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USA Pre-Order Chart 17/8/13

GTA V (360) dominates the charts, adding 60k pre-orders (3DS, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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PlayStation_4  +   580d ago
*Week Ending 17/8/13
miyamoto  +   580d ago
GameStop Reports 1.5 Million Members on PS4′s First-to-Know List, Xbox One has 700,000


never trust vgchartz
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PlayStation_4  +   580d ago
what does this have to do with it?
timl241  +   580d ago
Never trust vgchartz? That website is called playstationlifestyle. You really think those numbers are correct? LMAO
Transporter47  +   580d ago
You do realize they have a source which is the website i put on here, remember to read the article where you will see their source so they are not making it up.

dafegamer  +   579d ago
@timl241 *facepalm* dude really?
corvusmd  +   579d ago
you're right, a site called playstation life will be much less biased.
XB1_PS4  +   579d ago
@miyamoto You're evidence to not trust Vgchartz, is a stat on how many people signed up for a mailing list for the consoles? I don't understand. Or did you just want to post that somewhere, and you thought here would be the best place?
BlingBlaine  +   580d ago
Funny only 2 XBone reserves cod and bf4. Lool
Rockstar  +   580d ago
Why am I not surprised?
Xbox still the #1 dude bro console.

Thank god they are minority now.

The Last of US sales show what sony gamers want.
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TBONEJF  +   580d ago
Someone doesn't know what year it is or can't type
jackanderson1985  +   580d ago
nearly 1.6mil pre-orders for GTA V... gonna be some epic sales on that
CocoWolfie  +   580d ago
considering thats only USA too, we still have Europe and a lot of other places, and these are just pre-orders, day 1 sales and within the first week sales will bump that up too! :)
jackanderson1985  +   580d ago
ha yeah that's true... i should probably pre-order it while i still can
Spenok  +   580d ago
You won't need to reserve it if you don't want to.

There will be way more than enough copies available.

When they have preorders that high for a game companies will order 4-5 times the amount. No game ever reserves as much as it ends up selling. When it comes to big games like CoD and GTA. You will always be able to find a copy.

Now if you just want to that's up to you.

However Gamestop will have a midnight for it, and you can "Reserve" it the night of. And pick your copy up in their line then.

Long story short, big games like these you never need to reserve.
jackanderson1985  +   580d ago
it's Ireland we don't tend to have much overstocking ha
Spenok  +   579d ago
Ah, I didn't think too much about other countries. Good deal then.
Snookies12  +   580d ago
GTA is killing! I cannot wait for that game...

Also, on a side note... It's awesome to see Tales of Xillia at the number one spot for the global top 10! :]
CuddlyREDRUM  +   580d ago
Not according to Amazon.

Both Maddens and a couple accessories have been beating out any GTA5 preorders.
El_Colombiano  +   580d ago
Really? VGChartz?
chikane  +   580d ago
Sad to see that American gamers still think in 2013 that this game is gonna be better on the 360 then the ps3..... wake up its not 2008 anymore..I'm gonna laugh my ass off when this game is proven to be better on the ps3
kneon  +   580d ago
The ratio of pre-orders is roughly in line with the relative install bases of each console.
BLow  +   580d ago
Please stop using common sense. It's kind of scary.
DragonKnight  +   580d ago
ummm, it's vgchartz.
ghostrider32  +   579d ago
Just be excited for a new GTA. Stop worrying about what the Americans are doing. Focus on yourself.
gamingfriend  +   580d ago
Still so weird 360 ps3 are top sellers, was thinking ps4/xbone and bf4 is low, was a slap in the face.
RandomDude655  +   580d ago
5 PS4 vs 2 XOne
looks like 2 to 1 is holding up for consoles in the US.
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Jrxbarrett  +   580d ago
xbox 360 will remain hot until current gen holders become next gen. i can see ps4 pre orders doing great for the first year or so but not through the whole next gen life cycle. xbox one for me though
DatRealBoy  +   580d ago
of course you cant xbox never been 1st in a gen ps hav been twice xbox has been 3rd every gen tho
Jrxbarrett  +   578d ago
im an online player.... xbox wins online experience hands down. let sony raise their prices or make you pay extra for anything. nooooo sony please, we will do anything... xbox one is 499.. i went straight to gamestop and pre ordered. no excuses.
DatRealBoy  +   578d ago
@jrx so im getting ps4 who's to say sony didn't upgrade their infrastructure for psn
christrules0041  +   580d ago
Killzone: Shadowfall is still the only exclusive in the top 40 Lol. Still though none of the Xbox exclusives have hit 50,000 pre orders? That is brutal. You think they would at least hit 50,000. Like Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall don't have 50,000 pre orders yet in the US? That is Microsoft's main market.

