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Xbox One strikes back

CVG: Before we can get our hands on them, the impending arrival of new games consoles has inevitably descended into a war of words between platform holders, as Sony and Microsoft desperately exchange multi-million dollar punches in an effort to gain the slightest PR advantage.

Before this week's Gamescom there was one clear champion in the marketing slugfest, but while Sony is yet to be totally usurped from its position of power, it's telling that it's no longer the outright belt-holder either. (Xbox One)

2cents  +   824d ago
Well written article in my humble opinion.

I am thankful to Sony the outspoken and the press, without them we would be screwed and stuck with a very restrictive Xbox.

Now we have two consoles that are offering very strong propositions to us the gamers.
GodGinrai  +   824d ago
spot on.

I think MS needed the verbal bashing. seemed like the only way to get that message across as far as the DRM/always online stuff.I still think that should knock £50/$50/50 euros off the RRP to bring the price a little more inline with the competition.
darthv72  +   824d ago
Constructive criticism is what Ms needed. They got that 10 fold (or is that 180 fold lol).

in any case, the changes they made were for the betterment of their platform but there will be those who will still see them as a negative.

they will hold a grudge for the 'could have been' instead of just moving on with their platform of choice and letting others move on as well.
Andronix  +   824d ago
I heard that every journalist who attended Microsoft's Gamecom Showcase were promised a free Xbox One with launch games and 1 year of Xbox Live. This is why the event was not broadcast live, so it could be edited out from the video for consumers. Can anyone there confirm or deny this please?
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GodGinrai  +   824d ago
Its public knowledge that they were giving away Xbox ones not just to journos but to attendees who were luck enough. Of course they wont get them till launch. Its just good will.

With all the drama surrounding MS do you really think the press would have stayed away? lol

Edit: its not like they were sigleing out journos to give em X1s..just random people. So I read somewhere anyway.
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AceofStaves  +   824d ago
It was nice to see some strong moves from MS. Even though I have no plans to pick up an XB1, I find the competition between the two companies, and their fan-camps, fun to watch.
whitesoxfalife1976  +   824d ago
But I will be getn Xbox one but I agree with you tho
Dlacy13g  +   824d ago
I also agree its a well written piece that is looking at things from a pretty fair view point.
christocolus  +   824d ago
Edward75  +   824d ago
Not only was the article pretty fair when talking about the Xbox one and the little said about the PS4, but did anyone read the comments? A lot more evenly spread for both systems. Still some fanboys in there, but not as one sided as on this site. I think the next console war is going to be great for us now.
DEEBO  +   824d ago
yeah they change because they love their supporters so much,yeah right! they change because they knew the x1 was doom.the ps4 killed them in preorders.and fifa is not free because they love their customers. it's to boost console sales. but still 32 is bigger then 13.sony got this ms is fighting for second place again for the third time.oh wait they never even won second place.it has to suck knowing you have the most money out of the 3 but you never won a console war.
2cents  +   824d ago
Considering they are the youngest console manufacturer, it's rather impressive they hae done so well against veterans like Sony and Nintendo.

There is a lot of negativity in your post, it's a shame you can't put your anger towards them to one side and enjoy the games they will be offering to us.

They changed for the simple reason that the vast majority of people did not or we're not ready for such a drastic shift to digital only. They had a vision but it's just not compatible with most gamers. When all was said and done after their reveal many heads were being scratched over at MS. Which ultimately resulted in their changes of policy.

The worst thing about the whole thing is that two idiots from MS said stupid things that hurt the hundreds of people who had dedicated the last few years of their lives designing and developing this new console. It's not fair on all of those talented individuals to suffer at the hands of Adam Orth and the ex prez. For uttering those stupid words #dealwithit and got no Internet get a 360.

There are so many passionate people working at Sony an MS, that get up every morning to work their asses of so that we can enjoy our favourite pastime. It's not fair to taint the whioe company with the same brush when just a few individuals don't know how to behave. Bottom line is they both have left MS and that is good news for us all.

Let's be better than that and appreciate the time, dedication and passion that has gone into creating these amazing machines from people just like us who have tirelessly devoted their lives for the greater good of gaming.
DEEBO  +   824d ago
yeah but when the ps1 came out,it didn't have to fight for second place.sony took the gaming world by storm. two 1st place and one second,now that's impressive.
DEEBO  +   824d ago
no i'm not mad,i will get an x1 when the price drops and the hardware bugs are gone,you know how MS do(RROD)i buy every system that comes out now keeping them is a different story.hell i'm playing splintercell on the wiiu right now.it's just hard for me as a gamer to understand why do some gamers avoid and twist the facts.yeah but x1 day one after a 100 price drop.
DEEBO  +   824d ago
wow that was a great response man. you're right,with out them my favorite hobby would be no more.and maybe i might get the full game without nickel&dime DLC that's on the disc.to be honest with you,i wish sega was still around to make consoles.sad to see them go.
2cents  +   824d ago
I totally agree with you regarding sony's success. They are superb at hardware,

Their bravia TV's are amazing.
Their vaio range of pc's are as good if not better than the mighty apple in build quality.
Their smartphone division were my fav mobile manufacturer till I got an iPhone, which I sometimes regret buying.

They are, by the very definition of the word, a hardware company.

MS are coders, it's in the companies DNA. They live in code not nuts and bolts, which is why many gamers 'claim' that the Xbox dash experience and the stability and versitikity of Xbox live is comparably better than the equal offerings from Sony. Yet the hardware just doesn't scream Rolls Royce when compaired to Sony. One of my favourite pieces of hardware is my original FATBOY PS3 which is just confusingly beautiful to me. It shouldn't work it's so weirdly shaped but I love it. MS just haven't got the experience in Physical Hardware, but what they lack in skill they make up with in commitment.

What I choose to look at is the mistakes that MS have made this generation, what could have been. They could have given up and stepped out of the race at many junctions, cutting their losses, no more so than with the RROD fiasco, but Instead we got extended warranties so they could phase out the troublesome motherboards and continued to try to update the console throughout. Remember all the ridiculous code names for te new versions, falcon, jasper, valhalla. They just kept on going and going. I admire that type of stubbornness, not to give up, even when everyone is laughing at you and pointing fingers, having the blind faith that what you are trying to achieve is viable and worthy of people's time and money.

This new generation has not even started and yet we followers of everything gaming, have been put through the mill for uttering any sort of excitement without someone coming along and giving you a virtual slap in the face for being happy. The battle already feels so long yet none of us have either of these consoles to even justify the level of intense penmanship that is straining our eyes and hurting our feelings on a regular basis.

I hate the way Sony is always sneered at by the fanboys and I hate the way Xbox is trashed by the fanboys. Im always up for a laugh so im not suggesting that noone should speak against something, commenting is fun (mostly) especially when you can have a laugh, or actually converse as we are now :) but it's when it gets nasty and aggressive that suddenly things get way to serious. I don't take well to aggression or stupidity so the only time I speak out is when I think that it's deserved, which is why I loose bubbles and get major disagree numbers. But I never speak trash about the consoles , because that's why I'm here.

Anyway, good chat but alas my bubbles have burst. Happy gaming dude.
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skydragoonity  +   824d ago
At last a real console competition
Hicken  +   824d ago
Not much of a strike, though, was it?
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