GamesRadar: Mafia II: Meet the goons - Exclusive look at the four characters at the heart of the game

GamesRadar writes: "As we've pointed out ad nauseam in our coverage of Mafia II this week, the first Mafia set a high bar for storytelling in GTA-style crime games. Assuming it follows through on the standards set by its predecessor, Mafia II will likely be as much about the complex relationships between its deeply flawed criminal leads as it will be about shooting mooks in the face and blowing up storefronts.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from this 1940s-'50s mob drama, here's everything we know about the game's main characters so far:"

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Daceric21213871d ago

This game looks and sounds amazing! the only this is it sounds like it should be called "The Godfater", not mafia 2.

DarkRayneRules3870d ago

Sounds good. And it looks great. I have to say these next gen graphics are spoiling me. I still like old games though. At some point I'm going to get the original Mafia game and give it a whirl. I have to say though I'm disappointed that no one seems to be playing xbox games on the xbox 360. I was cut that Microsoft stopped supporting it, but everyone else seems to be over it. :(