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Submitted by Abriael 827d ago | news

Shuhei Yoshida Confirms Ability to Turn On the PS4 Remotely with The Vita, Talks about Perfection

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida just confirmed the ability to turn on the PS4 remotely with the PS Vita, and also mentioned that nothing is perfect, the PS4 included. (PS Vita, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

booni3  +   827d ago
This seems like a pretty neat feature, even though I'd probably still just use my controller to turn on the console. I wonder what the usefulness of this would turn it on with the Vita and then seamlessly start remote play? That'd be cool.

@Abriael that sounds awesome! I guess it goes without saying that you can also turn your console off remotely. Rad!
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Abriael  +   827d ago | Well said
The feature's usefulness is when you're not in the same room or even in the same place as your PS4 (as remote play has already been confirmed to work via the internet).

That way you don't need to leave the PS4 on to be able to remote play, and can just turn it on directly from standby when needed.
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iamnsuperman  +   827d ago
See that the key thing here. This is a big plus for remote play as I don't need to be in the same room. This is how remote play works right now (turning on the PS3). It is very useful
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slivery  +   827d ago

Technically "Remote Start" and "Remote Play" aren't the same thing.

Seems like many don't understand that here. You can remote play on PS3 but it needs to be set to Remote Start and log in users automatically before it can actually Remote Start.

You won't be able to just set up Remote Play and start your PS3 without the first steps to setting it up.

Of course everything involves some type of initial setup. After that you won't ever have to set it again unless some freak accident happens.

You may already know all this but it seems like many people here don't understand how remote start works, some here don't even realize their PS3's already can.

Simply put you need to set your PS3 to remote start first before anything. When setting up remote play, it has nothing to do with the settings needed for remote start. Just feel that is important for people to know.
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Brazz  +   827d ago
yeah, youare prety much in the right track. plus i can imagine the ps vita as a "mobile ps4" whit this setup. If i have a good Wiffi conection at time, this means that i can turn on my ps4 and use the remote play from any place in the world. Very good sony, but i'm unsecure whit the possibility of lag problems...
If no lag gaming in remote play is possible this will be a killer add to the "Psvita + ps4" combo.
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timl241  +   827d ago
This is cool, but saying "Xbox on" isn't cool. Gotta love fanboys...
Brazz  +   827d ago
@ Timl241.

I realy think voice command is a cool thing, and i realy think voice command will not be something exclusive whit xbox. sure, X1 may have better voice command and more option, but i'm sure as hell that Ps eye 4 micro will work great too. but ya see...

at one hand i have voice command to "turn on" xbox, give commands for the game, change screen, etc...

in the other hand, i have the possibility of playing my ps4 in anyplace whit a good Wifi conection! i can go to my work, turn my ps vita on and play PS4 games whit remoteplay! this is a killer add, at least for me.
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KUV1977  +   827d ago
"From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming."

Amazon-Product-Description for PS4-camera.
Ju  +   827d ago
@silvery, this is just an option you enable when you configure remote play. During that process you can allow the PS3 to be remote started.

You make it sound like you have to do some extra work to make this work. This is not the case. This is part of the remote play configuration.

You have to "pair" your PSP/Vita for remote play with your specific console anyhow. It does not "just work".
strifeblade  +   826d ago
Yeah it is a really cool feature, i mean forget you can turn on xbox one using your voice- i would much rather grab my vita and turn on the ps4. Man this is so cool and innovative... And i don't know why sony gamers are mentioning pseye- besides the fact it is inferior to kinect but this is the same user base that hates a camera to come with the system and then they turn around and say eye can do this when they absolutely have no plans on buying it and if they did that would make them hypocrites. lol
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Narutone66  +   826d ago
I remembered turning on my PS3 with the PSP remotely. By remotely, meaning I was in the office with my PSP and I was able to turn on my PS3 at home and browse on it. The lag though was terrible.
Gman0173   826d ago | Spam
slivery  +   826d ago | Well said

No its not when you configure it on the Vita it never once asks for remote start to be set because the setting it seperate, that is what I said. I have no reason to lie, I have used it enough to know. I can even prove it isn't in the setup required for remote play to be used on the Vita.

So why are you lying or trying to make it seem like I am? Here is the configuration process right there.

See the setting is separate before you even setup remote play, it not included in the configuration process with the Vita. They are separate setups just like I said.