I gotta say though I love seeing Killzone: Shadowfall, Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs outsell COD. I played MW3 and it was good but COD BLOPS 2 was laggy as crap and I even upgraded my internet so I'm done with COD.
drsfinest72  +   580d ago
Why pre order games for next gen when it won't be sold out. Hell why pre order any game at all. If there's no exclusive pre order content. And you don't pre order. U will still find the game. It's not like back in the 90 or early 2000 when games wasn't mass produced
christrules0041  +   580d ago
If you pre order Call of Duty Ghosts you get the limited edition poster(if still available) and the COD BLOPS 2 ghost camo. Killzone: Shadowfall there is exclusive owl skins and there are a couple of other things but I can't remember at the moment. Dishonored there was the card game. Metro: Last Light included Ranger mode. Dead Island Riptide was the steel case.

There are perks of pre ordering. I am actually for the most part going all digital. I like having everything on a playlist and bringing up the game I want to play instead of having to pop a disc in.

However since I can't pre order Killzone: Shadowfall digitally since the PS4 isn't released yet I am pre ordering the physical plus if there are limited editions of games I'll get the physical copy of those games as well.

For example I'm in Canada so I can wear Pierces vigilante mask during the winter time.

There is also the saying of "another persons trash is another persons treasure" and while some people may not think those perks are worth it some people do think those perks are worth it.
iiwii  +   580d ago
Um, news flash.. Games have been mass produced since the 70's
The_Sneauxman  +   579d ago
I use pre-ordering to pay off my future game little by little. I'm unable to save 5 dollars here and there for months so I give little at a time.

By the way, your dumb is showing
BLow  +   580d ago
Where the hell are all the Preorders for Watchdogs. Only the PS4 version is listed or did I miss the others. Maybe that game will be getting the word of mouth treatment once it comes out.
ZBlacktt  +   580d ago
Only 2 X1 games out of the whole top 40? in the US? This is MS number 1 market in the world. Ouch...
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TheBrit  +   580d ago
well I am sure there are a ton of people like myself that don't believe in pre-ordering for the most part.

That's why I don't pay much attention to pre-order numbers, on the surface they only tell half the story.

I don't see why I should give game stop money upfront so they can put it into a bank account, make interest off of it for months at a time, lining their pockets on my dime when I can go to the store when it comes out and pick it up. Guaranteed if there are 10 stores around me that sells games, I bet I could find it at least 6 or more of them when it releases.

As mentioned above some pre-orders come with perks which is cool, sometimes i like them some i don't care for. But that is a good benefit for pre-ordering.
Just does not make sense to me.
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Red_Devilz  +   580d ago
Lol. The gap between 360 and PS3 tells only one story - Lots of PS3 folks are going for PS4 (and waiting for GTAV on PS4; like myself). Whereas, folks on 360 are either going for PS4, or staying on 360, not going for XB720.
itBourne  +   579d ago
I think its more of the fact that there are twice the amount of 360 consoles in the U.S. as there are ps3 consoles.
Ashraf89  +   579d ago
Off topic : Glad to hear that over a million PS4 had been preordered. Greatness awaits! ^__^
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