Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter misses out on funding goal

Shadow of the Eternals has not been funded on Kickstarter.

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PopRocks3591736d ago

Such a shame. This game looks all too promising. I really hope they can get some funding.

ZodTheRipper1736d ago

It seems like the focus is on WiiU and PS4 comes only second to reach a bigger audience ...if it would have been primarily for PS4 I would have considered backing it but I don't want a WiiU port.

mydyingparadiselost1736d ago

It's was a PC game being ported to Wii U and PS4. Is PS4 too good for a PC port?

ATi_Elite1736d ago

PC Gamers are NOT gonna fund your crap ports to PS4 or WiiU

If it was a 100% PC exclusive it would of gotten the needed money but instead Gamers SMARTLY declined and saw what was gonna happen.

PS4 lead platform, CRAP port to PC or just made as a console game and not as a PC Game.

Go BEG Sony or nintendo for money and never use the PC as a way to worm your way to Sony/Nintendo.

HammadTheBeast1735d ago

Don't worry, it's the same on the other side Ati_Elite.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture was cancelled for PC and is now only on PS4 cause PC gamers couldn't fork over the cash, but Sony did.

Sideras1735d ago

@ATi_Elite the whole crap PC port stuff shouldn't be a problem anymore, alot of developers have said that the transition is much easier that it was on current gen consoles.
Point is I don't think that PS4 as a lead platform would make much of a difference.

Sideras1735d ago

@HammadTheBeast Yes well they didn't exactly prove anything with Dear Esther, that was probably the most meaningless experience I've ever interacted with.
And it's quite a big difference between a professional partner marketing and funding your project and random people on the internet.
Would you fork over money for Everybody's Gone to Rapture? I'm before you've had a chance to hear anything substantial about.

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avengers19781736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

The time is now, for Nintendo to fund this game, and insure it is a wii u exclusives, one of the very best games from GameCube was eternal darkness

MrTrololo1736d ago

Good luck having it selling past 1m

swice1736d ago

Your name is VERY fitting Mr. Troll

zeal0us1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Given the controversy behind Denis Dyack and the fact the company once employed a guy who was found with kiddy porn on pc, it was bound to fail. Not only that but they really didn't spread the word about new Kickstarter page.

PopRocks3591736d ago

Which is stupid. Dennis Dyack's reputation is based primarily on his poor performance in management which he is not a part of.

As for the pedophile issue, how were they to have known about him? I doubt the sicko was flaunting his "kiddy porn" around in the office before they hired him.

This team and their ideas have so much potential and it really bothers me that gamers base their opinions of the team's performance solely on Dennis Dyack and some creep they are now distancing themselves from. I've seen some very hateful people call for Dyack to be fired and removed from the game industry. REALLY?! Let the man do what he wants and let this team make the games they want. It hurts nobody.

zeal0us1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

My uncle has an old saying "People sometimes judge you by the company you keep."

Sadly this is what happen to Precursor :(. Personally I never had any hate towards Denis Dyack. Far as the pedophile goes sure you can't blame them for not knowing but overall incident did damage the company's image.

If only they had made this game first instead of Too Human. This is their third try at trying to get this project kickstarted. I doubt they will try again.

Mounce1736d ago

If I was rich, I'd give them all the money in the Kickstarter :(

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wishingW3L1736d ago

it missed the mark and by a huge margin. Project Phoenix surpassed $500,000 in like 3 days!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1736d ago

I only Hope

Miyamoto is listening with a fondness in his heart for the days he spent in Canada reviewing Eternal Darkness' development.

So, Mr. Miyamoto Eat a Mushroom, Grab a Red Star, and Fly in to the Rescue (w/ lots of Coins).

MasterCornholio1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I wouldnt mind someone else funding the project but giving cash to a pedophile is just wrong.

Angeljuice1736d ago

He was dismissed as soon as it came to light that he was a paedophile (correct spelling).
That's like me saying I refuse to employ you because your next door neighbour is a convicted criminal. Do you think they would have employed him had they known?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1736d ago

Thanks for teaching me something today "paedophile"
"Helpful" Vote.



Wouldn't the money be going to the company?
Anyway he is no longer working there.
What does Dennis Dyack have to do with it?

FAT MAN GO BOOM1736d ago

Thank god it failed...
This development team had a child porn trafficker..

glad it failed...

AS for Dyack, I am glad people were smart enough to see large corporation and publishers large or small wanted nothing to do with this guy...

I am glad the consumers and public were able to see this was a losing horse... it was about to be glue even before the race started...

Disgusting world we live...

MasterCornholio1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Sick pedophile i dont know why people even support him. Jesus the only thing they will do is fund his lust for kiddy porn.

"Ken McCulloch has been arrested by Niagara Regional Police on child pornography possession and distribution charges, Bullet News Niagara reports. Police confiscated a "significant" amount of computer hardware after exercising a search warrant on a home in St. Catharines yesterday."

""Having just learned of these disturbing charges today and based on the serious nature of them, Ken McCulloch is no longer affiliated in any way with Precursor Games," CEO Paul Caporicci said in a statement on the developer's official forums."

Glad they got rid of him.

The game deserves a sequel but it shouldnt be run by this sicko that some people are fans of.

Edit: Why the disagree? This still doesnt change the fact that the person who started the kickstarter was a pedophile. Heck if the head of Naughty Dog was addicted to child porn i wouldnt fund any of his games as much as i love the franchises that they produce.

mydyingparadiselost1736d ago

Umm, the pedo was arrested and isn't leading the team anymore so what's the issue? Suddenly everyone he worked with is involved too and should be blamed or banned from making something? I'm pretty sure they're not sitting around waiting to throw Ken in the special thanks section of the credits.

PopRocks3591736d ago

He's just that hateful of Dennis Dyack and his team. Apparently they are all pedophiles because one of them was a closet kiddy porn creep and it's perfect ammo for MasterCornholio and others to sling more unnecessary mud at the team.

It's stupid, it's hateful and it's nothing but backwards and counterproductive. Let this team make their games.

MasterCornholio1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


"He's just that hateful of Dennis Dyack and his team."

When did i say that i hated Dennis Dyack and his team? You do know that i owned a gamecube in the past right? And that i had tons of fun with eternal darkness especially the part where the game fooled me into thinking that my cube was broken.

LOL Fatman posted the article and i jumped on it like a rabid maniac due to some issues that my brother had with a baby sitter in the past.

Sorry i just get sensitive whenever peadophiles are mentioned.

Anyways hopefully someone will fund this title.

ritsuka6661736d ago

I care about the game , not this BS controversy.

ChickeyCantor1736d ago

Thanks for showing your sheer intelligence on the matter. You sure smartest.

Lord_Sloth1736d ago

Yes, we should put an entire company under leaving many jobless because 1 man is a sicko.

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