Microsoft explains Ryse microtransactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

Microsoft has explained the microtransactions system in Xbox One launch title Ryse and moved to calm fear that it is a "pay to win" mechanic.

It emerged this week that Ryse includes Booster Packs similar to those in FIFA Ultimate Team. You can buy these packs, which include armour items for use in multiplayer, with in-game currency and real world currency. The revelation caused some accuse Microsoft and developer Crytek of allowing players to buy an advantage.

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ShugaCane1943d ago

There is nothing to explain. Microtransactions are bad, they hurt the industry and they're only meant to grab money out of consumers. They should die.

ThatCanadianGuy5141943d ago

Replace "Microtransactions" with "Microsoft" and i agree entirely.

Thepharaoh1943d ago

Look at that dayz your hating on Microsoft. Great job little buddy hey maybe When you get back to headquarters Cerny will give you a BIIIIG cookie while kaz rubs your belly and all the while they say who's a "good boy".

Convas1943d ago

This is why we can't have nice things.

ThatCanadianGuy5141943d ago

Hey, Microsoft is the one who tried to ruin the console industry with DRM.

Certain people try to forget that.

theWB271943d ago

Both of you crybabies. Microtransactions are OPTIONAL...if you spend the money for it that's on you. Everything we buy is meant to grab money from us. The consoles are meant to grab money from us...hence why we have to plunk down money for it.

They know we love games-they make the system- we hand them money- we take home system.

Crazy how Microsoft hurts the industry yet it's at the highest it's ever been in popularity and earnings.
Here's a link to how much Micro is hurting the industry.

Kryptix1943d ago


"Microtransactions are OPTIONAL..."

You're right, they are optional, but it also has the potential to make the multiplayer unfair if done wrong. For example, one person can buy 10 booster packs and luckily, that player acquires one of the best weapons in the game from them. Guess what? Every person going against that player will easily get dominated. Booster packs makes players get powerful items quicker while players grinding for gold will get those items slower. In other words, if you pay for microtransactions, you'll be powerful in no time.


"Everything we buy is meant to grab money from us. The consoles are meant to grab money from us...hence why we have to plunk down money for it."

No s**t, I pay money for something equal in return. Not $60 to get half a game or a game where other players can pay extra to get a slight advantage against others that don't got the money for it. Basically, paying $60 to play multiplayer with some having unfair advantages, I'm not doing that. Understandable in free to play games for revenue, don't see why it should be in games you pay for especially with DLC as a much better option for profit.


"They know we love games-they make the system- we hand them money- we take home system."

No lie, you sound like a caveman right here. lol


"Crazy how Microsoft hurts the industry yet it's at the highest it's ever been in popularity and earnings."

You do know that in the link you provided, the Console portion isn't specific to Microsoft only. They're not the only ones in the industry, Nintendo and Sony are in it, too. All of them are making profits. DayZ really meant that Microsoft isn't going in the right direction next gen and look at all the 180s to support that fact. Xbox One had embarrassing low preorders when it still had that DRM. Honestly, if it wasn't for the 180s, Microsoft would of hurt the industry. Hope they don't do anything like that again.

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Drekken1943d ago

Microtransactions are fine in a free to play game if the purchases do not give players an advantage over each other.

I do not think they are good in a $60.00 game.

HammadTheBeast1943d ago

You're paying $60 for the game, then there's Micro transactions, just so they can make money without putting in effort for DLC.

Fireseed1943d ago


Dude. Me and you both play LoL, we should both know at this point that microtransactions that do not let players buy power are not a bad thing.

ABizzel11943d ago

Exactly what I was about to say. Microtransactions don't belong in a game when you're spending $60 up front.

Now if it was F2P then by all means Microtransactions are a way to make money, but not a $60 game.

Ryse has automatically lost some sales due to this.

"We put it in for people who like to collect a lot of different things. You're probably going to progress to the next tier before you have everything in the lower tier. They might be like, I don't want to grind for this, so I'm willing to buy the lower tiers if I can.

Then you need to rebalance the game so people can get everything, not charge them for the few items they miss or "convenience".

This is another money skem no matter how they try to spin it.

Fireseed1943d ago

Wow you have a skewed view on monetization! As long as microtransactions do not allow a player to buy the ability to win it's fine.

rdgneoz31943d ago

And yet that is what this game is doing. Allowing you (in a game you bought for $60) to buy gear using real money ahead of time before others. Sure you can only buy what's in your level range (if you're lvl 1 you can't buy lvl 5 gear, only lvl 1 gear), but you're still able to buy better gear than someone lvling up at the same pace as you.

Example: player a uses coins earned in game to buy one pack of gear, while player b uses coins and $20 to buy several packs of gear. They compete in the arena together at the same skill level, who'll get more points?

And seeing as the devs said they wanted a decked out character to be about 2 times as powerful as someone just starting out, that somewhat seems like you're paying to win.

True_Samurai1943d ago

COD is gonna have this next pay to unlock perks and guns. Lil 12 year olds are gonna be messing up their parent's bank account trying to get stuff lol

But on the real it's not that serious it's just unlocks progress if you suck too bad. So pay

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Thepharaoh1943d ago

Microtransactions are awful. Let's be adults about it however and not blow how bad they are out of proportion.Hopefully Microtransactions will be rare next gen

n4rc1943d ago

not on ps4... all those f2p games will be chalk full of them..

Drekken1943d ago

Which is fine as long as you don't get stronger weapons or heavier armor... things like that.

Transporter471943d ago

Hey at least I can play F2P on my Ps4 without paying a dime since its not behind a 60 dollar Paywall ;)

HammadTheBeast1943d ago

Yes..... keyword "FREETOPLAY"

RytGear1943d ago

Why should you have to fork out more money for a game that YOU ALREADY PAID FOR...

F2P is different, hence the word, free.

n4rc1943d ago

Congrats.. By not paying a dime, those games will die off..
Nothing is free in this world. They rely on micro transactions for revenue.. Dont buy anything and they quickly go out of business

All I said was in regard to the comment I replied to.. lots of f2p games equals lots of micro transactions

XboxFun1943d ago

So paying for microtransactions and basically needed DLC is okay because now the games are F2P?

Wow, the sony fanboys just keep surprising me everyday.

Nickel and diming, DLC and half a game with microtransactions are now okay everybody because the game is F2P.

*writes in games notepad*

Got it!

Kayant1943d ago

Wooow I can't believe we are back to this. After it was cleared in the other thread.

Stay classy mate.

cell9891943d ago

except you dont pay $60.00 for the game

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Kayant1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Yes it's okay actually that's the model of F2P games or if they allow you to gain an advantage then it's P2W. How do expect devs to make their money? It's free to access for a reason compared to paying $60 for a game.

GryestOfBluSkies1943d ago

a promise from Microsoft? now theres something i can put some faith in!

DragonKnight1943d ago

Big Green makes a promise that there is nothing sinister?

There isn't a bigger Wolf in Sheep's clothing in existence.

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