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Mark Cerny on the Future of PS4, PS Vita

IGN - The architect of the PlayStation 4 and Knack director talks about how the next-gen console will evolve, where Vita fits into the roadmap, and more. (Mark Cerny, PS4)

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GraveLord  +   240d ago
My body is ready!
-Mezzo-  +   240d ago
lol,... Same Here.
UltimateMaster  +   240d ago
PS4's Future
... is not Knack.

Although, it does not look like a bad game, it's definitely not the best graphic game out there.

Killzone Shadow Fall is amazingly stunning.
One of the best looking shooters to date.
PC Gamers envy.

I play a lot of Games on PC as well as consoles, so I get a best of ALL worlds.
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mewhy32  +   240d ago
I wish he would have asked Cerny about the falling apart of micro$oft. The heads are rolling in that company.
nosferatuzodd  +   240d ago
with knack its not about graphics its about gameplay and fun trust me knack is going to be a good game people are sleeping on it but you just wait
UltimateMaster  +   240d ago
Agree with you nosferatuzodd.
I'm sure the kids will love it.

But you can't say the PS4 is inferior by looking at knack, that isn't fair.

It's like saying that the Xbox One's graphics sucks because of Spark.

Both are brilliant in there own way, but not graphic wise.
CocoWolfie  +   240d ago
glad we have him on board he's a very intelligent man, hope his ideas and input pay off :3
hkgamer  +   240d ago
definitely... also love how chilled out he is when he talks
wishingW3L  +   240d ago
don't you people find it extremely weird that Cerny did so much to engineer the PS4 yet hardware wise it's so similar to the XB1's? I wonder if there was some spying going on between them (or maybe a secret agreement?) because otherwise the coincidence is just too great to take for granted.
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iamnsuperman  +   240d ago
Not really. The idea was to make the hardware easier to design for (which is where the developers come in who gave advice which was making it more PC like) and Microsoft are known to use off the shelf PC hardware when making their consoles. So that is why they are similar as they are both like off the shelf PC hardware but optimised.
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wishingW3L  +   240d ago
Yeah, but my point is that if it weren't because MS bet on the wrong horse at the beginning with DDR3 and had to use some space in the die for the esRam because they couldn't back down and use GDDR5 then the XB1 and PS4 would have had exactly the same specs piece by piece. Same CPU, same GPU, same Ram, same architecture... That's simply way too much coincidence.

And is even stranger for MS to go back to x86 after their bad experience with the Xbox. Even Cerny said himself that he had to research x86 in order to convince Sony to drop PowerPC but MS's engineers did the same too? They researched x86 to convince MS to drop PowerPC? No way, there's something seriously weird here! These guys were either spying on each other or they agreed to make similar hardware.
XisThatKid  +   240d ago
Over all it was said long ago rivaling companies do indeed know some kind of info of each others product to support the market just not too many details this and as what iamsuperman said as well. Almost all rivaled companies are similar in hardware unless they deliberately diverge from that path as what Ninty did.
Hicken  +   240d ago
It may seem like a lot of coincidence, but much of it would be evident. iamsuperman is right when he talks about the architecture similarity. The RAM similarity isn't really all THAT similar, except in amount. Performance-wise- and intent-wise- the two types of RAM are set for two very different things.

Really, despite the relative similarities, it should be more interesting that the two are so similar given their difference in focus.

That they have vastly different focuses and yet wound up roughly similar can only be coincidence.
the worst  +   240d ago
great interview
ZHZ90  +   240d ago
Haha his face is back again, I have missed him. :)

EDIT: That was a nice interview, I also hope Vita games can be played on PS4 as well since PS4 games can be played on Vita.
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Sevir  +   240d ago
IGN asked some very great direct questions that no executive working behind an office desk That over looks a city of sky scrappers would be able to answer without the typical PR jargon.

Mark is so eloquently spoken and he answered those question humbly and with great knowledge. So calm collected and the several times he was asked subtly about MS's vision he brought the focus back to the machine he built. Classy, non slanderous, eloquent and well spoken. Cant wait to play knack and all the other features of the PS4

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