Reasons You Should Always Buy Consoles at Launch vs. Reasons You Never Should

Are you getting the PS4 or Xbox One at launch? Here are some things to keep in mind whether you rush out for the new systems or wait.

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TomShoe1495d ago

Reasons you shouldn't: Lack of money :(

zippycup1495d ago

sadly i will join you in this club

zeal0us1495d ago

Reason you shouldn't: You got to pay for college :(

I just spend over 1k for a few books and still got several more to buy.

mo2411494d ago


bring them back, and you have got 1k to spend on games.
thats a lot games.

because yolo#swag

no stay at schulz kids mmmmkaay

3-4-51495d ago

* Atari - Launched before I was born

* NES - launched in 1985, I didn't get one until 1990 when I was 5.

* SNES/Sega Geneis - Friend had SNES so I didn't need one, Got a Sega Genesis for Christmas 1993

* N64 - Got one Christmas of 1996 - Was my first time getting a console " NEW ", as opposed to later on.

* Gamecube - Got one launch year

* Xbox - Bought one in 2003, a few years after, because I had a gamecube and didn't NEED both systems.

* Xbox 360, got one in late 2008, so a year or so after launch.

* Not getting PS4 or XB1 at launch. - Getting a PS4 eventually, and a Vita as well.

* Also never had a handheld at launch either.

If you have other games from the current gen to hold you over and occupy your time, you don't NEED to buy a brand new console right at launch.

Khajiit861495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Late 2008 is 3 years after release for the 360. I got a 360, PS3, and Wii at launch. I have no regrets besides RROD. I am definitely getting PS4 at launch but will not be able to spend over 600 bucks after taxes on the One and one game.

wynams1495d ago

Reasons why you should proofread ... pricing on PS3 states 250 euros but is actually 200

Lubu1495d ago

And he has the ps4 coming out in October.

avengers19781495d ago

The market needs both. It needs early adopters to please shareholders, but it also needs consistent purchasing through out its life cycle, more money in, more money for development of next new thing

Jyndal1495d ago

Uh, what?!
I don't understand the reason for this article.
Maybe I'm just simple.
I figure that the console is going to sell very well for the duration of it's lifespan. (Speaking of PS4, of course.)

ABizzel11495d ago

IMO you should either buy:

1) At launch, there's nothing like having a new console Day 1.

2) First price drop (Black Friday after first price drop). Save you some money and possibly net you some free games.

3) 2 - 3 years after the console launch. The console is entering it's prime years, there's a decent library of games, you can go back to the beginning and buy used copies for $5 - $20 per game, until you catch up, and more than likely the price of the console is reasonable and comes with 1 or 2 games.

4) When the price is right for you. $299?

5) $199. The days of the $99 console are pretty much over, so $199 is that new price point.

Sci0n1495d ago

I remember dreading not being able to grab a PS2 at launch it sucked man. I would read about it and try to find videos on it. That feeling of some of the world and friends experiencing awesomeness before you is nerv racking. This is why since then I made sure I got a launch PS3 and already paid off PS4. I want to be able to dive right into next gen.

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