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Naughty Dog Did Hide PS4 Release Date in "The Last Of Us"

Naughty Dogs was well aware of the actual release date of Playstation 4 (even before its official announcement at GamesCom 2013). Not only this, Naughty Dog even hide PS4 release date in "The Last of Us". (Naughty Dog, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

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Lovable  +   240d ago
Out of all the dates they would put that. They did this with U3 as well, but that one regarding The last of us game.
Koyes  +   239d ago

They get confused with a lot

Edit: accidentaly replied to badboy. Apologies
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abzdine  +   239d ago
I wonder if 12/1 has something to do with some kind of announcement with their upcoming game on PS4. Maybe VGAs date? Or Some DLC announcement for TLG?
abzdine  +   239d ago
I meant TLoU
alexkoepp  +   239d ago
You guys are all high if you think it is anything other than coincidence
BluEx610  +   240d ago | Interesting
It reads 11/15 12/1... if you add the 12/1 you get 13, 11/15/13.... ND has been hinting us the whole time lol.
ABizzel1  +   240d ago
12 + 1 = 13

That's a good one, but it could also mean they reveal their next games on 12/1 (December first, which should be around VGA time)

Last year it was held December 7 (Friday), December 1, 2013 (Sunday). Seems plausible, or at least an announcement trailer.
ginsunuva  +   240d ago
Yeah I dont think 12/1 means to add them.

11/15 is enough; we know what year it's releasing.

12/1 is probably something else.
filipakos  +   240d ago
11/15/13 is PS4 release date so they hid 2 things in one?:P
Ritsujun  +   240d ago
12/1 is the announcement of UC4.
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TheLyonKing  +   240d ago | Funny
There's not 15th months in a year!

U.K trolling ;)
mep69  +   240d ago

That's not trolling it's just a fact, it's common sense to go day month year. The same as seconds minutes hours. It's basic maths, start with the smaller and work up to th larger.

Somehow America got confused along the way.
Quicktopick  +   239d ago
that would be a double wammy if they will show something on that date
hkgamer  +   239d ago

Your digital clock/watch must look strange if it is in seconds:minutes:hours format...
dmeador  +   239d ago
I like the more relevant info first. When I look at a date for whatever (say a concert) I want to know the month more than the day. Never will you look at the day/month format and be able to disregard something, but if its in month/day setup you can quickly see if something has already happened in the past or is too far out for some reason. And when I say quickly its about half a second, haha.
Pixel_Enemy  +   239d ago
It probably meant that the release window was planned for 11/15 through 12/1. I am not sure the exact date was set when ND was still making TLOU. Just my two cents.
mep69  +   239d ago

Lol you use a Digital watch ? Not me, thanks to technology I have a phone. How ever if I was to wear a watch, it would be a trusty mechanical watch. Pfft digital watches.

Also for further reference, the seconds are what make the minutes. People don't need to mention them when telling someone the time, which I might add is completely irrelevant to you being butthurt over realising you've been doing it wrong all this "time".
ziggurcat  +   239d ago
" ND has been hinting us the whole time lol."

no, they weren't. stupid people are overreaching in their assumptions.

remember when people thought that the ad for PSASBR was a PS4 announcement?
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Sitdown  +   240d ago
If this is truly the case, it just continues to confirm how much Sony has had everything mapped out for a while....and their continued positive strides are not by accident.
Blacksand1  +   240d ago
Your right they been working on the PS4 for 3-4 Years.
bigfish  +   240d ago
How dare they hide this information from us!, im not going to buy another naughty dog game again!
joecanada  +   240d ago
Haha you got a disagree ... Someones joke detector is broken
camel_toad  +   240d ago
It's the Half-Life 3 release date! Naughty Dog is so sly!
iiwii  +   239d ago
Maybe 30% off was the Vita price drop or Vita memory price cut. Don't work out to exactly 30% though, but its in that general area.
hqgamez  +   240d ago
ps4 rounded to 30% off ps3 launch price
AKS  +   240d ago
It would have been amusing if the difference in price between the Xbone and PS4 worked out to be 30%, but you can't have everything I guess.

If only they'd made the sign read 25%.
kparks  +   239d ago
I like when company's do things like this but for me if they really collaborated to put the date in the game sony at E3 should of came out and said the relese date is out there already in a premier game see if u guys can find it that would of been really cool!
Lovable  +   239d ago
I know it would have been a huge hunt! I think that would be fun
timl241  +   239d ago
Orrrr, now get this, they just put in a random date and it just so happened to be the PS4 release date. Crazy idea, I know...
dragon82  +   239d ago
It very well could have been dumb luck but ND are known for leaving clues of future products in their games.
Majin-vegeta  +   240d ago
ND you crafty bastards :D
eezo  +   240d ago
love these guys... ND .... seriously you guys are best at everything..........
TrevorPhillips  +   240d ago
Those cheeky bastards haha
ABeastNamedTariq  +   240d ago
You sly dogs you! You got us good.

