Gamescom: Sony’s Studios Are Still Working on PS3, Vita Games

All 14 of Sony's studios may be working on PS4, but that doesn't mean they're not working on PS3 and Vita, too.

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Abash1732d ago

Yup, that was fairly obvious. Some have moved entirely to PS4 development though

ABeastNamedTariq1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

ALL have :)

"Shuhei Yoshida – the man basically calling the shots for every PlayStation exclusive – confirmed that every studio in Sony’s stable is making PlayStation 4 games."

EDIT: Wait....I think I misread your comment. My bad haha.

guitarded771732d ago

Yeah, well... I was gonna question your comment, but you did a good job of doing that yourself :D

On topic: Clearly Sony would still be working on Vita games, but it's really good to know that they are not killing off the PS3, like Nintendo did with the Wii. They understand there is a huge install base, and even more getting a PS3 this holiday season. I'm getting a PS4 day one, but still looking forward to what they do with the PS3.

3-4-51731d ago

So everyone is making PS4 games, and then some of those making PS4 games, are also making Vita & PS3 games ?

princejb1341732d ago

This is one of the things that's bad and good
Is good for ps3 gamers who are planning to stick with ps3 for a few more years
But is bad for ps4 because many of the games such as last of us or beyond two sounds could have been put as a ps4 launch title making their line up much stronger

ABeastNamedTariq1732d ago

TLOU and Beyond have been/were in development for years. Why would they hold off on that for PS4?

They're going to be the PS3's swan song (as well as GT6, etc.).

I wouldn't want them to take titles that were meant for PS3 and move them to PS4 just to pad their launch lineup. Heh, heh.

It's not that serious lol, lineup is fine.

Army_of_Darkness1731d ago

I have more than enough ps3 games to still play and purchase so I'm not concerned about a ps3 game drought one bit.
I'm actually glad sony is getting all their studios to develop for ps4:-D

remanutd551732d ago

I think sony should have an internet psvita only show to announce all SCE games coming to the system in 2014.

boybato1732d ago

Maybe Bend's rumored project ends up being a PS4/Vita title...

GdaTyler1732d ago

Wish it was a Vita exclusive. Vita needs more exclusives. In my opinion PS4 is already in a good position.

CocoWolfie1732d ago

the vita needs more retail games.. digital games are kinda really hard to sell consoles, so just a pointer, hopefully they release more that way :')

sherimae24131732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

but if you just look into it... there are really a handfull of retail games for 2013 and we only have 4 months before the year ends...

next month and onwards..

killzone mercenary
rayman legends
ys: memories of celceta
batman arkham origins blackgate
angry birds star wars (ewww)
valhalla knights 3

and were still not sure about:

atelier meruru plus
final fantasy x hd
final fantasy x-2 hd

and ofcourse japan had alot of retail releases for vita from sept. and onwards...

Hicken1731d ago

Hey, some Vita owners like Angry Birds. Not you or me, but I'm sure one or five of them do.

Shinobi1001731d ago

The end of this year is ok. But next year looks like a barren wasteland at retail for Vita

Hicken1731d ago

How can you say that? Most of the games on the Vita's list for this year weren't announced until this year; if they were revealed earlier, it was late last year.

There's still at LEAST TGS to announce games, and they won'all be out this year.

arbitor3651732d ago

sony is still putting out huge titles on PS3, while microsoft has completely abandoned the Xbox360 since the beginning of this year.

so, really sony is taking it easy on microsoft with the PS4 right now. once naughty dog, santa monica, polyphony, media molecule, and quantic dream jump to the PS4, it's done

DrakenSilverwing1732d ago

its just like xbox to xbox360 gen, they abandoned there first console right away, they are abandoning the 360 right away this time. its a good thing sony doesn't do that cause they know they can still sell alot of systems for years to come. just like the ps2. took years before they stopped and there were many great games for it even after the ps3 came out.

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