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Xbox One: The Saga Continues

There can be little doubt that the last couple of months must have been an extremely embarrassing, not to mention humbling, time for the powers-that-be at MS. They put their vision to the world, and a fairly substantial and extremely vocal portion of that world responded with anger, negativity and a healthy dose of cynicism that MS was doing all of this just to get as much money as possible, if not also to spy on you in your own home. Okay let’s be honest; that last one is really pretty unlikely, but you never know! (Xbox One)

2cents  +   824d ago
Xbox brings Microsoft into the livingroom which leads the way for further exposure to future revenues through the home space.

Much speculation about microsofts demise recently. Personally, i think taht if the one succeeds then the future of livingroom entertainment will be aggressively pursued by MS.
iceman06  +   824d ago
True. The Xbox brand is and has been a trojan horse for the services that MS really wants to sell. Balmer has fought hard to keep MS in that space because he believes there is untapped revenue in the living room. Not saying this is a bad thing. Just saying that this has been the strategy for MS for a long time. It will be a hell of a fight with Apple, Google, and others vying for the same space.
p0tat0stix  +   824d ago
Wow this article is a couple weeks late.

Seems like the PS4 gorillas are running out of poo to throw at the X1.
3-4-5  +   824d ago
Scenario: I want to play Titanfall, but everyone else wants to watch Football. The XB1 is hooked up to the "Main" Tv, as to be what, Microsoft intended it to be, a Main "hub" for entertainment.

So now what do we do ? Because in the above scenario, which will occur, multiple times, in various forms, with various programs, to almost everyone who purchases a XB1.

So Now I have to play on the lesser tv ? But I thought it was supposed to be the center piece ?

But it can only do ONE thing at a time ?

I don't get their logic.
buynit  +   824d ago
Oh god...

And the saga continues with the u turn stories...
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   824d ago
And all they'll do is flip the DRM switch back on when the net is full.
gamingfriend  +   824d ago
Good article all valid points, thats why I aint getting one, I was a very loyal fan until they tried to shaft me red raw,and I do also think its being rushed a little to compete with sony, and considering some of Europe aint getting the xbone until 2014 thats alot of sales gone mayne 250000 maybe one mill who knows, so thats why im all for sony next gen.
Belking  +   824d ago
Lol... You don't have to lie. You were all for Sony anyway. And please stop acting like 2014 is an eternity. You have to wait til 2014 for Gaikai too and I bet that isn't so bad though. Only on n4g though.
Chevalier  +   824d ago
Why is it so hard to believe he was an xbox fan? So your opinion is so important that you can randomly callout someone you don't know a liar? I have 250 ps4 preorders and 42 xbox one at my EB games and a sizeable chunk of those ps4 preorders have not only changed over they brought friends with them. Over a 100 preorders since the change in policy compared to 20 xbox one preorders in comparison. None of our stores noticed any sizable shift back and we actually only sold out of our pathetically low allocations last week! We have been told to STOP taking orders whereas Sony tells us keep going we got your stock guaranteed.
Sitdown  +   824d ago
Probably because it just seems odd for anyone to think Microsoft was caught off guard....as if they did not know the next generation was approaching. Also, unless they are going strictly Nintendo, they are showing their bias.....before the xbox one DRM.... There was Sony with the rootkit, there was Sony removing the other os, there was Sony releasing the six axis without rumble.

Or you could just check his post history. Loyalty quickly disappeared on a product that has not even been released?
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gamer2013  +   824d ago
I'm sure most here don't give a damn about you're fakeboy story.
MAULxx  +   824d ago
I hope MS has learned a lesson here & design the XBTwo with the gamer in mind.
As a long time Xbox fan they have completely & utterly lost me for the next generation. Avatars & Wii cloning, I was frustrated before the Xbone announcement.
I'll reconsider when they announce XBTWO but if they're still pushing down this road they're clinging to... I'll pass again.
I'm sick of all the Wii crowd chasing from everyone. This, combined with the fact that they thought they could tell me they were going to screw me over before hand (with no lube) with the Xbone & somehow believe I was going to pay for such is beyond me. That's was enough for me to say " that's it" & I was pissed enough to say "Screw the Xbone" which made the PS4 by default beautiful.
I've cooled down a bit since the announcement but I can't forget the balls they thought they had to design & announce such a anti-gamer & cosumer POS.
marcelliuss1  +   824d ago
@Maulxx....it's funny how so mony people act like Microsoft is the only company that is going after the living room and Nintendo like gamers. You people keep forgetting that Sony is going the exact same thing as we speak. As for the living room, Sony wants to rule also they just signed a deal with Viacom to bring all of their content to the PS4, and as of right now they have a Sony pictures app on the XBox 360. But I guess that doesn't count because Sony said they where doing this for "THE GAMERS" and Microsoft is doing it just for money....lol you guys are so funny. As for the wii crowed Sony is trying their hardest to get some of that "MONEY".....oops I mean "GAMERS" because Sony loves the gamers so much that's why they made the PS Move and Wonder Book just for the "GAMERS" because they don't care about money like Microsoft does. Man give me a break...lol

