I hate. Final Fantasy IX for instance.
Software_Lover  +   776d ago
I didn't buy Tomb Raider for online. I still haven't touched the online component. It was a decent game. A game that many Tomb Raider fans from the ps1 days have been waiting for.

Too bad they didn't make the puzzles a little bit harder.
CaptainPunch  +   776d ago
Loved the reboot, recently bought it again for my PS3 because it was on sale. Great game.
Skate-AK  +   776d ago
4 million sold and still not their idea of profitable.
Yodagamer  +   776d ago
If you can't sell 4 million copies of a game and make a profit you either need to change your views on profitable or you need to really figure out where your money is being wasted.
christocolus  +   776d ago
Pls remake legacy of kain soul reaver or a proper sequel..
Lord_Sloth  +   776d ago
Proper sequel rather than remake. They can't just leave us hanging with Defiance's ending! I DEMAND MORE KAIN!!!
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christocolus  +   776d ago
I agree bro...a proper sequel would be great.
hiptanaka  +   776d ago
This is becoming a new trend to try and subtly sneak in always-online DRM under the guise of "persistent" and "living" worlds. Bull****. Publishers are trying to transform games from a product (that you own) to a service that you rent from them, until their servers see less activity and are invariably turned off.

This is the future of gaming at stake people. What is the point of protesting the Xbox One's always-online DRM if the games are going to do it anyway? Does anybody wonder why "persistence" and "open-world" are suddenly so common this upcoming gen (Destiny, Titanfall, The Division, The Crew, Watch Dogs, etc.)? It is not a coincidence; they are trying to take away your ownership rights and to fleece you.

Time to make our voices heard and to vote with our wallets. Enough is enough.
rainslacker  +   776d ago
It's all about the buzzwords used. Say "required to connect" people hate it. Say, "persistent worlds with dynamic content", people praise it.

It's not a bad model for games that can use that content to good effect. For instance Destiny and The Division are both MMO games, so having it there will hopefully keep up variety and keep it from getting stale. The crew is somewhat the same, but a single player mode would be nice. Watch Dogs it's wholly optional at this point, but wouldn't doubt that DLC is tied to some sort of online mode.

Otherwise I agree with you. Companies will use this for pushing online DRM is a covert way. What's ironic about this is that SE said that Sleeping Dogs had over 500K users almost 2 years after release. They didn't require a persistent world, just a good game to keep people from trading it in. This will be next gens online pass, or at the very least next gen shoe-horned feature like multi-player was this gen.

I think with all these games that aren't MMO style games, I would avoid anyone that requires an online connection without having a non-connected campaign to play. I just am not a big fan of online stuff...particularly for single player. If the content provided for my $60 isn't worth $60, I'm not going to spend $60 hoping the persistent world provides me with that value in the long run.
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Tales RPG addict  +   776d ago
Seriously Square do us a favor and after the releases of FFXV & Kingdom Hearts 3. Sell those IPs to SONY cause at least they'll make FFXVI an RPG that is not creative but innovative.
Heck even Namco Bandai and their Tales series is gaining traction here in the states, where your FFXIII trilogy has pissed fans off cause we all wante FF versus XIII i mean FFXV.

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