Sony exec hints Microsoft may be right about future predictions of downloadable media

That VideoGame Blog writes :- Well here's one that is sure to cause quite a debate. While speaking at an ELSPA press conference recently, Sony Computer Entertainment UK's Ray Maguire offered his insight on where he sees the direction of gaming media going, saying that within the next 10 years 90% of game sales will be online.

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chaosatom3333899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

If this news is posted to flag blue-ray, then it's sad. Blue-ray's movie sales slowing down because of DC in future is not going to make the decision of including blue-ray in ps3 a bad one. Because then, Blue-ray could be used for games with extra content like mgs or something else.

btw, sony doesn't say anything about microsoft being RIGHT. They are commenting on Downloadable content. Microsoft only said DC is future because they wanted to fend of the criticism for hd-dvd being dead. Argument was never about DC not replacing physical media, but when will it replace. 5-10 years is still a lot far off the road. Blue-ray will more than suffice for short term.

Conclusion: Make no doubt that Sony will be there on the downloable media front if it wants to. By choosing blue-ray, they have both routes covered meaning that it's gained advantage in short-term with blue-ray as well as long-term with DC.


fredy3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Oh now all the sudden you wanna give Sony credit for pushing DD. What a jokester....

Xbox Live has been behind DD from the get go..buddy, don't come with that HOME bs.

"Home is the start of" WHat!!!....WHat!!! OKKkkk!!

i'm sure sony will follow the leader..

Gorgon3899d ago

Actually, what he is saying is true. There's an article posted here at N4G from last year, WELL BEFORE the format war was over, and a Sont rep stated quite clearly that DD was the clear future.

Your proble is that you don't understand what MS is doing. No one doubts that DD is going to replace discs. What is questionable is WHEN will that happen. In fact that same Sony rep said that the PS4 could very well have no disc player. I certainly doubt that, but as you can see MS is not saying anything new.

sonarus3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

This is probably another taken out of context quote like the one where howard singer said blu ray and hd-dvd were locked in a stale mate.

yesah3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

wtf, one Sony rep possibly "hints" about DD being the future, and people are arguing over who thought of it first? DD Will not be sucessfull for a very long time, not until you can download 1 gig a second, and where, enormous hard drives cost $1 to make.

NO_PUDding3899d ago

As long as AOL is around, there won't be DD.

gonzopia3899d ago

I'm sure DD is going to take off... one day. I'm sticking with my belief that Blu-ray is in no fear of disappearing thanks to DD however. Perhaps if another format can seriously challenge it, but I think it's well enough entrenched that it's not going away any time soon.

...and when it does, we'll have a reasonable DD model, because by that time, we'll all be running FiOS (or faster) connections which are able to make DD a convenience and therefore, a reality.

clintos593899d ago

At the same time sony did aswell and is doing a better job with it then ms as u can see every ps3 had a hdd and there are already ps3 downloadbale full games u can download for it like warhawk, socom to come and others which microsoft doesnt have. So I think it is fair enough to say sony has known this aswell that DC us the future and has been doing a better job then ms with it so far.

barom3898d ago

Sure DD is the future, but it's gonna take 5 more years at least. So who cares.

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xhi43899d ago

unbelievable faster internet rates, everything will be online.

7tH_iLLMaTiKz3899d ago

Buy Games online to store on ur system....or buy games at the store in hand to add another gem to ur collection at home & still u can resale it? Personally me I would buy music & movies online but not games.....

jaja14343899d ago

People said the same thing about music, yet look at iTunes...

xhi43899d ago

if I had fast download speed, the game buying online was cheaper, and I didn't have to put in a disc every time I wanted to play, I'd get it online.

but thats just me.

Palodios3898d ago

The difference between music&movies and games is that there are programs that can just re-record music&movies. Its like using a tape recorder while a cd plays, you can make it copy-proof easily enough. With games, it is a much more complicated process. Its doable, ofcourse, but nowhere as easy. That's one of the reasons why the movie and music industrys aren't going anywhere, and the game industry is booming.

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rucky3899d ago

but it's gonna take a really really really long time. Sheesh just launch our own internet satellite like in Japan and watch the downloadable media market grow. Other countries should do it too. Not that simple huh but who knows. And oh yeah how much is it gonna cost... like a billion dollars a month? Give me five!

Lord Anubis3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

i don't think anyone has said DD will not be the norm in the future but we all agree on is that the future of DD is far in the distance.

The Lazy One3898d ago

It's already here in a lot of media types. It's only a short time before it extends across the others. Music, streaming tv, and streaming movies are already huge, and they're only getting bigger.

Archaeox3899d ago

We all know DD's are the future, and by future i mean at least a decade away

BrianC62343898d ago

I don't agree with this idea at all. Games are getting huge. I sure don't want to download most of them. The small games you get off the stores from PSN and Xbox Live are fine because we're talking a couple or few hundred megabytes. When you get into the gigabytes though I say no thanks. Even if the download speeds increase a lot I don't want it. I prefer to have most of my games on some kind of optical disc. What a mess you'll have if your hard drive crashes. What if you have a lot of games?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Strange just got trough downloading the COD4 map pack last week and Black yesterday. Wait... guess you don't have those things yet, my bad. If it's so "in the future" how was I able to do that? oh wait, are you talking like distant future for the playstation brand? because that would be more realistic, for PC and Xbox owners they pretty much have it now. Live, Steam, and Direct2drive ring any bells? and don't forget those mods you PS3 owners brag about.

zing!!!! = owned

Montrealien3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

we have to stop downplaying this like we where in the 90's. It is getting old, DD is coming and I want more.

BrianC62343898d ago

Since I've had Black for years already I don't have to download it. And maps and other add-ons aren't the same as downloading whole games. Those are fine. This is about downloading whole games instead of buying them on a disc. If you want a 1000TB hard drive go ahead and download all your games. Just hope it doesn't crash. What happens to all your games then? I don't want to have to download all my games again. Having games on discs is perfect. And easy to store.

Montrealien3898d ago

I remember when I was 14 I saved up a whole summer for a 100meg HD. Sucker cost me about 250$.

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