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The Redefined's Sleeper GOTY Candidates

Previously Profex and The Koalition's Richard Bailey focused on GOTY front runners, The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. This time around, the team discussed a previous release that can much a push for the crown as well as two upcoming titles with immense potential. (Beyond: Two Souls, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Tomb Raider, Wii, Xbox 360)

jaggernaut25  +   680d ago
Tomb raider is a really well made game and a great reboot, but game of the year candidate it is not (at least in my book). I had a great time with the game, but it lacked innovation and real inspiration. When experiences like The Last of Us and (hopefully) Grand Theft Auto V that push the industry forward in terms of ideas and execution exist, it’s difficult for me to label a game that was marketed as a “survival” game, but actually ended up being just another action platformer (albeit, a pretty fun one at that)as game of the year material. The story was predictable, the leveling up system was meaningless and uninspired, the gameplay felt safe (minus the interesting context-based cover system) and literally EVERY character other than Lara was not only shallow and boring, but also poorly voiced.

Good game, I liked it, but it’s not game of the year material in my book. It started out great, but quickly became an exercise in genocide, when it seemed to work better as an exercise in survival. Also, hated multiplayer (did not factor into my assessment of the game, though).
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Profexxion  +   680d ago
I'm glad you didn't factor in Multiplayer. Much like Spec ops: The Line, it was just thrown on and detracts from the title in my opinion.
rbailey  +   680d ago
Very interesting to see Tomb Raider and Beyond: Two Souls on this list. While I do believe The Last Of Us will win the award in convincing fashion, I'll admit that the other games will at the very least be way above average games. I feel very mixed on Beyond after having seen alot from the game at E3 but I def enjoyed Tomb Raider. It's not a game of the year type of game but it still had great/ as well as bad things about it.
koh  +   680d ago
I really don't think you can say anything will win "in convincing fashion" yet. Still over 4 months to go, including what is probably the most anticipated game in years, GTA V.
AirJohnston  +   680d ago
The Last of Us is a once in a generation game and easily tied for my favorite game of all time, but it will no doubt have competition from GTAV. The only other game that anyone could make an argument for IMO is Bioshock Infinite, although I understand when people say they had issues with it.
thelaughingwiseman  +   680d ago
Beyond: Two Souls looks very impressive. If Quantic Dreams can change the game so the controls are more fluid. I don't want to see quick time events being the main driving force when you're controlling the player. I think it could be in the running for game of the year. But how can it win game of the year if not that many people would have the opportunity to play it before the year is out.

And there are people who have their mind set that "so-and-so" game is going to win game of the year that they won't even give any second glances to other games.
kratos_TheGoat  +   680d ago
GTA 5 will be Game Of The Year..... In R* I Trust
thelaughingwiseman  +   680d ago
The only Great game they've had was RDR. List the other noticeable games they've had? LA Noire was actually developed by Team Bondi. GTA IV was boring, the MP being it's saving grace. Max Payne? That haven't really made any other noticeable games other than those. And one not being of their own creation (LA Noire).
thelaughingwiseman  +   680d ago
I see GTA V winning best MP, but best overall game? I don't know. What are factors for being a great game?
I take Story into consideration.
Gameplay; how good are the controls. And how fluid the controls are when performing actions.
Graphics; if the graphics fit the game and the way the game is played then I'm for it. Crappy graphics for me is when i see the game as bland because of the surroundings.
Replay value; when I finish the game do I want to start over from the beginning again to try and do some things different or to just experience the game all over again.

I don't know what GTA V will have because it hasn't come out yet. But the one thing that was working out for it was the MP for GTA IV, which was really cool in PC, with their servers. And it seems like Rockstar are going to be focusing a lot on that stuff. It will most likely win best MP, but again taking away MP, what else would that game offer? Would you really being playing the missions or just roam around in the city? Will you love the hell out of the characters you play? Once you finish GTA V, will you replay the game?

As it stands Last of Us, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite are in for the running of GOTY. Not a bad list at all

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