Lol I knew they knew the date in some way though, haha.
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   240d ago
I'll be damned.
bronxsta  +   240d ago
Or it was pure blink luck?
christian hour  +   239d ago
Yup, a lot of the dates left standing in the last of us are from the end of the year, the outbreak happened around october/november, it makes sense considering how much detail they put in to every corner of that game.

Even before e3 this year, people were saying a date taht was found in a screenshot released of the game was the ps4 release date :P

Definitely coincidence, I'd say the only info any dev had of the release date of the console was that it would definitely be Q4 2013, but good lucking convincing the converted otherwise, it's like talking to a contrails conspiracy loon :P Or the number 23.
AirJohnston  +   239d ago
You think Naughty Dog, Sony's flagship company, wouldn't get told the release date?
admiralvic  +   239d ago
"I'd say the only info any dev had of the release date of the console was that it would definitely be Q4 2013, but good lucking convincing the converted otherwise"

It's certainly a confidence, but I would say they would be given more information. It's extremely difficult when you have developers working towards a Q4 release and suddenly they find out at Gamescom that they absolutely must have the game done by 11/15 to meet launch.

What more likely happened is that Sony told them they were shooting for November and companies have been working towards a November release date. Now they might or might not have known the gate come the release of The Last of Us, but it's impossible to say when that sign was made. We could be talking 6 months before it got pressed, etc.
LonDonE  +   239d ago
or this date could have been added in a patch on the sly, either way sony and naughty dog are so bad ass
Gameratheart  +   239d ago
I agree, it was a random date, due to the timeframe of the games story. Man, people on this site have some kind of incurable disease, and it's called fanboy syndrome. I mean, seriously? Wow! There's a date in the game that happens to be the ps4 release month, and day!!! That's soooo exciting!!! .... Not. Who cares? THAT'S what you guys are excited about? Lol.... Get a grip! You make yourselves look dumb.
sckipt  +   240d ago
Damn i saw naughty dog and got hyped but then it was this but on a bright note as soon as they announce their next game im going to buy the ps4 for sure
Lockon  +   240d ago
Gotta love ND.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   240d ago
Everyone was hoping for the earlier date.:P

Book sale my ass..
Plagasx  +   240d ago
Those bastards..
iPad  +   240d ago
People actually believe this? The Last of Us is a new IP. The game was probably in development in 2009 or 2010.

C'mon guys. They obviously knew the release date waaaaaay before the PS4 ever crossed their mind. /s
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DialgaMarine  +   240d ago
The game did get delayed earlier this year, so it's entirely possible ND just edited this in.
M-M  +   240d ago
Adding something as simple as a sign doesn't take years of development. Heck, they could have even done this 2 weeks before the game went gold.
Shadowstar  +   239d ago
2 weeks before the game goes gold, they would have been on lock down. I don't think so. Now, they did do a patch to correct some textures. I'd go with that if you really want to believe this theory. (Personally, I don't. It's just the middle of november, not some weird date that it would be tough to justify picking at random.)
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iMixMasTer872   240d ago | Spam
Sevir  +   240d ago
Naughty Naughty Dogs!!!! That's just crazy!

These Guys have been working on the PS4 since U3 shipped it make sense. Lol, these guys are just awesome, looking at the parallels now... Book sale... Right!
Gameratheart  +   239d ago
I know, because a book sale is just so, I don't know, unbelievable! Right? It couldn't just be a random part to a game, meant to make a believable world, it must have been there strictly as a way to tell people when the ps4 was coming! Yeah.... That's it..... Yup. ..... Sigh.... Fanboys these days.....
Sevir  +   239d ago
dude go have a seat somewhere.
DigitalAnalog  +   240d ago
HAHAHA. After TLOU reveal, everybody is looking for predictive "easter eggs" in their games.
christian hour  +   239d ago
yup, remember the quarantine zone sign in one of the screenshots released earlier this year? People were convinced it was ps4 release date.

The rational people of course just took it as a sign of time and setting for when the outbreak occured and nothing else.

