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5 Reasons Why Resident Evil Needs To Return To Nintendo

WC - The Resident Evil series has continued to divide fans and critics alike since the original’s release nearly twenty years ago. Though it wore its own influences on its sleeve, what’s more notable is the effect the series has continued to have. The cinematic aspirations of the first game were roundly mocked at time of release – sometimes the obvious vision was hampered by technical limitations, or voice-acting limitations. (Culture, Resident Evil)

black0o  +   740d ago
last time I checked RE started on PlayStation dead on GameCube and then being revived by ps2 and dead once more by going multi-plat
bullymangLer  +   739d ago
Nintendo has hade the best resident Evil exclusives.

Resi 1 Remake for gamecube, and Resi 4 for gamecube . . then Revelations on 3DS, EXCLUSIVE TO NINTENDO.

of course Resident Evil 4, and Revelations can now be found elsewhere . . but the fact is that Nintendo always finds a way to exclusive the best Resi games/GAMES IN GENERAL, before sony, before micro . .

Nintendo is the best plain and simple.
bullymangLer  +   739d ago
hade ? :/

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