Grand Theft Auto 5 New Details: Hunting Underwater, 200+ Vehicles, Gun Upgrades And More

GamingBolt: "We have some brand new details for the upcoming open world game, Grand Theft Auto 5."

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US8F1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

In other words

-Number of animals - vastest.
-You can meet in the wild deer, rabbits, squirrels, mountain goats. In rural areas - such as agriculture animals.
-There are bears, bobcats, turtles, sharks, rats, dogs and other
-Do not forget about pumah, coyotes or just wolves. All of them also becomes a great threat to you.
-Under the water, you can use a knife.
-Under the water as there are sunken oil rigs, and even a twelve-story factory.
-Wild ecosystem is not only on the ground. It is still under water and air.
-When you want to jump with a parachute, you will observe flocks of different birds,
-Play a very important role and masks, whose number is more than 20+ pieces.
-Rats live in the back streets of the city
-The game has a tank.
-You can check out the trailer, for example, in the woods, and taking the necessary camouflage gun, test your hunting skills.
-You can change the dog by giving him a new collar.
-Shark attack game characters.
-Sharks get in packs
-You can also relax by taking a prostitute on the track or order a lap dance at a strip club.
-It is possible to put a sniper scope or red dot, add more grip, flashlights, laser pointer, silencer, equipped with advanced shop or just change the color.
-In GTA 5 we will have more than 200+ types of transport, including four-engine bombers, bicycles, sports cars or trailers.
-Rockstar made ​​the ability to change the body kit, spoilers, grilles, hood, wheels, muffler, add a roll cage, kenguryatnik, armored bus, additional lighting. You can even change the tone.
-The amount of clothing for more than 30+, the addition of various accessories (watches, chains, bracelets, etc.), tattooing skin and even a change of hairstyle, the total amount of which will be at least 15+.
-Some theft is so heavy that you have to seek the assistance of mercenaries, whether bully, a sniper, a hacker or a hustler.
-There are hunting under water
-After completion of the tuning, you can take a picture of your car and put it in the photo Social Club.
-Police also swim
-You can find sunken ships, aircraft, containers or vehicles are very valuable things.
-Under the water you can get rid of the police chase.

posted yesterday by Prcko. I just copied and pasted it here to make life easy for the reader

TheKingWilliamV1701d ago

I tried to find a gif that would express how blown my mind is after reading what you posted but this is all i could find...

alien6261701d ago

Idk if anyone knew this but you could

"It's not always sunny in Los Santos! GTA V’s real-time weather effects will create loud and furious storms, rough waves in the ocean, with rain forming puddles in dirt and mud." -Gamestop

also but cant find you could run your own business or extort something like that

HardcoreGamer211701d ago

The Best game of this gen .

BlingBlaine1701d ago

Yeah Ps3 version, as we haven't seen one screenshot of xbot version.
Lullz funny when reviews are different for each system.

ATi_Elite1701d ago

So basically R* has turned GTAV into Grand Theft Arma 2 cause that's the only game I can think of with this much SIDE STUFF to do and customization.

Looking at about 200 hours if just having fun goofing off without doing the story

R* I salute you!!! WELL DONE!!!

Master-H1701d ago

" -You can also relax by taking a prostitute on the track or order a lap dance at a strip club. "
Translation..Game of the year : Confirmed !!

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claud31701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

This game is getting bigger and bigger every time you see new info...

I wonder what they will add to the DLC's that will come out for sure

TesMgsFan1701d ago

They will ad Vice City for sure :D

buynit1701d ago

This game seems great but damn so late in this gen and no announcement for next gen consoles sucks..

Could you imagine the mayhem if ms or Sony landed a deal to have it on next gen console day one?! That would of been insane!


Insane is the correct term. Next gen is less than 3 months away and as far as we know R* had not even started with next gen hardware. So either you think R* has been riding their hand or... well... you may be insane indeed.

buynit1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

4 disagrees? Why would you not rather buy gta5 on a next gen console? Unless.... Youre not making that jump for some time..

I dont get you lasr sentence, i meant it would be an insane situation... Or are you saying im insane for wanting it on a next gen console? If im insane for that then you guys must be some dodo birds or something lol..

All i think is that its going to be a great game but being so late in the gen i would of loved the game on a nxt gen console, considering i will have them day one.


I guess everyone wants it for next gen, what people are disagreing with you is about Sony or MS having a deal for next gen day one, when obviously it would allienate either camp, not to mention again how outlandsh wishful thinking this whole idea of GTA V in next gen day one sounds.

bohemian 231701d ago

I just want to murder some hookers.

TheNocturnus1701d ago

How the hell is current gen able to handle this masterpiece?

Kurisu1701d ago

If all this is possible this gen then just imagine what Rockstar will be able to achieve with GTA VI on the PS4 and Xbox One.

H0TSHELLZ1701d ago

PS3 = Blu-Ray

360 = 2 DVD Disc's

TheNocturnus1701d ago

Ok, how is that relevant to anything?

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