Evolution Dev Discusses DriveClub's Innovation | Game Informer

Tim Turi writes "Texting and driving is dangerous, but the upcoming PS4 launch title DriveClub makes connecting with your friends while racing safe. Developed by Evolution, the studio behind MotorSport, DriveClub networks clubs of driving buddies through social networks via a mobile app. Players earn points together to unlock new content, which can be played on both the Vita and PS4 versions. To learn a bit more about Drive Club we sat down for a chat with game director Col Rogers."

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ABeastNamedTariq1700d ago

Innovative, beautiful, and fun. What's not to like? Looking forward to this.

badboy7761700d ago

Don't forget Free on PS+

christrules00411700d ago

Yes but you don't get all the cars and tracks with the Drive Club PS+ edition.

jaelegend1700d ago

and only racer coming out with new content every week cars tracks etc. most value eat it other competitors

MysticStrummer1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Looks damn fun to me. I'm not a huge racing guy but they do grab me sometimes. Drive Club interests me, but if it weren't for the PS+ edition I'd probably wait awhile to try it. This way, they give themselves a better shot at having my dollars faster. I'm wondering how many other games will follow the model.