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Penny Arcade: "EA showed off a new game mode for Titanfall, the first game to come from Respawn Entertainment, at Gamescom this week. The accompanying trailer is embedded in this post, although if you really want to get a sense of the game’s visuals you’ll want to download the high resolution version of the file. Watching the game being played via Youtube isn’t going to show you everything you should be seeing."

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2cents1573d ago

It looks amazing to me!

So if it plays better than it looks....

Woo Hoo!

tuglu_pati1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

This is the game I'm really looking forward to play. It just looks amazingly fun.

StoutBEER1573d ago

@tuglu How dare anyone dislike you're comment. They must not enjoy fun.

Skizelli1573d ago

I can almost say without a shadow of a doubt that this will be the game that finally dethrones COD.

DevilishSix1573d ago

Titanfall is not going to sell like COD, sorry you can dream though. COD is getting long in the tooth, agreed, but COD was loaded with content. Story mode, competitive multiplayer, spec ops missions, zombie modes, etc.

They need to show more of Titanfall, because once the newness wears off, will the content be there? That is what I want to know. We know there is no story mode so that is strike one. Will there be any co-op?

Salooh1573d ago

In gameplay yes, but sales i'm 100% sure it won't since it's not coming to ps4 in release date. That's why i say it's their lost. They are missing an opportunity to kill cod next generation because of timed exclusive..

Skizelli1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )


Not at first. 1) It would be foolish to compare it to COD sales now, seeing as COD keeps breaking records every year, 2) it's not an established franchise yet, and 3) it's a console exclusive. On the other hand, you'll be betting against the people who put COD on the map in the first place.

If history is anything to go by, COD won't be the king forever, just like GoldenEye and Halo before it. They just aren't doing enough with the franchise to make it stick out anymore. It'll eventually lose the crown for that reason alone.

Let's be honest. There has yet to be a COD plot that has outdone COD4's, and most players don't even bother with the single player anyway. Ask yourself why people keep playing COD in the first place. It's not so much the regurgitated content as it is the gameplay itself, as stale as it is now. It just "feels" good.

That's why I think Titanfall is the next big thing. It just looks extremely fun to play, and I'm hearing it controls better than it looks - something the former IW founders know something about.


A new reign has to start somewhere.

StoutBEER1573d ago

Farts are the unheard screams of poo.

ATi_Elite1573d ago

OK i just watched 6 minutes of KZ:SF MP video and It does NOT compare to Titanfall.

KZ:SF had it's speed increased from previous games making it more intense but it lacks all the goodies and new gameplay that Titanfall is offering.

Titanfall > KZ:SF MP

That's just my 2 cent opinion and I'm looking forward to Titanfall on my PC.

(I'm just comparing MP Modes as KZ:SF is all about the SP Mode which should be better than COD:G and BF4 SP mode)

Salooh1573d ago

Both have it's won atmosphere and feeling , why compare it ?. But you can compare titanfall to cod since they are the same developers who created it . I will enjoy both when they release in the ps4 :P .

HeavenlySnipes1573d ago

Titanfall gameplay we've seen has been scripted developer gameplay. Maybe it's just me, but I've yet to see the game played by a random.

The KZ one from today was a random guy playing botzone

With that said, Titanfall still looks like it'll be the best X1 game next to Project Spark.

1573d ago
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Tyre1573d ago

This game looks fun to play, but hardly NEXTGEN. I'll be getting this on Xbox360.

Fireseed1573d ago

Handling a ton of action on screen, running 2 concurrent campaign mode interactions while oneline, as well as sporting maps that have been outfitted with 2 radically different movement systems (Titans and Freerunning), and it's not "NEXT GEN" care to enlighten us what is "NEXT GEN"?

Irishguy951573d ago

Next gen is kz shadowfall . Which has quiet literally not innovated or attempted anything new in the gameplay departmebtnt. Nothing to stand out like titanfall and bf4

DevilishSix1573d ago

I will enlighten you because it can be played on 360. The PS3 cannot run Shadowfall as it was developed from the ground up for the PS4. Titanfall has been developed for multiple systems in different generations of hardware, it isn't next gen.

Salooh1573d ago

What the hell with these comparisons ?. Just enjoy both .

On tyre comment : i agree , graphically and even in gameplay most of it are possible in this generation . However , that doesn't change the fact that the gameplay is awesome..

chrissx1573d ago ShowReplies(3)
HammadTheBeast1573d ago

Doesn't really stand out graphically, but game play looks fun. Getting on PC.

ABizzel11573d ago

Graphics aren't everything, but seeing the game it doesn't amaze or wow me at all. So I guess I've have to see if playing it changes that. The maneuvering mechanics may be enough to get me to play it.

starchild1573d ago

I agree that it doesn't have quite as good of graphics as some of the other shooters like Battlefield 4 and KZSF, but I also think some of you more diehard Sony fans tend to downplay the visuals too much.

It looks fairly good and it conveys the world they are trying to present very well.

I also can't believe the way some people are going off the rails in some of those other threads, claiming that KZSF looks far better than any other game. It's just more exaggeration. I think KZSF looks very good and I will be getting it with my PS4, but a lot of what I like about it is the art direction. In technical terms it really isn't doing anything that Battlefield 4 or Crysis 3 isn't already doing.

ichdich1573d ago

this game looks so amazing, day one buy !!!

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