Saying Goodbye to Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII

IGN: Square Enix on saying goodbye to Lightning, the return of XIII’s characters in Lightning Returns, and whether there will be next-gen versions.

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Godmars2901701d ago

Goodbye and good riddance.

AzureskyZ1701d ago

I didnt like her as a character either--- they tried to force clouds persona upon her and --yeah that just doesnt work--- 15 looks like not only a fresh start but much better in general.

Tales RPG addict1701d ago

Looks forward to FFXV instead, and btw Squeenix your competitor namco released "Tales of Xillia" and it was far better than FFXIII. Get your shit together Square.

Kalebninja1701d ago

ha tales of games arent competition i like the tales games but i would choose ff any day

KonsoruMasuta1701d ago

I don't really see Namco as competition to Square.

Godmars2901701d ago

Though Square has fallen into the habit of reusing/interconnecting characters and worlds as the Tales series does. Losing the identity of their own franchise in the process.

AgentSmithPS41701d ago

lol I was going to say that. There are always more boobs out there and the physics will only keep improving!

Lunatic_Medic1701d ago

Did Sazh say "Blasted Fuckball" or "Blasted Furball".
hard to hear. lol

KonsoruMasuta1701d ago

It sounded like he said fuckball to me.

iliimaster1701d ago

saying goodbye? i wish we never met... i still ended up buying both games with her and i cant even bring myself to get through part 1

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The story is too old to be commented.