Did it ever ask for Remote Start during the configuration process? No it doesn't but obviously you saw the setting on the PS3 before that. In the Remote Play section the separate option to turn on Remote Start.

It is not apart of the actual setup used to get the Vita started with remote play, that is what I said.

I am not making it sound difficult or like its hard to do because it isn't. Just making sure people know that you have to turn on the Remote Start setting in remote play settings section on the PS3.

I was just trying to describe it in better detail as some seem confused on how remote start works.

So yes it is a little extra because it is actually a different setting you won't find on your PS Vita during the config. It has to be set on the PS3 itself which is not included or asked to be turned on when setting your PS Vita up through the PS3.

Most people don't see that little remote start option there before they start setting up remote play. Then they question why they can't remote start the PS3.

You are right in that it is all in the same section but setting up the PS3 with remote play and remote start are not in the same configurations.

So many people disagreeing with my previous comment is just dumb. I literally just showed you what I meant with the actual process. Anyone with a PS3 and PS Vita who knows how to work remote start, knows it is a separate setting that needs to be set on the PS3.

It isn't exactly the same process or asked to be turned on during the configuration of the Vita.
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boybato  +   827d ago
There was even a point where you could access the PSN store via Vita remote play(internet) therefore you could download stuff on your PS3 even if your not home.
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Abriael  +   827d ago
Yeah I really hope they put that back on.
Jeff257  +   827d ago
Well they have talked about being able to buy games and content for your PS4 from an app on your smartphone or tablets. You can currently buy content and have it ready to download to your PS3 from the PC. it would make sense that they will allow Vita users to do the same with the PS4. The remote play aspect is really making me think hard about going almost all digital with the PS4. Just something about being able to access all my games even when I am not home through my Vita that would be really awesome.

@Abriael below

Actually with PS+ you can set the PS3 to automatically boot at certain times to look for updates. If you buy games or content and add that into your download queue it will also download and install them if it is in there before the time window you designate. If you buy stuff and add it to your download queue after that time the PS3 will notify you that you have content ready to be downloaded and ask you if you want to download it.

I have done this a few times because I work nights and I have my PS3 set to turn on around 3am. Recently I bought all the GTA PS2 games from work and they were downloaded and installed when I got home.
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Abriael  +   827d ago
@Jeff257: you can already do that with the current web marketplace, but you can just purchase and not download. It'd be awesome to be able to start the download remotely too.-
Ju  +   827d ago all the way for me. US$ and tax free;)

Well, it will auto-download next time you switch on the PS3 - or at the daily synch when enabled. But it doesn't have "push-to-download", true.
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sonerone  +   827d ago
u can turn on remote start on ps3 right now, turn the system off and then u can turn it on wherever u are in the world with your vita, psp, laptop. this is not a new function, but good to know it will work in ps4 as well.
miyamoto  +   827d ago
dual screen gaming done right!

like i said long ago: you can play your ps4 games on your psv even your miles away from home on the other side of the planet Earth which you can not do with the wii u game pad.

oh btw, you can do this remote play thing on your ps3, pc games, pc nintendo emulators, too.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   827d ago
What's good with the ability to change your psn id?(not using your real name like sony stated).
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AlexanderNevermind  +   826d ago
That is pretty cool for Vita owners. Maybe there will be an ap for smartphones to turn the system on as well.
showtimefolks  +   826d ago
turning on or off your console with kinect 2 or vita is just a added feature that most people will never use

turning off the console with a controller is much easier

but i guess some will enjoy the feature so more power to them
chestnut1122  +   827d ago
Then PS4 will be my Console Final. Killzone Mercenary + Killzone Shadow Fall this Year will surely keeps me busy.
ashahab861   827d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   827d ago
OK, Meh!
dcj0524  +   827d ago
VERY useful. It annoyed me to call my girlfriend/roomate to ask them to turn on my ps3 so I could play some sotc.
PrimeGrime  +   827d ago
*smh* Do people even read manuals these days for anything they buy anymore?

The PSP could remote start the PS3 and so can the PS Vita. You don't have your PS3 set properly in order to remotely start it outside your home.

You have to actually set your PS3 to certain settings first to actually use Remote Start, as Remote Start and Remote Play are two different things.