Nearly everywhere in the game that you see dates and calenders, they're all Q4 months, its just to add to the immersion guys, nothing else.
Max-Zorin  +   240d ago
Very clever.
Bruce_Wayne  +   240d ago
They teased the release date. They also teased some cardboard games of Jak and Daxter and Uncharted. Does that mean that they're working on Uncharted 4 or that they're taking a second jab at Jak 4? I hope so. These guys truly are naughty. :D
delicia  +   239d ago
The board games do exist.
tarbis  +   240d ago
Does that mean ND is also secretly creating a futuristic sci-fi game called "Savage Starlight"? O.O?
Bruce_Wayne  +   240d ago
I think so. That seems like it could be a new and an original IP.
No FanS Land  +   239d ago
I wanna see "hair Trigger"! hahhaha!
coolasj  +   240d ago
I would buy that so stupidly fast.
TheOneEyedHound  +   240d ago
I'll nut if it is true.
insomnium2  +   239d ago
That sounds cool. I think I'll nut too.
NateCole  +   240d ago
Oh God i hope so. I want a Sci-Fi IP from them. It will be massive.

I need a new Sci-Fi IP. KZ is great and all but it's still very grounded. I want a Sci-FI like Mass effect with different alien worlds and races.

Actually i want a Sci-Fi Fantasy game from them.
D-Teach  +   240d ago
this is probably not in purpose but, ps3 at release is 600$ and 30% of will make it almost 400$ which is the price for the ps4 :)
Raiz  +   240d ago
bingo..... :)
Quicktopick  +   239d ago
This is a Conspiracy i tell yah!
CocoWolfie  +   240d ago
oh you! :')
Kingthrash360  +   240d ago
You would think this is a coincidence.....but givin ND's past..........
The_Sneauxman  +   240d ago
Whether intentional or not, this is pretty cool!
joecanada  +   240d ago
You guys are starting to sound like that Jim Carey movie ... Number 23 or somethin ...
11 +15 = 26 minus 1 and 2 = 23 !!! Oh no !
The_Sneauxman  +   239d ago

edit: my comment(22.1)
22+1=23... 23!
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RyuCloudStrife  +   239d ago
ziggurcat  +   240d ago
that's a bit of a stretch.

i flushed my toilet today, and it started to rain. so, i guess flushing my toilet caused it to rain, right?
G20WLY  +   240d ago
Vid clip, or it didn't happen...;P
Godlovesgamers  +   239d ago
That's what's known as the 'Butterfly Effect' bro, totally different. LOL!
ziggurcat  +   239d ago
no, it's called a coincidence.

it's a coincidence that the same date happened to have appeared on a sign in TLoU.
TRGMatt  +   240d ago
Yes...Naughty Dog had the PS4 release date in their game. On a 30% off of books sign. Get it? GET IT? Yeah neither do I...you're reaching, guys lmao
jivah  +   240d ago
How is it reaching. They hinted at stuff before. Like in Uncharted the hinted at The Last of Us. Its totally plausible.
cchum  +   239d ago
A member (or more) of the ICE team located in Naughty Dog wrote the Graphics API too.
jivah  +   239d ago
Exactly. One would be crazy to think the ICE team comprised of Naughty Dog members (whos job is to specifically know how to exploit the system for what its worth, and to know every little ins and outs about the system) one would be crazy to not expect them to know such details about the ps4 such as release date and such. From a developers standpoint of all of Sonys studios. They are the top of the top
TRGMatt  +   239d ago
The reference to "The Last of Us" was A LOT more direct...seriously, this date is more than likely a coincidence. I understand that ND had a tendency to make references to important dates but they always include some kind of actual hint as to what they are referencing. :p
jivah  +   238d ago
Yea cause im sure the release of a new system equates to the same gravity as an upcoming game. So of course they would put an obvious hint /S
bocajbee  +   240d ago
Now make a full HD port of TLOU on PS4 then ome back and talk.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   240d ago
Hahaa! Thats kinda cool!
Also, i thing Naughty Dog should change their name
Naughty GOD
Cant wait to see what they'll bring on PS4
jay2  +   240d ago
Awww, feel like crying, you not do 29/11 too and should EUROPE some love :'(.
AngelosL  +   240d ago
11 + 15 = 26. 12 + 1 = 13. 26 + 13 = 39... 39 is comprised of the numbers 3 and 9. 9/3 = 3. Half-Life 3 confirmed.
cyclindk  +   239d ago
I ate three Big Macs yesterday and probably lost half my life because of it... HL3 TRIPLE CONFIRMATION SUCKA!!!
Razjin  +   240d ago
Either i'm right or wrong but uncharted 4 is suppose to be announce at the VGA. Now i would source it to you but from what i seen it's been removed from where it was on the Wikipedia and i'm not talking about the uncharted Wikipedia but the main one cause after maybe like a week from e3 I was looking at all the studios and you can see each one has their games they work on and etc....so i look at naughty dogs and there i see uncharted 4 but saying it's to be announce at the VGA but i could have been wrong which is why they took it down but who knows.
Sharius  +   240d ago
man, alot of ppl predict that ND will hide something in TLOU just like U3, but no one notice this sign

well played ND, well played
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