#DriveClub New Directfeed Gameplay Videos

Take a look at DriveClub in action. We think it looks absolutely beautiful, but what do you think about it? Are you picking it up for your PS4 or not?

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ZodTheRipper1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

First Killzone now Drive Club, finally some uncut direct-feed gameplay for the launch games. Unfortunately not full HD but looking really good, especially in the chase-cam.

kraideral1338d ago

Still waiting on those The Order 1886 prototype videos!

ZodTheRipper1338d ago

I'm expecting at least something before the PS4 launch. I don't think we'll see anything before TGS though.

Enemy1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Even with the two vids looking blurry and compressed to hell it's still gorgeous. How the hell is this free? The improvements they've made since the E3 are crazy, and if you read here, it'll look even better at release, especially seeing it on our HDTVs.

kraideral1338d ago

Well, technically it's not free. Only a part of it will be free to play.

Ju1338d ago

It isn't free. It's a full game with two payment models: 1) is f2p and you pay while you play or 2) you buy the full version for the regular retail price.

In the worst case you can consider the "free version" the trial or demo and upgrade to either (1) or (2).

black0o1338d ago

looks great .. i hope they hit the 60/1080p

kraideral1338d ago

Yep! There are rumors that the Battlefield guys could not achieve the 60 fps/1080p, but all of that is up for debate

MasterCornholio1338d ago

Dice wasnt able to achieve it but GG was able to with their multiplayer in Killzone ShadowFall.

This just proves that if a developer wants a game to run at 1080P at 60FPS with good graphics its possible.

black0o1338d ago

DICE said it way back at E3 that x1/ps4 will get 60/720p but now i think the ps4 version may get a something between 720 - 1080p ''it still in the air'' fingers crossed for 60/1080p

jobboy1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

GG AIM to get 60fps out of the MP.... last build deeps far below 30fps. Go check on gaf the latest video

bjmartynhak1338d ago

Is it me or the camera in the "3rd person view" is making the car cover a good part of the track?

sigfredod1338d ago

Looking sweet even on a youtube video

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The story is too old to be commented.