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Reasons You Should Always Buy Consoles at Launch vs. Reasons You Never Should

Are you getting the PS4 or Xbox One at launch? Here are some things to keep in mind whether you rush out for the new systems or wait. (PS4, Xbox One)

Fishermenofwar  +   823d ago
To get awesomeness!!!!
TomShoe  +   823d ago
Reasons you shouldn't: Lack of money :(
zippycup  +   823d ago
sadly i will join you in this club
zeal0us  +   823d ago
Reason you shouldn't: You got to pay for college :(

I just spend over 1k for a few books and still got several more to buy.
mo241  +   823d ago

bring them back, and you have got 1k to spend on games.
thats a lot games.

because yolo#swag

no stay at schulz kids mmmmkaay
3-4-5  +   823d ago
* Atari - Launched before I was born

* NES - launched in 1985, I didn't get one until 1990 when I was 5.

* SNES/Sega Geneis - Friend had SNES so I didn't need one, Got a Sega Genesis for Christmas 1993

* N64 - Got one Christmas of 1996 - Was my first time getting a console " NEW ", as opposed to later on.

* Gamecube - Got one launch year

* Xbox - Bought one in 2003, a few years after, because I had a gamecube and didn't NEED both systems.

* Xbox 360, got one in late 2008, so a year or so after launch.

* Not getting PS4 or XB1 at launch. - Getting a PS4 eventually, and a Vita as well.

* Also never had a handheld at launch either.

If you have other games from the current gen to hold you over and occupy your time, you don't NEED to buy a brand new console right at launch.
Khajiit86  +   823d ago
Late 2008 is 3 years after release for the 360. I got a 360, PS3, and Wii at launch. I have no regrets besides RROD. I am definitely getting PS4 at launch but will not be able to spend over 600 bucks after taxes on the One and one game.
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wynams  +   823d ago
Reasons why you should proofread ... pricing on PS3 states 250 euros but is actually 200
Lubu  +   823d ago
And he has the ps4 coming out in October.
avengers1978  +   823d ago
The market needs both. It needs early adopters to please shareholders, but it also needs consistent purchasing through out its life cycle, more money in, more money for development of next new thing
Jyndal  +   823d ago
Uh, what?!
I don't understand the reason for this article.
Maybe I'm just simple.
I figure that the console is going to sell very well for the duration of it's lifespan. (Speaking of PS4, of course.)
ABizzel1  +   823d ago
IMO you should either buy:

1) At launch, there's nothing like having a new console Day 1.

2) First price drop (Black Friday after first price drop). Save you some money and possibly net you some free games.

3) 2 - 3 years after the console launch. The console is entering it's prime years, there's a decent library of games, you can go back to the beginning and buy used copies for $5 - $20 per game, until you catch up, and more than likely the price of the console is reasonable and comes with 1 or 2 games.

4) When the price is right for you. $299?

5) $199. The days of the $99 console are pretty much over, so $199 is that new price point.
Sci0n  +   823d ago
I remember dreading not being able to grab a PS2 at launch it sucked man. I would read about it and try to find videos on it. That feeling of some of the world and friends experiencing awesomeness before you is nerv racking. This is why since then I made sure I got a launch PS3 and already paid off PS4. I want to be able to dive right into next gen.
dboyc310  +   823d ago
I think is safe to say that the majority of early adopters buy another sku of the same console down the line. I myself bought the ps3 at launch and then went on to getting 2 more after the first iteration of the slim sku came out.
Sci0n  +   823d ago
Not true had my PS3 since launch and this thing has serious mileage on it and not one hiccup. While I didn't get a PS2 on launch but months after that it never failed me and I ended up giving it away after over 14 years of gaming on it. I have all the trust in the world in Sony's hardware since I never had to buy a replacement console. Buying other skus based off looks never appealed to me since I like my piano black fat PS3 model better then all the new slim designs.
gamingisnotacrime  +   823d ago
got my vita at launch and found it to be a great experience

will do the same with the PS4 and just grow along with it lol
JetsFool3500  +   823d ago
Same here got mines day 1 & ill do the same with the ps4
CocoWolfie  +   823d ago
one of the best reason is the talk, that everyone, friends, news, and all over the place will be talking about it!
people will be more excited and interested in games like killzone and watch dogs on that day when ps4 ships, and when retailers are having to send out thousands to people who bought online, and when games stores will be packed, thats one reason why.
another is the console its self, getting that feeling and insite that youre seeing this first, that youre discovering new exciting things first, rather than them being posted on here or ign etc :)
sarcastoid  +   823d ago
I know so many people who say "don't buy at launch, hold off!" but this works both ways... look at the wii-u. Selling very poorly and I think that plays a big role in publishers looking the other way. Systems NEED early adopters to make their games a worthwhile investment. The mainstream usually takes a bit to latch on, so us real gamers need to ensure a bright future by supporting early.
JetsFool3500  +   823d ago
Im pretty sure ps4 & x1 wont bomb ass bad as the wii u
alb1899  +   823d ago
When i see next gen graphics I just can't comeback!!
The sensation of the new consoles in my living room, first day, is priceless!!
optimus  +   823d ago
i'll wait for the reasons he stated...

money, bugs, price... the blockbusters i'm interested in will be out for the current gen. i didn't even know titan fall was online only so i guess i'll scratch that off my list of "must-haves".

not to mention that most of the early games will be discounted within a few months.
hkgamer  +   823d ago
bugs? im pretty sure its just going to be random. no matter when you buy you never know if that is the odd bad machine or not.

i guess price is a big factor though, but when does the price drop happen?

games? well so many current gen so totally agree with you on this one. also after the launch window there is normally a massive long wait for the next batch of games to be released. i guess wheits approaching the second gen of games get released will be a great time to buy the new console
optimus  +   821d ago
The bugs i'm talking about are mainly software and server bugs, sure they are testing everything out but not to the level of millions at one time...everyone that buys one the 1st week is essentially a beta-tester. Some people won't mind simply because they like being 1st...

like i said, i won't have a problem waiting. Especially since i have a wedding to attend in nov. in new york and a plane ticket from cali to new york is about the same or more than any one of those game consoles...

As for when price drops can happen it all depends on how well it sells. Look at the 3ds, they did a major discount within 3 months of release...not likely it would happen so soon for consoles but it can happen...the only way i see myself getting it sooner than later would be if i win it in some contest or something.
gamingfriend  +   823d ago
Im waiting a month or 6 weeks after see if the console is in ship shaoe and so on
hkgamer  +   823d ago
im probably gonna get ps4 as soon as possible without the hassle of preorder/queuing/waiting for delivery. so if its in stock then i purchase, if not then i just wait until a month or 2 down the line. got way too many holidays planned and a linited amount of cash to spend.
Godlovesgamers  +   822d ago
PS4 is Day One for me....I think I hear my PS3 backlog crying...

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