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PS4 Remote Play Has no Lag, System Software still in development – Yoshida

Sony world wide studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that the remote play function on the PS4 has zero lag. (PS Vita, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

ZBlacktt  +   333d ago
Now if they could just come up with a bundle before Christmas. Let the Vita piggy back on all this major success the PS4 is having! More so when they already work together so well.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   333d ago
Yea like M$ is forcing Kinect, Sony should encourage people to use the PS Vita some more. That's fair play. A good way to do it is bundling it and informing people about Remote Play.

Personally I would like to purchase a Vita but I will wait for a bigger screen sooner or later it'll happen, or PS Vita 2.0... It has to happen...

EDIT: The reason why I wanna wait for a redesign is because the Vita is already 1 year and 1/2, so I don't wanna buy it now and couple months later a redesigned Vita surfaces. I don't want that to bite me in the a$$.
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Stsonic  +   333d ago
If vita 2.0 does ever come out it won't rival the original in terms of build quality. 2.0 will use cheaper parts which brings down the price but also will bring down the build quality.

I would get a vita now. I am not knocking the device at all but it needs all the support it can get right now.
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Jughead3416  +   333d ago
I wonder if people truly understand how remarkable this technology is. Maybe I'm slow, but I just recently started to understand that through the Gaikai tech,we'll be actually playing the PS4 on the VITA and not a scaled down VITA version of the game. I wonder though, in order to save your progress, will we need to be connected to WIFI so the game can save on our accounts?
Gster  +   333d ago
There's a big difference between enforcing and encouraging, one is unfriendly consumer policy, the other is practical business opportunity. And I would say fair play to Sony if they do well with the Vita now because it was manufactured with mostly PS4 integration in mind.
ZBlacktt  +   333d ago
The story is about how well the PS4 and Vita work together. So why not make it a option? No one says you have to buy a bundle.....
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SniperControl  +   333d ago

" I wonder though, in order to save your progress, will we need to be connected to WIFI so the game can save on our accounts?"

All the Vita is doing is streaming from Gaikai or the PS4, in essence you are still playing on the PS4 but with Vita as your controller(same way the Wii U tablet controller works). The PS4 will still be connected to the internet for save games.

I have been using the Vita to play games like Ico and SOTC via remote play on my PS3.
Vita is the best purchase i have ever made recently, now that Sony have announced tons more games for it, it can only get better!
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RyuCloudStrife  +   333d ago

That's exactly the contrast I am trying to make with my comment.

M$ is forcing Kinect upon you, Sony should encourage you to use the Vita by bundling it and letting consumers know about Remote Play.

That's fair play, good play on Sony's part.

IDK why I'm getting disagrees (don't really care but LOL), if Sony announces a PS Vita bundle I'd drop $100 more and get the bundle instantly.
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FamilyGuy  +   333d ago
As far as "companion devices" are concerned this is a really nice piece of kit for $200, unlike people claiming Kinect 2.0 to be "worth $150".

Vita is a fully functioning, hand-held games console on its own. It just has the added functionality of being able to remote play (some) PS3 and (basically all) PS4 games.

It'll be able to play any (PS1,2,3 or 4) game once Gaikai is in full force.
It currently works through both local area connection wifi and through the internet.

I'm glad its functionality is at a hardware level now. I was excited about remote play ever since the first psp released so it's nice to know it'll be fully supported, whether the game devs want it to or not, this time around. They don't have to do anything extra to get their games running on it which makes this feature the way it should have been from the start.
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Bowzabub  +   332d ago
Vita IS our Kinect (literally connect). Or at least Sony's version of innovation the way I see it. They did say they wanted change the way we play...
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Cirehpsa  +   332d ago
a Redesign won't feature a bigger screen, the psp's never done it and infact in the case of the PSP go they made it smaller. They'll be keeping the resolution the same, the only thing the remodel could have added is a little more ram or CPU power, although I'm going to doubt that they will for now.
TwistedMetal  +   332d ago
yep they can kill 2 birds with one stone.
DeadlyFire  +   332d ago
Looks like Gaikai software is in the PS4 streaming wirelessly to the Vita. Sounds cool to me.
Donnieboi  +   333d ago
Man I can't wait to play Battlefield 4 on my vita via remote play while siphoning some much appreciated bandwidth from my school's library!
iceman06  +   332d ago
Quicktopick  +   332d ago
u gotta do watcha gotta do!
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   333d ago
ugh, if only the 500 dollar ps4 + vita rumors were true!!!

