Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty Ghosts: Feature Smackdown

When it comes to multi-platform first person shooters there are two names that take over the industry - Battlefield and Call of Duty. Often the center of fanboy debates that are as heated as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 forum threads, both games have been duking it out for years now with each one trying to one up the other in an effort to claim favoritism from gamers.

In this article we take a look at some of the many features offered by each game and look at how each individual feature enhances its respective game.

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ZBlacktt1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

"Levolution: Players can expect to see a truly dynamic game that has their environments change around them in real-time."

That has always been huge with BF. This is what makes each game very different and not repetitive months down the road. The very surreal feeling of taking cover in a building. Then all of a sudden the loud boom as a tank blows the side of the building out where you are standing. Nothing is more real then that feeling you get like OH SH*T! That's what brings you into a game.

n4rc1760d ago

for me its always been the diversity that draws me in.

can sit in a jet and rip around the map, jump in a tank and tear people up.. run around on foot..

if im not doing well... i'll just focus on capping flags..or shooting down aircraft (that always pisses people

there is always something to do.... it always amazed me how if i go 10-5 in a cod game, im kinda pissed because it was a slow game etc....

but i can spend 20min in a bf3 game... go 1-0 and have a blast the entire time..

Matt6661760d ago

Well that's a no brainier, BF is way better then COD no matter how you look at it.

n4rc1760d ago

cod has its benefits... the fast paced chaotic action appeals to people..

its why operation metro was the most played map... gets everyone in tight at B and you can get lots of action..

now cod sucks lately... but the mechanics that made it popular are still there...kinda.. they've sped the game up waaaay too much at this point..

thats why titanfall looks so promising... its the cod we should have had after mw2

Funantic11760d ago

COD looks more fun cause it's non-stop fast action. One thing I realized is that COD looks more zoomed up. The characters look bigger so I don't have to strain my eyes. My TV is a medium size 47' inch so I shouldn't have to strain my eyes. If you notice when you bring the scope up to your face the enemy looks bigger in COD. You actually have the scope look like it's touching your eye. In BF4 when you zoom in it's like it's not zoomed in enough. But BF4 does look pretty decent. So I'll give it a try too, since BF4 is more for campers like myself. So the most anticipated FPS I'm look for is Titanfall first, then COD, and BF4 last. I'll buy all 3 but only buy the season pass for Titanfall and COD. There are no other FPS I'm considering at all.

pandehz1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

BF4-Everything else

Just kidding. Both have its own things going on.

Tho I prefer BF4 a lot more.

KiLLeRCLaM1760d ago

look how much Battlefield series has evolved over the years compared to Call of Duty franchise. Battlefield is KING!! I used to love COD until after World at War.. best game for me from the COD games..Battlefield 4 looks like HOLY SHIT I'm never leaving my lazy boy <3 PC and my 60" plasa 3D tv ^^

DoomeDx1760d ago

If you ask me..Battlefield went downhill after BF3

BF2 is where its at.

STK0261760d ago

Why is there a comparison between the two? One is meant to be a 64 players game with vehicles in large maps (although there are smaller maps with a lower player count) while the other is a fast paced arcade shooter. The fact that they are both set in a modern setting and feature guns should not warrant such comparisons; people who like CoD will continue to do so, and people who like BF will also continue to do so. This endless debate about which game is better (when it comes to providing fun) has been going on for years, and no matter how technologically advanced Battlefield gets, it doesn't mean it will make it more fun than another game that stands in another category altogether. One is a twitch shooter, the other isn't; some people like that, others don't.

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