J-Stars Victory Vs – Partial Character Roster?

Recently J-Stars Victory Versus has been revealing characters quickly, but this might be a mistake on Bandai's Behalf! They released a board game that has multiple characters that have been confirmed for the J-stars Victory Versus Game! Does this mean these characters will also be confirmed soon?

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HystericalGamez1004d ago

Hopefully there are more characters than this.

dark-kyon1002d ago

seiya look photoshoped,to me fake.

Buuhan11002d ago

Because photoshop'd = fake. Keep in mind the official promos simply photoshop various character images together. They don't make fresh artwork for simple adverts like this.

HystericalGamez1002d ago

This is from the Board Game's official website, so it isn't fake.

Baka-akaB1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Yeah but for something else , the board game , that isnt related to victory .

Hell the ichigo from the board game isnt the one shown in videos , and i very much doubt they'd include multiple versions of the character , only costumes

Iceman_Nightmare1002d ago

We need Trunks from DragonBall Z, and maybe Vegeta! or Broly. More people from the same anime series.

SegaGamer1002d ago

Please not Broly, the guy is the most over rated DBZ character ever.

Kalebninja1002d ago

this is an extremely lame roster there are a lot of good characters missing and i only see 4 or 5 people that matter

HystericalGamez1002d ago

This isn't the entire Roster, not even close.