still getting it even at 199, but i mean a ps3 bundle would have just been WOW. :O
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   333d ago
WOOOOOOOOOOOOW did i really just say "ps3 bundle"? that combination of key presses havent even come out of my comp for so many months now. how could i have even made that mistake? PS4* PS4* PS4 PS4*

Gster  +   333d ago
I really think Sony would be hard pressed to make a profit on a $100 vita, if that was the case they'd be giving them away.
kneon  +   332d ago
But they don't need to make a profit on the Vita just as long as they make a profit on the whole bundle.
iceman06  +   332d ago
They were hard pressed to make a profit even at $250, thus why the memory is more expensive. Just as every console before it, it's a matter of balancing losses and potential profit from other sources (peripherals, games, services, etc.).
Kryptonite42O  +   333d ago
This is great news.. if they could package it in a bundle with the PS4. Otherwise I can't justify spending the money on the Vita.. the only real situation I could see myself using it, is if Im in an intense game and I have to take a $h*T. lol gaming while on the throne baby! anybody? lol
mkis007  +   333d ago
I have to imagine that when more people start to realize the remote play possibilities; the Vita is going to be flying off the shelves. At $200 It is an amazingly valued piece of tech when put up next to the 3DS XL at the same price (hardware wise).
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shadow18spirit  +   333d ago
So the remote play can make you play anywhere via wifi , even if it was far away from the ps4 ?
InfamousShadow  +   333d ago
Yeah you just need wifi.
mkis007  +   333d ago
Supposedly it is Gaikai that makes this possible??? I may have my wires crossed on that? It works over wifi provided your connection is strong enough.
Strange  +   333d ago
No it works over your Local Area Network Wifi, dosn't need internet connection to work. It's very similar to how the WiiU does it, only it "Also" works over the internet if needed.
14Feb-R  +   333d ago
Never tried it but heard that you can do it in the ps3 right now. No gaikai needed ...
Jeff257  +   333d ago
I do plan on buying a Vita soon. For the games it already has but also for this feature. Now I am trying to decide if I want to buy most of my PS4 titles as digital instead of physical though. I expect that for physical titles you will have to have the disc in the system to play it via remote play. With digital though maybe you can boot your PS4 from the Vita even when you aren't home and then access any of your titles that are downloaded to the PS4.
boybato  +   333d ago
With digital though maybe you can boot your PS4 from the Vita even when you aren't home and then access any of your titles that are downloaded to the PS4.

- currently works like this with ps3/Vita remote play. You can remote access/play all your digital games, provided its supported, via the internet. otherwise you should have the disc in your ps3.
Jeff257  +   333d ago
Ok thanks. This is really making me think about going almost fully digital with the PS4. Currently I have the Knack bundle on preorder so I will have that physical but for the other games especially at launch I am seriously considering just buying them through PSN.
FamilyGuy  +   332d ago
Features like this are the proper way to push consumers towards digital purchases. You're allowed to have a choice and given an incentive to go to digital route.
Anyone that bought digital titles this gen or made use of PS+ know how convenient it is to simply scroll through your list of games a start one up without ever having to get up and switch disc.

Having your full game library accessible through remote play magnifies that convenience 10 fold when you're away from home.
iceman06  +   332d ago
This is what I initially thought when the "digital future" was released upon the world by MS. What incentive is there for gamers? What do we truly get for the exchange of our perceived freedoms? Ultimately, WHY can't I choose?
As you said, features like this provides incentives for people to move more toward digital. Adding PS+ is the bonus that keeps on giving.
Quicktopick  +   332d ago
I agree with you on this. Its like they're not choking us by making us chose. Slowly but surely the future will be built digitally
Cueil  +   333d ago
Nothing doesn't have lag, but it's a good sign... for the PS4... feels like the only reason to really get the Vita is for it's remote play. Why would I want to play Vita games when I can play PS4 games? (edit: it does make the Vita a tempting future purchase after it falls another 50)
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IMightBeRetarded  +   332d ago
Because vita games are portable and don't require internet connection to play. It's not a very difficult concept to grasp.
Cueil  +   331d ago
My phone is a perfectly fine mobile gaming device... the vita isn't a mobile gaming device it's a mobile console... I don't have any use for such a thing in my life. I'm sure there are people who find it very useful who have hours of commuting on a train or bus, but I drive to work if I'm not at work I'm home or doing something. There really is no reason for me personally. You don't have to agree with my opinion, but it just doesn't fit my lifestyle by itself
iceman06  +   332d ago
Vita games offer a different experience. Prime example would be Gravity Rush. Such a different experience and completely enjoyable. Unit 13 is another example. It reminds me of the game The Club, where you attempt certain objectives in a set amount of time or with a set amount of efficiency. It gets addicting, if you are the type that hates to see your times and scores destroyed by your friends.
There are, despite popular misconception, some actually great Vita titles. Cross-buy and cross-play promotions for select PS3 titles has been actually pretty cool. Remote play, imo, is just the icing on an already very tempting cake.
MadforitUK  +   333d ago
Yes , you do it on the ps3 now albeit with a bit of lag on the input side.

