Ars Technica Game Review: Opoona

Ars Technica writes: "Opoona is one of those strange Japanese titles that sometimes, just sometimes, blossoms on the soil of a country it wasn't designed for. Parappa did it. Mr. Domino did it. Katamari did it. And now Opoona just may be the next big, weird thing.

Opoona, a young space traveler, finds himself stranded on a mysterious human world after being attacked during a trip with his family. Lost and alone, he needs to work with the humans, learn their customs, and fight alongside them against the evil Dark Force corrupting their planet in order to find his way home. It's all very light and airy-older, jaded gamers may scoff-but many will find themselves gleefully playing along with the light-hearted, easygoing nature of the game. It's hard not to like Opoona; he's the classic "first day at a new school" character."

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