What Exactly Makes The Wii U Experience So Different?

Nintendo details the aspects of the Wii U that make it so unique.

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KrisButtar1494d ago

Decent ad for the WiiU. This site is doing a better job than Nintendo

3-4-51493d ago

The games you can play make it different.

smashbrolink1494d ago

Good stuff. Good stuff indeed.

gamingfriend1494d ago

Ermmmm??????? Not sure nothing I think

R00bot1494d ago

Haven't you noticed the massive touch screen controller?

That's different.

Kingthrash3601494d ago

its creators arrogance.....I love mario I hate that 1st party titles are all to look forward too and the fact that they didn't make the jump to at least being able to compete with other next gen terms of awsome would it be to see a metroid in ps4 level graphics....or a mmo pokemon....yeah a MMO pokemon! pokemon would fit perfectly in a mmo... smh Nintendo playing it too safe imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.