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Rockstar clarify: leaks about GTA V are all fake, release date is the same

A lot of GTA V information has been leaked from yesterday till now with no comment from Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Prcko  +   741d ago
they need to tell you that all leaks are fake lol, ofc they won't say ''all leaks are true''
you have leaked soundtrack,and it's pretty legit.
i think we will have gameplay for few days.
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BehindGames  +   741d ago
sure, they can't just say "yes we got hacked" lol :P
JackStraw  +   741d ago
...because they didn't get hacked.
admiralvic  +   741d ago
Leaks have been confirmed and are usually clarified / explained. One of the most notable ones was PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
SkippyPaccino  +   740d ago
I find it hilarious that they are still being so secretive about the game, when it's coming out in 3 weeks... (2 months from now they will all be like "how do people know so much about the game? Who leaked it out?" (a custodian walks up to him and says " it been out for 2 months dude, get some rest....
ABeastNamedTariq  +   741d ago
Well there you go. It's not like they're going to release one of the most --if not the most-- hyped games of the year for pre-download without having some SERIOUS countermeasures to prevent hacks. Common sense people.
Wenis  +   741d ago
Its already being hacked dude. Slowly but surely.. whether the full game will be playable before Sept 17 is another story though.
HystericalGamez  +   741d ago
They're lying. Alot of the sound files are already out there, with Michael talking and it's him, not someone else.
JackStraw  +   741d ago
prove it. don't worry, i'll wait.
Monkeycan8  +   741d ago
LoL they are legit I even listened to some cutscenes. One had a Chinese man yelling like wakak wakwkakw! or something. I'm not Chinese if you couldn't tell. im a monkey.
inf3cted1  +   741d ago

So im assuming this is fake
Sam Fisher  +   741d ago
If it is fake, that guy went all out
BehindGames  +   741d ago
man clearly fake
ABeastNamedTariq  +   741d ago
This is from a comment on the video, I don't know how credible it is, but the person has a point.

"Fake. At 0:28 there is a picture the rapper Wale who is signed to Rick Ross's label. Wale is not in this game and that picture was confirmed fake months ago lmfao."

The guy on the right damn sure looks like Wale, if you've ever seen him. Plus, that picture doesn't follow the art style of the rest of the game.


I don't know...Google "GTAV Wale" and you apparently see the DeviantArt user who made the art for the 3rd picture.
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HystericalGamez  +   741d ago
This is actually confirmed to be the start up screen. The Loading Icon in the bottom right was leaked yesterday.
Steezo  +   741d ago
Don't forget Omarion! Haha
ABeastNamedTariq  +   741d ago

Holy crap! That does look like Omarion, LMAO.

Idk how the guy did it with the loading icon and stuff, he's clever, but like I said.. this is fake.
CODallday  +   741d ago
This game IS Leaked. The PS3 version is,anyway. It's not hard to find.
inf3cted1  +   741d ago
Thats the preload, not the game.
JackStraw  +   741d ago
no. you kids are just gullible.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   741d ago
Hey, people. It's all definitely fake. Wanna know why?

First off, there's a purported startup sequence that has been "leaked".

One of the pictures the first image I linked to.
Does that look like GTA V to you?

If you look at the second, you can see the original DeviantArt image. Just a flipped version of the first I showed you.

And the third? One of the people in the first image. Now, if you know some rappers, you'll recognize that as Wale.

Fake. Nuff said.

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HystericalGamez  +   741d ago
Wrong. It is confirmed real.

Take 2 copyright striked the video and took it down. if it was fake they wouldn't have.
annus  +   741d ago
The game is NOT leaked. There was an OFFICIAL preload for PS3, that is not a leak. There is NO playable versions of GTAV available to the general public, it would be all over the place if there was a working version, and guess why it isn't? Because it doesn't exist yet.
HystericalGamez  +   741d ago
"The game is NOT leaked. There was an OFFICIAL preload for PS3, that is not a leak. There is NO playable versions of GTAV available to the general public, it would be all over the place if there was a working version, and guess why it isn't? Because it doesn't exist yet."

Then why would Take 2 take down someones intro?

And it doesn't have to be running on anyones system, the into would me a video file.
JackStraw  +   741d ago
face, meet palm.
Deadpoolio  +   741d ago
Get over it it's FAKE there was NEVER an actual pre load to begin with I have it pre ordered through PSN and its nothing more that a 10.2mb file...The damn game itself is 18gb....This is NOT the first game I have pre ordered through PSN and it's always the same a small 10mb file.

And YES they would copyright strike some morons youtube account who posted a video of their copyrighted material, hell they had already released the video on their own site
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HystericalGamez  +   741d ago
Lol deadpoolio, I have the pre-load, and it's 18gb's just like everyone else who preordered the EU version. Sony took it down after they realized people were breaking in.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   740d ago
Your denial amuses me. DUDE, THAT'S WALE, SOME FRENCH RAPPER, AND OMARION DAMMIT! They would NOT have that image in the game, especially one of such poor quality.

Lol just because it got taken down doesn't mean it's "confirmed". Use common sense.

The guy clearly used images from the Internet and part of the gameplay trailer.

So calm down with all that, it's fake. Plus, when you check the link again, it says video removed by user, not T2. At least on my phone. Again, I say:

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A2X_  +   741d ago
lol & guy in the middle is a french rapper known as "la fouine" google him.
claud3  +   741d ago
I will wait for Official info
crazyeightz  +   741d ago
Wonderful, leave it to Sony's vaunted security measures to stop something from being hacked.
ppaige2001  +   741d ago
Rockstar is Definitely trying to cover up, theres no way these rumours aren't true because I know multiple people that have listened to some of the audio files online... (not me Im waiting for the game to come out)
slapsta72  +   741d ago
Quote from Rockstar from article:

"“As we get closer and closer to game launch, there will be lots of people around the internet posting supposed leaked information about the game. Please do not proliferate such things here as we certainly don’t want any misinformation spread from things that are fake nor do we want spoilers spread regarding anything that might be true.”

They don't confirm or deny the soundtrack leak as fake. Misleading article title.

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