USA Pre-Order Chart 17/8/13

GTA V (360) dominates the charts, adding 60k pre-orders

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miyamoto1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

GameStop Reports 1.5 Million Members on PS4′s First-to-Know List, Xbox One has 700,000


never trust vgchartz

PlayStation_41732d ago

what does this have to do with it?

timl2411732d ago

Never trust vgchartz? That website is called playstationlifestyle. You really think those numbers are correct? LMAO

Transporter471732d ago

You do realize they have a source which is the website i put on here, remember to read the article where you will see their source so they are not making it up.

dafegamer1732d ago

@timl241 *facepalm* dude really?

corvusmd1732d ago

you're right, a site called playstation life will be much less biased.

XB1_PS41731d ago

@miyamoto You're evidence to not trust Vgchartz, is a stat on how many people signed up for a mailing list for the consoles? I don't understand. Or did you just want to post that somewhere, and you thought here would be the best place?

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BlingBlaine1732d ago

Funny only 2 XBone reserves cod and bf4. Lool

Rockstar1732d ago

Why am I not surprised?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Xbox still the #1 dude bro console.

Thank god they are minority now.

The Last of US sales show what sony gamers want.

TBONEJF1732d ago

Someone doesn't know what year it is or can't type

jackanderson19851732d ago

nearly 1.6mil pre-orders for GTA V... gonna be some epic sales on that

CocoWolfie1732d ago

considering thats only USA too, we still have Europe and a lot of other places, and these are just pre-orders, day 1 sales and within the first week sales will bump that up too! :)

jackanderson19851732d ago

ha yeah that's true... i should probably pre-order it while i still can

Spenok1732d ago

You won't need to reserve it if you don't want to.

There will be way more than enough copies available.

When they have preorders that high for a game companies will order 4-5 times the amount. No game ever reserves as much as it ends up selling. When it comes to big games like CoD and GTA. You will always be able to find a copy.

Now if you just want to that's up to you.

However Gamestop will have a midnight for it, and you can "Reserve" it the night of. And pick your copy up in their line then.

Long story short, big games like these you never need to reserve.

jackanderson19851732d ago

it's Ireland we don't tend to have much overstocking ha

Spenok1732d ago

Ah, I didn't think too much about other countries. Good deal then.

Snookies121732d ago

GTA is killing! I cannot wait for that game...

Also, on a side note... It's awesome to see Tales of Xillia at the number one spot for the global top 10! :]

CuddlyREDRUM1732d ago

Not according to Amazon.

Both Maddens and a couple accessories have been beating out any GTA5 preorders.

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The story is too old to be commented.