You need your profile to auto log in and be on standby and the vita can turn it on. The content would either need to be in the drive or digital format for the vita to play it.

The vita has some good game of it own already and when your without Wifi what are you going to do?
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   333d ago
I really hope so
Cause else this function is useless anyway
But what I've seen looks great!
boybato  +   333d ago
So with Ps4/Vita remote play the game is being projected on your TV and Vita screen simultaneously, unlike ps3 & Vita's remote play?
R00bot  +   333d ago
Zero lag is literally impossible, even just playing a normal PS3 game with a PS3 controller has lag, the TV has lag between when the console sends the image, and when the image is actually shown on the TV. That's why, on the Wii U, the image appears on the GamePad a few frames BEFORE it's on the TV.

This isn't "no lag", this is just lag small enough to be almost, if not completely, unnoticeable.

Not trolling, just correcting the article.

This is very impressive.
nosferatuzodd  +   333d ago
maybe there will be a little slow in frame rate nothing is impervious to lag but this sounds promising nice job Sony quality work
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R00bot  +   333d ago
Exactly, nothing at all is.

And there is no way this'll work over wifi in Australia. I can barely stream a 360p video here, let alone a stream of a game.
jessupj  +   333d ago
Yeah, I think we can all agree there will be some lag, but from the sounds on it, it's going to be unnoticeable.

I think I'll def get one because I'm sick of wanting to just chill out with some gaming and have to share the tv with the missus.

Now I can just switch to the vita.
R00bot  +   332d ago
Yeah, it's great being able to do that. I've been doing that on the Wii U for around half a year, and I honestly can't understand how I gamed without that ability to take it off-TV.

I haven't used my TV for gaming in months.
shadow18spirit  +   333d ago
I hope they announce a ps4 + vita bundle for 500$
Deadpoolio  +   333d ago
It's not going to happen, they aren't just going to give away a $200 vita with their $400 console...If they do it's going to be a $600 bundle maybe $550 at the lowest
Protagonist  +   332d ago
True and true.
nosferatuzodd  +   333d ago
wow one disagree I'm not bashing the thing but common sense will tell you it was built to run smoothly but the internet is another story connection drop from from time to time and that will make the game lag I'm not being bias that's just facts and to the guy who will post in 54321 5 min from now demon psychic powers i do have Verizon even that failed sometime you're argument is flawed
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Deadpoolio  +   333d ago
If you have crap garbage Wal-mart internet...My FiOS will run it just fine
R00bot  +   332d ago
Damn, I guess I have crap garbage Wal-mart internet then.

And my internet is around standard speed for Australia.

Poor Aussies.

koolaid251  +   332d ago
The Vita doesn't have all the buttons that the PS4 controller has so how would you be able to really play ps4 games on there?
R00bot  +   332d ago
Maybe they could use the touch pad on the back?
ColeMacGrath  +   332d ago
Just like PS1 games on the Vita, you can assign the L2/R2 buttons on the touch pad, or the touch screen
dredgewalker  +   332d ago
It will most likey use the rear touchpad or front touchscreen. When playing psp games in the vita you have to option to configure the touch screen for additional buttons.
Protagonist  +   332d ago

See this is why you should buy a PS Vita...and you will be enlightened.
DJMarty  +   332d ago
Sony said they are delveloping a PS4/PSVita key mapper app so that the majority of PS4 games will work via remote play on PSVita.
DEEBO  +   332d ago
touch pad,touch screen can make-up for the dualshock 4.this is like my favorite feature out of all of them.my vita is ready,i even have the controller grips that charge the vita and adds five hours of battery life.
ANIALATOR136  +   332d ago
people who have crap internet like me will lose out. same goes for the streaming features on ps4
MultiConsoleGamer  +   332d ago
God that picture of the PS4 and the Vita together looks so damn sexy.
southernbanana  +   332d ago
I need to buy a Vita again. I feel silly for selling the one I had a while back. :-(
Protagonist  +   332d ago
Well you are in luck, as they come cheaper now.
southernbanana  +   332d ago
Very true and it is cheaper now than what I had sold it for. Soon I will have one again! :-)
Protagonist  +   332d ago
If you sold it because you needed inspiration, then I recommend you to follow the monthly Vita thread on neogaf (best thread on the internet)

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