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Gameranx: "Imagine, if you will, that Paramount and Fox teamed up to make a $200 million theatrical movie based on the TV show 24, which Michael Bay would direct and Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would write. This movie would pick up the story of Jack Bauer where the show left off, and lead actor Keifer Sutherland would be replaced with Ryan Gosling.

"The resulting film would likely bear a number of similarities to Splinter Cell Blacklist. "

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Bathyj1669d ago

I'm enjoying this so far, but I can't believe it doesn't have a shoulder swap button. That's unforgivable in a 3rd person shooter. It's especially dumb cos the part where you walk holding a captive let's you shoulder swap.

Also would it kill them do have button mapping. That goes for all games. L3 to crouch is not fun.

AusRogo1669d ago

I love it but the graphics are so so for a game this far in the gen.. having a blast though! A lot of stealth is definitely needed.

Kingscorpion19811668d ago

That's why I want Syphon Filter to make a come back because more action Stealth games is definitely needed in the video game industry

Kingscorpion19811668d ago

I know right! I notice that too no shoulder swap button. Ubisoft should be able to patch that...

Bathyj1668d ago

It's as dumb as them not putting y axis reverse on splinter cell hd. That was a deal breaker for me until they patched it

starchild1669d ago

Can't agree with this review. Splinter Cell Blacklist is the best Splinter Cell I have ever played, even beating out my beloved Chaos Theory. It also is one of the best looking games I have played on PC.

ZeekQuattro1669d ago

I'm still waiting for my copy but I see where your coming from. I keep hearing good things about the game and the game Chaos Theory is name dropped a lot. Seeing as that game pulled me into the franchise in the first place I'd be happy to play a game half as good as that if not better. From what I heard this game is at least par with CT. Good enough for me.

LOL_WUT1669d ago

It's a lot of fun anyone else think the loading screens take too long? Wii U version btw ;)

DEEBO1669d ago

yeah i got the wiiu copy.the loading is really long but the game is great! best splintercell out all of them.the wiiu does 1080p,i don't know if it's upscale or not?the gamepad really does this game justice.haven't even touch multiplayer or co-op.great job ubisoft.

rocky0475861668d ago

I think it's just you guys' Wii U version because I have it on PS3 and I don't have long load screens.

Kingscorpion19811668d ago

I'm playing this game on Ultra settings and my Radeon AMD 7850 is still going strong :)