''Grand Theft Auto V'' Looks To Max Out At a 720p Native Resolution Rather Than 1080p

It seems that Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V will support a maximum resolution of 720p when the title releases on current-gen consoles later this year.

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Prcko1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

it's alrght

President1339d ago

Why is this news, who expected 1080p on PS360?

Hydrolex1339d ago

well I did.... in my dreams

SilentNegotiator1339d ago

No one with any real knowledge of 7th gen consoles.

Wenis1339d ago

I still have a 720p tv so It doesnt matter to me

Shuyin1339d ago

Same xD.
I need to get a new TV on a year or so to be equiped good for the upcoming gen.
My current TV is a pos, lol.

Cernunnos1339d ago

Meh.. Playing a lot of DayZ, ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 the last year has really proved to me that even 1080p is horrible and grainy. I will be getting a 1440p monitor soon.

sourav931339d ago

Pfft. You're so old fashioned. Why don't you get a 4K instead?

2pacalypsenow1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

lol 1080p grainy? ..what??

bumnut1339d ago

1080 does look poor quality after playing 1440, same as 720 looks poor after playing 1080.

Once you get used to the increased quality its hard to go back!

As for 4K, its too expensive at the moment.

N4Gguy11339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )


ATi_Elite1338d ago

Go for 1600p

but yeh 1080p is like really getting OLD especially after seeing 1440p or 1600p

DayZ Arma 2 Arma 3

your Playlist is DAM GOOD as I play the same games. Total War Rome 2 is up next for me.

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assdan1339d ago

Who the Hell thought this game would be in 1080p?

ATi_Elite1338d ago

Don't worry the PC version will be 1080p!!

r1sh121338d ago

yea theres nothing wrong with 720p.
Anyone know what sort of FPS it will be running at?
I am hoping 60 but I know its too much to ask for on the ps360

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Hellsvacancy1339d ago

As long as it has a good frame rate i'll be happy

Prcko1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

30 fps with no drops

Enemy1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Considering the scale and graphics, I'm shocked it's even doing 720p native on current gen. But hey, PS3 as lead platform has its perks.

FlameHawk1339d ago

What did you expect it to be 480p?

Enemy1339d ago

Pretty much, judging how bad huge multiplatform games like GTA must be compromised.

ginsunuva1339d ago

No, but sub-hd like cod and halo (~640)

wtopez1339d ago

Oh boy. Rockstar will soon fix that on PC though.

Prcko1339d ago

it's not big deal really
when you look from distance,especially from big tv screen, you don't see some huge difference

SmokeyMcBear1339d ago

well actually Rockstars release of GTA IV on PC was pretty bad. It needed months and months to patch, plus it won't release until at least 6 months after the console release. Your best bet for a good GTA game on PC is to wait a while after release until the modders clean it up and make it look magnificent.

pandehz1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

They got Max Payne 3 right on PC though.

Flawless performance with proper DX11 support and a whole lotta options.

Maybe they can do a good pc version or maybe im being too optimistic.

user74029311339d ago

as long as its jaw dropping cutting edge crystal clear 720p were good.

adorie1339d ago

Last of Us comes to mind.

MidnytRain1339d ago

The Last of Us had jaggies.

Cernunnos1339d ago

The Last of US is a masterpiece, and looks amazing to be running on such dated hardware, and yet it is the single biggest proof of how outdated they are. The low res and framerate really stands out in it, and you can really see how the devs have been fighting the hardware when making it.

dantesparda1339d ago

i dont think TLOU looks low res, it looks fine

adorie1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

There weren't many jaggies from what I seen.
I mainly saw problems with some textures, but not much there as well. The GPU in the PS3 isn't anything special. the split pool of ram is also a hinderance.
Naughty Dog did a remarkable job for what they had to work with.
This means EA needs to step up their game becauseI expect ND to come with graphical fidelity that

Lastly, it was a loose reference because it's the best looking game on consoles, currently. One of few 720p games that don't make my eyes explode. I'm used to 1080p with maxed out settings at frames higher than 40, on average. 60 in most cases.

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