Then you sit there and say Microsoft tried to screw you. Lol...please they was just trying something different for this new generation, instead of the samethings that has been in place for almost a decade. Please answer this question for me because I'm curious, did you even read Microsoft policies for yourself or did you just fall in line with everyone else that didn't understand what Microsoft was trying to do? because that's what it sounds like.
Chevalier  +   824d ago
I read it and actually if you read the original official information page the 2nd last line said you would NOT have the right to take part in class action lawsuits against the MS corporation. So yeah they were prepared for possible lawsuits.
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MAULxx  +   824d ago
@ marcelliuss1.
Of coarse I hated their policies & rejected them. It just so happened that I wasn't alone.
Trying something different? Really? Still chasing Wii crowd with Kinect which was going to be mandantory. Basically all digital games. And then TV. Yeah, nothing was different or new except the screw you message they gave with a smile. They designed a system the way they wanted it & then offered it with no compelling benefits except that you don't have to put the disc in but once to install & I get a glorified remote control in kinect. I don't need it or want it. It's good they reveresed these policies but I'm not buying a system designed to do things I don't like or want. I've been on XBL for 10 years. They dropped the ball in designing the Xbone, for themselves. I'm not stopping anyone from getting a Xbone. If it appeals to you & it's what you want then go for it. I'm just giving my frustrated perspective as I was a long time Xboxer. I wonder, was it you that fell in with the masses to support the Xbone after all the 180s? (snark snark) I'm sharing my frustration & anger at what the xbox has become which really I think started with the NXE update. I cared about what MS did, that's why I was pissed.
marcelliuss1  +   824d ago
@MAULxx....I understand you was mad and you hated their policies and you have a right to be. I was in the same boat as you I hated the idea at first also. Especially since Microsoft did a piss poor job at explaining their own policies. But then instead of joining in and participating with the blind leading the blind I tried to do some research of my own and came to my own conclusion that those policies wasn't really that bad. Yeah there was some restrictions like the 24 hour check ins, you can only share the physical disk once or give it as a gift, but there was a reason for that. The X1 was designed to play games without the disk once it was installed. That's why the 24 hour check ins where put in place because people would take advantage of that and take the game back to GameStop and trade it in after they installed it. So once they did that they pretty much got the game for free or at a huge discount. Then people bitched talking about Microsoft wont let them share physical games with friends when they failed to realize that once they give the physical game to a friend they won't be able to play it anymore. Those same people ignored the fact that Microsoft had a solution to that. When you bought the physical copy of the game you got the digital copy free. This is where the family share plan came in. You could add up to ten friends to share all of you digital game at any time from pretty much anywhere in the world. Not only could you share that game but you and a friend could play the same game at the same time even together online. Now when you look at it that way the polices (at least to me) really wasn't that bad and little teeny bopper gamers blew it up without even trying the system first.
EXVirtual  +   824d ago
So... this article wasn´t amazing. The next part of the saga is this: Will MS be able to maintain these good changes?
As much as I like to speculate, we´ll have to wait and see.
MAULxx  +   823d ago
@ marcelliuss1
I just want to say that I appreciate you articulating your stance & I understand your perspective on those policies. If you could see benefits for you in them then I can accept that. For me though, it was more about forcing digital on me & forcing Kinnect. As much as I would love all my games playable from the HDD without having to get off my butt & put a disc in.... I still want my physical disc & I still want the choice to sell it, lend it or give it without a bunch of hoop jumping. I don't want check ins, after all .... I "bought" the game, I didn't steal it. While there is benefits to digital, I wasn't ready to give up these options. Besides, anyone who wants digital games, the option is already available. This, along with mandantory kinnect & "TV". It was clear as day that I'm just not the target for MS any longer. As a gamer, I thought they were insane to present such a thing. It's just not what I want. Heck, I didn't want the avatars or the metro dash either but I lived with it.
So, in short, because of MS' design choices for the Xbone, I have no interest in such a shambled console. Some people love using kinect & that's fine but I don't so I surely don't want a console designed around it & I don't care about TV. So, with all this combined it explains why I have preordered a PS4. It's design is closest to what I want from a console & it will have tons of great games. Really, I'm betting on PS4 as they could change things in an instant like MS did on 360.
Sony has been making all the right moves just like 360 before & after it's launch before all the Wii chasing started. I said "in short" so I'm stopping right here. I think you can see where I'm coming from. Hopefully I've made sense. You made good points, I just have a more hostile stance against MS since I saw their policies as hostile toward me, a long time but waning fan. You can' trust either of them alot but as I said, I'm betting on PS4 for next gen.

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