Naughty Dog Did Hide PS4 Release Date in "The Last Of Us"

Naughty Dogs was well aware of the actual release date of Playstation 4 (even before its official announcement at GamesCom 2013). Not only this, Naughty Dog even hide PS4 release date in "The Last of Us".

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Lovable1734d ago

Out of all the dates they would put that. They did this with U3 as well, but that one regarding The last of us game.

MajorLazer1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


They get confused with a lot

Edit: accidentaly replied to badboy. Apologies

abzdine1734d ago

I wonder if 12/1 has something to do with some kind of announcement with their upcoming game on PS4. Maybe VGAs date? Or Some DLC announcement for TLG?

alexkoepp1734d ago

You guys are all high if you think it is anything other than coincidence

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BluEx6101734d ago

It reads 11/15 12/1... if you add the 12/1 you get 13, 11/15/13.... ND has been hinting us the whole time lol.

ABizzel11734d ago

12 + 1 = 13

That's a good one, but it could also mean they reveal their next games on 12/1 (December first, which should be around VGA time)

Last year it was held December 7 (Friday), December 1, 2013 (Sunday). Seems plausible, or at least an announcement trailer.

ginsunuva1734d ago

Yeah I dont think 12/1 means to add them.

11/15 is enough; we know what year it's releasing.

12/1 is probably something else.

filipakos1734d ago

11/15/13 is PS4 release date so they hid 2 things in one?:P

Ritsujun1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

12/1 is the announcement of UC4.

TheLyonKing1734d ago

There's not 15th months in a year!

U.K trolling ;)

mep691734d ago


That's not trolling it's just a fact, it's common sense to go day month year. The same as seconds minutes hours. It's basic maths, start with the smaller and work up to th larger.

Somehow America got confused along the way.

Quicktopick1734d ago

that would be a double wammy if they will show something on that date

hkgamer1734d ago


Your digital clock/watch must look strange if it is in seconds:minutes:hours format...

dmeador1734d ago

I like the more relevant info first. When I look at a date for whatever (say a concert) I want to know the month more than the day. Never will you look at the day/month format and be able to disregard something, but if its in month/day setup you can quickly see if something has already happened in the past or is too far out for some reason. And when I say quickly its about half a second, haha.

Pixel_Enemy1734d ago

It probably meant that the release window was planned for 11/15 through 12/1. I am not sure the exact date was set when ND was still making TLOU. Just my two cents.

mep691733d ago


Lol you use a Digital watch ? Not me, thanks to technology I have a phone. How ever if I was to wear a watch, it would be a trusty mechanical watch. Pfft digital watches.

Also for further reference, the seconds are what make the minutes. People don't need to mention them when telling someone the time, which I might add is completely irrelevant to you being butthurt over realising you've been doing it wrong all this "time".

ziggurcat1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

" ND has been hinting us the whole time lol."

no, they weren't. stupid people are overreaching in their assumptions.

remember when people thought that the ad for PSASBR was a PS4 announcement?

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Sitdown1734d ago

If this is truly the case, it just continues to confirm how much Sony has had everything mapped out for a while....and their continued positive strides are not by accident.

Blacksand11734d ago

Your right they been working on the PS4 for 3-4 Years.

bigfish1734d ago

How dare they hide this information from us!, im not going to buy another naughty dog game again!

T21734d ago

Haha you got a disagree ... Someones joke detector is broken

camel_toad1734d ago

It's the Half-Life 3 release date! Naughty Dog is so sly!

iiwii1734d ago

Maybe 30% off was the Vita price drop or Vita memory price cut. Don't work out to exactly 30% though, but its in that general area.

hqgamez1734d ago

ps4 rounded to 30% off ps3 launch price

AKS1734d ago

It would have been amusing if the difference in price between the Xbone and PS4 worked out to be 30%, but you can't have everything I guess.

If only they'd made the sign read 25%.

kparks1734d ago

I like when company's do things like this but for me if they really collaborated to put the date in the game sony at E3 should of came out and said the relese date is out there already in a premier game see if u guys can find it that would of been really cool!

Lovable1734d ago

I know it would have been a huge hunt! I think that would be fun

timl2411734d ago

Orrrr, now get this, they just put in a random date and it just so happened to be the PS4 release date. Crazy idea, I know...

dragon821734d ago

It very well could have been dumb luck but ND are known for leaving clues of future products in their games.

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eezo1734d ago

love these guys... ND .... seriously you guys are best at everything..........

ABeastNamedTariq1734d ago

You sly dogs you! You got us good.

Lol I knew they knew the date in some way though, haha.