I use Remote Start all the time to play Tokyo Jungle outside my house. No clue why people are agreeing with you, I guess they also don't read manuals or never owned a PSP or a PS Vita.
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CuddlyREDRUM  +   827d ago
Is that sarcasm?
nosferatuzodd  +   827d ago
Nice keep the ball rolling sony
badkolo  +   827d ago
ok this is excellent news, can be in on room , grab vita turn it all on and play, loving it, loving it , loving it.
ashahab861   827d ago | Spam
jlo  +   827d ago
Who cares that it's too weak to run BF4 at 1080p, you can turn it on with a vita!!! THIS IS PERFECTION

nosferatuzodd  +   827d ago
you would know if it cant run battle field 4 i forget you work at sony and troll for Microsoft lol
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sonerone  +   827d ago
buy a pc for $4000 if u want those nice graphics. we poor guys will be alright with kz sf running on 1080p :)
jlo  +   827d ago
A $600 PC can max out BF4 at 1080p. This gen, it doesn't take such an expensive PC because the PS4/Xbox One are SO weak. They're cheap recession friendly machines with laughable components. Even 'omg optimisation' isn't helping, because they're that weak

You can only optimise rubbish so far.
sonerone  +   827d ago
sure, my $1500 laptop cant max out bf3 on 1080p with oc... but u might be right.
DoctorJones  +   827d ago
Maybe your $1500 laptop just isn't very good?
Freedomland  +   827d ago

You overstayed your welcome here now go back to your pc which even can't run Farcry 3 without hiccups and stop lieing about Ps4/X1 for that matter.
ashahab861   827d ago | Spam
breakpad  +   827d ago
yeah but with your 600 (or 1500 or 2000$)pc you dont play unique exclusives (and other "little games" non exclusives)and it keeps you crying in youtube channels for a port to pc
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PrimeGrime  +   827d ago
Most third party games will be running like that for a while until they actually understand the hardware better. It is that simple.

A lot of the in house studios making games for PS4 and Xbox One are achieving 1080p just fine.

Has nothing to do with being weak, Killzone Shadow Fall has much more going on graphically than BF4 does, you can clearly see that with your own eyes. So obviously that would give you a big sign weakness has nothing to do with it.

Has to do with third party developers not knowing the system too well while 1st party developers do know it well enough, they have been working with these systems for longer.
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DoctorJones  +   827d ago
Killzone won't have nearly as much going on as BF4.
stuna1  +   827d ago
If PS4 ends up not being able to run BF4 by launch, what makes you think the Xbox 1 will able too? Because I'm sure that's why you made the comment!

Remote start and Play was pretty much hit and miss with me on PS3, sometimes it worked perfectly, other times not so much! But I'm pretty confident that the PS4 and Vita matchup will be more cohesive.
Studio-YaMi  +   826d ago
"A $600 PC can max out BF4 at 1080p"

You're a liar and know sh*t about PCs if you think a $600 PC can max out BF4.

Are you making yourself look stupid on purpose here or just trolling ??

I have a $2700 msi laptop with a GTX 780M,a good CPU(core i7),16 gigs of DDR3 RAM & I still have trouble playing some of my PC games in 1920x1080 without losing frame rate so I need to either tune down the video settings or play at a lower res.

Stop spreading your lies.
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sonerone  +   826d ago
there u go :)
NateCole  +   827d ago
One of the best thing this gen is not having to get up off my ass to turn on or off my PS3 at the console lol!.
slivery  +   827d ago
You don't have get up to turn it on. What are you talking about?

I really wonder if most of you even own Vita's or even a PS3 with some of your comments here. Some of you don't know remote start already exists on PS3 and now you are acting like you have to press the power button on the PS3 every time?

Umm press the PS button on your controller when it is off, the PS3 turns on. When the system is on, hold the PS button on your controller and select "turn off".. It turns off.

Seriously if you do own PS3 and can't even turn it on/off with your controller.. I don't even know what to say, that is just ridiculous. Nothing annoys me more than people who buy expensive things they don't even take the time to learn how to use at all.
dragon82  +   827d ago
Um... Did you even read his comment??

He said one of the BEST things about this gen was NOT having to get up to turn on or off his PS3. Meaning he LOVED that feature.Meaning he owns a PS3 and knows how to use this feature.
slivery  +   826d ago
Exactly he said this generation. This generation is Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One. You're focusing on "NOT" way too much.

