The next Chaos Theory? We review Splinter Cell: Blacklist [Gaming Trend]

Editor Ron Burke writes: "It’s amazing to see how much the team has listened to fan feedback, and just how far ahead this title is compared to Conviction. If sneaking is your speed, you can rest easy – Sam Fisher is back, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist is among the very best stealth titles you’ll play this generation."

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General Shrooms1645d ago

Good game, but the changes to Sam's voice and character really bothers me.

joe901645d ago

I know what you mean, its kinda off putting but the game itself is great.

General Shrooms1645d ago

I would have preferred a new character over what they did.

skyrim1645d ago

Its good but no.........just no.

starchild1645d ago

I am loving this game. The best Splinter Cell in years. Actually, as much as I love the first three games, this one tops them. The sort of stealthy flow that I can get into in this game is just on another level.

aawells071645d ago

I definitely agree. I'm loving the game. I personally like what they did with the character. I miss the old voice but it doesn't bother me enough to hurt the game.

starchild1645d ago

So true. I miss Michael Ironside's voice and it did feel a little weird at first, but I actually like the new guy's voice for Sam Fisher.

aawells071644d ago

Yeah they did a good job of making seem like a badass.