There's Something Strange About GTA V's Yoga Clinic

Kotaku:"I'm no yoga expert — not by a long shot — but I am pretty sure the poses depicted in Grand Theft Auto V's newly-updated Los Santos Travelogue aren't on the up-and-up. This one's "Downward Facing Camel." The others are incredibly NSFW. "

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Donnieboi1246d ago

Wtf? I think the comedy in the series has Definately returned. Lol.

Godlovesgamers1246d ago

And by 'comedy' I'm sure you're referring to the tasteless, classless 'shock factor', right?

Indecency anywhere is a threat to decency everywhere, no?

LightSamus1246d ago

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

3-4-51246d ago

He's obviously ABOVE poop jokes. lol

Godlovesgamers1246d ago

Look, first off let me say I woke up to a very good day, I'm actually in quite a happy mood.

Secondly, I'm not above a good poop/fart joke, but this is way beyond that, it's just straight up classless/tasteless garbage. This isn't comedic, there is no subtlety or any artistic depth or value to this, it's "how far can we go this time" just for the sake of doing so, something which ANYONE with even half a brain is capable of.

That being said, what then is it's value? It's worthless garbage and anyone with just the slightest inclination of class or decency can plainly see this for what it is; the perpetuation of some twisted pervert.

I'm sorry I can be as complacent and apathetic as everyone else here that clicks "disagree" and just accepts everything I'm fed. I guess I'm just a remnant from a time when pornography was looked down upon and rightly so, when being a slut or a man-whore was something to be ashamed of instead of championed.

But I get it, this generation thinks a complete lack of standards is the way to go. You think your freedom allows you all the right to alienate and offend everyone else around you and in turn infringe upon other peoples freedoms. Instead of doing something positive with such a great privilege, you choose to use it for a negative effect.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1246d ago

I find the images to be quite humorous. I suppose then, by your standard, I am a half brained, complacent, indecent, immoral, idiot? Are you so proud? Are you so righteous as to condemn and insult others for what they believe to be funny? If so then I say God bless you sir, you are truly a better man than I.

For I would never deride another for finding humor where I do not. To do so would be hypocrisy, as there are certainly subjects I find hilarious that another would not.

I would not mistake tolerance or indifference with apathy and complacency. To do so would be blinding myself to the growth of society's humanity.

And I would not speak of my freedom's infringement, while clearly attacking those that merely disagree with me. You are very free, good sir. Free to hate these photos of sexually suggestive yoga poses. Free to ignore them, or not purchase the game, if you so choose. Others are free to do the opposite. You are not free however, to suggest such things should not exist simply because you disagree with them, for that would not be freedom.

In closing, I would like to say I just farted so hard it hurt my butt.

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Bowzabub1246d ago

I'm thinking GodlovesGamers' significant other is in a "yoga course".

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liquidhalos1245d ago


Save your holier than thou shite for somewhere else.

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mo2411246d ago

haha your funny as hell.
it's a game where everything is aloud (killing peolpe, stealing cars , whores, drugs)
and your talking about indecency.
you got your places for decency, and your places for the opposite.


US8F1246d ago Show
Kurylo3d1246d ago

Its a video game. Its not happening for real. Get a grip. Your just as much a sinner as anyone else.

I love how you make a perverted joke into raping someones sister. I mean wtf?

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Danniel11245d ago

@GLG only a fool thinks that logic can be applied universally there are almost always exceptions and caveats.

@US8F This is a VIDEO GAMES site, not an open house for the axis of evil. Laws aren't the reason I don't kill and rape; my personal beliefs and morality are. I think I can speak for the majority of N4g users here when I say that your opinion was pointlessly insulting and poorly expressed.

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omi25p1245d ago

When did the comedy leave?

ABeastNamedTariq1246d ago

LMAO, that is hilarious. Too funny.

iamnsuperman1246d ago

What they hell am I doing. I need to get into yoga asap

EXVirtual1246d ago

I´ve got it covered. They have cosplay if you´re into that.

generalthadeape1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Yeah-- looks pretty good to me!

Martywren1246d ago

Lol wow u gotta love R*sexism.

aLucidMind1245d ago

How is this sexist? Because it isnt.

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