What he meant is he is glad he doesn't have to do that with this generation of new systems, getting up and turning it on.. Which you never needed to do anyway.
stuff  +   826d ago
This generation is PS3/X360/Wii. The next generation doesn't start until November.

Imo, WiiU is current gen 2.0 -- too little too late.
NateCole  +   826d ago
WTF are you talking about?. I have a PS3 this gen (Current gen). I don't have to wlak up to my PS3 to turn it on or off like i had with last gen with my PS2. Get it?.

Some of you people are so thick.
THC CELL  +   827d ago
Good feature. Gotta love how jealous Xbox fanboys get and to diss Sony when clearly ps4 first party games like killzone will run 60 1080 online. Blame your beloved developers that they can't get it right not Sony,

Btw a game a game I don't die in real life if the game not 60 frames per second. The last of us is amazing and only runs 720 30
#10 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
HugoDrax  +   826d ago
I know you're a member of Sonytology, but I'm sure this is a feature of smartglass for xb1 is it not? Remind me if I'm wrong, but smartglass + XB1 communicates through WiFi Direct. Which is a different connection from communicating through your local wireless network.

This is why when everyone was complaining about the 24hr check in online, saying things like
--- Gamer: "What if my Internet goes down, how will I authenticate my XB1?"
---Don Mattrick: "You can tether using your mobile device" which is always connected to 3G,Edge,LTE networks"

Second, I could have sworn I turned on my PS3 using my PSPGO before? I have used remote play features a few times, but it will be great to play my PS4 games whenever a TV is occupied. Although, I thought the same thing with my WiiU, and I never play it lol.
llMurcielagoll  +   827d ago
And thus starts the journey of "Orbis Vitae". Actually it started with the announcement of ability to remote play most games on PS4 if not all.
sonerone  +   827d ago
that's why I would`ve loved if they kept the orbis name. its just sound so good :)
Bowzabub  +   827d ago
radecGaming  +   827d ago
such a great feature because my Grandparents alaways invade our living room!
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PrimeGrime  +   827d ago
He is just confirming what has already been said a ton of times already. You can remote start the PS3 in standby. I have no idea why so many people still question if the PS4 can knowing this thing was built to work with the PS Vita while the PS3 was not.

Just kills me seeing some comments here about you can't remote start your PS3. Yes you can, you need to set your PS3 properly, set it to remote start and auto login, not just auto sign in but when it starts it has to auto log in that account. Then you can remote start your PS3 from anywhere with a net connection just using your Vita.

If you don't believe me read your PS Vita manual for once or actually even look on the Playstation support page. It tells you all of this in both.

Even the PSP could remote start your PS3.
#14 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bundi  +   827d ago
Kinect can start Xbox one with a simple voice command and the PS fans say "I can simply use my controller." Then Vita is announced to be able to start ps 4 and it s the best thing since sixaxis, Meh.
Belking  +   827d ago
yea, its funny how that double standard works. Turning on the ps4 using vita isn't really what you would call innovation. I can start my car up while i'm still inside my
#15.1 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
PrimeGrime  +   827d ago | Well said
What an idiotic comment. Some of you fans are so brainless, you literally seem like a product of the company itself.

If you don't know anything about what remote play is or what remote start does then please don't even bother making yourself look like anymore of an asshole. Remote Play is nothing like Kinect or you using a voice command to turn on your Xbox One.

Its pretty obvious you don't give a shit about the PS Vita or PS4.. I mean you talk shit about both of them literally daily. So why bother trying to understand something you don't care about? Right, that is your logic?

Let me ask you this?

Can you remove that Kinect from your Xbox One, take it over seas or away from the Xbox One, connect to the internet and play your Xbox One games on it? Can you be in another city carrying around a Kinect sensor and turn your Xbox One on?

Really don't need to answer any of that that cause we all know the answer. No, you can't do any of that with Kinect. Its a freaking motion sensor not a dedicated gaming device that can remotely access your console, control and stream your console games anywhere you are with a internet connection.

Remote start is important to people because of remote play.. No one would give a rats ass about turning on the PS3 or PS4 away from home just to turn it on.. They care because they can turn it on and access it from anywhere, control it from anywhere and be able to play the games available on the system anywhere..

So have fun talking to Kinect and turning your Xbox One on and off.

