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Submitted by HystericalGamez 900d ago | news

J-Stars Victory Vs – Partial Character Roster?

Recently J-Stars Victory Versus has been revealing characters quickly, but this might be a mistake on Bandai's Behalf! They released a board game that has multiple characters that have been confirmed for the J-stars Victory Versus Game! Does this mean these characters will also be confirmed soon? (J-Stars Victory Vs, PS Vita, PS3)

HystericalGamez  +   902d ago
Hopefully there are more characters than this.
dark-kyon  +   900d ago
seiya look photoshoped,to me fake.
Buuhan1  +   900d ago
Because photoshop'd = fake. Keep in mind the official promos simply photoshop various character images together. They don't make fresh artwork for simple adverts like this.
HystericalGamez  +   900d ago
This is from the Board Game's official website, so it isn't fake.
Baka-akaB  +   900d ago
Yeah but for something else , the board game , that isnt related to victory .

Hell the ichigo from the board game isnt the one shown in videos , and i very much doubt they'd include multiple versions of the character , only costumes
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Iceman_Nightmare  +   900d ago
We need Trunks from DragonBall Z, and maybe Vegeta! or Broly. More people from the same anime series.
SegaGamer  +   900d ago
Please not Broly, the guy is the most over rated DBZ character ever.
Kalebninja  +   900d ago
this is an extremely lame roster there are a lot of good characters missing and i only see 4 or 5 people that matter
HystericalGamez  +   900d ago
This isn't the entire Roster, not even close.

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