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Dead Island: Epidemic - The MOBA no-one wanted, but a fun one nonetheless | GamesRadar

GamesRadar: "It's fair to say that the initial reaction to the idea of a Dead Island-themed MOBA ranged largely between 'Huh?', 'Why?' and 'What?'. Despite selling well enough to quickly expand into one of gaming's most inexplicable recent franchises, Dead Island has often struggled to escape the mires of the average. And its unexpected branching into the currently-hot MOBA genre came with a slight whiff of cynical franchise growth to some. But whatever a game's background, there's no reason it should affect the quality of the game itself, and we're pleased to say that after a full-scale, 12-player tussle on the hallowed killing fields of Capture the Flag, we found Dead Island: Epidemic to be rather fun indeed." (Dead Island Epidemic, PC)

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