What is weird about people like you is you clearly don't like Playstation too much but for some reason you feel the need to constantly talk shit about them. Happens to the best of us but intentionally going out of you way to do it all the time seems a bit absurd.

Whatever gets you by I guess, just a weird concept.
#15.2 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
nades_all_night  +   827d ago
Is there a way I can nominate this for comment of the year?
thexmanone  +   827d ago
Xbox One has SmartGlass for remote play
kenshiro100  +   827d ago
Bundi, you're not very smart...are you?
THC CELL  +   827d ago
I can't speak, now what??
Hicken  +   827d ago
You've done enough, now. You can stop.

Can you even turn on the XB1 with Kinect from the next room?

Just now, because I can, I turned on the PS3 in my room with my Vita, while I'm in the dining room. After that, I disconnected from that PS3 and connected to the one in the living room... because I freakin can.

Some days, I take my Vita to work; I have played games on my PS3 through my Vita.

Will Kinect allow any of that? Can you shout from your hotel room in France, and your Kinect in San Fansisco hear you and turn on your Xbox?

Didn't think so.
BlaqMagiq24  +   826d ago
Yup by giving you voice command Micro$oft fixed a problem that never existed
Red_Devilz  +   827d ago
Better than yelling at the console.
Izzy408  +   827d ago
why would you yell at a console?
boybato  +   827d ago

I think he is taking a jab at kinect. lol
hkgamer  +   827d ago
definitely a good idea to be able to turn on remote play. would have been stupid if i wanted to use remote play and then needed to turn on console, turn on tv, put it on remote play then turn off telly.

that is how ps3 remote play works right? or have they changed that process?
Caleb_H  +   827d ago
Haha, for me the title displayed as, "Shuhei Yoshida Confirms Ability to Turn On the PS4" lolz.
Klad  +   827d ago
I like this guy, Nintendo & Sony all the way!
CuddlyREDRUM  +   827d ago
I find this about as interesting as a Rockstar game, which is not interesting at all.
Izzy408  +   827d ago
Sony is trying to hard to make the Vita relevant.
ziggurcat  +   826d ago
and you're trying really hard to troll.
Izzy408  +   826d ago
Not trolling, just pointing out an observation.
ziggurcat  +   826d ago
no, you're clearly trolling.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   826d ago
Been doing this with Wii U gamepad heh
PrimeGrime  +   826d ago
Durp.... Been doing this since the VMU and Pocketstation on the Dreamcast and PS1... Durp..

Oh wait I forgot those aren't limited to the range of the system like the Wii U game pad is currently. Oh damn the PS Vita isn't limited to the range of the console either..

Guess we haven't been doing the same things after all.

When Nintendo actually uses the WiFi on the Wii U game pad besides within the range of the Wii U itself. Call us Vita users and let us know how new it is to you.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   826d ago
why are you sensitive

did I attack the ps4 or vita no
PrimeGrime  +   826d ago
So instead of backing up your stupid and completely pointless comment.

You just call me sensitive. Well played.

"did I attack the ps4 or vita no"

Hmm what did you just do with this comment you just posted? *Looks at your comment history*.. Welp you are full of shit cause it appears that is exactly what you do.

Seems like the only system you care about is the Wii U. Which would make sense based on your urge to come into a PS Vita article trying to 1 up remote play by saying something so irrelevant.

Seems like you're the sensitive one, you can't just accept the fact the Wii U is not as original or the first thing to do any of this like you thought. Which is why you posted that crap in the first place to try and look like a smart ass when the Wii U in its current state can't even use something like Remote Play.

Not even going to go into detail. I think I have done that enough in this article. You know damn well Off TV Play does not work the same as Remote Play but you had to be a smart ass about it anyway didn't you.

Lets so how well my responses would be received If I just went into every Wii U article saying "I been doing this on my PS Vita"..

You said been for a reason. I am not dumb, I see your comments enough to know why you even bothered commenting here. You never care about anything else the Vita has really, according to you its dead and nothing can save it right? So don't try to act like you came here with good intentions.
#22.2 (Edited 826d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Misaka_x_Touma  +   826d ago
All of my comment are basically what I have in mind the moment I type.

I speak my mind when I post.

I am not hater. I own a PS3. I had PSP, PS1 and PS2.

You guys just take stuff too seriously when it comes to Sony.

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