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Peter Moore: 'We Will be The Dominant Third Party Publisher' On the PS4 And Xbox One

Third party publishers have always been a big deal and without a shadow of doubt, they will be the ones who making the most out of next generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. (EA, PS4, Xbox One)

KrisButtar  +   643d ago
Outta of the gamers I know, UbiSoft is the Dominant 3rd party
ZBlacktt  +   643d ago
Yep, also Ubisoft is all about details and quality.... Watch Dogs, AC4 BF and The Division.
KrisButtar  +   643d ago
Yea those are 3 games I'm going to be owning along with The Crew. I don't see any EA titles announced that myself or any of my friends want. UbiSoft is going to be rocking the 3rd party love

The most common 3rd parties I have are, off the top of my head in no order. EA doesn't even make my list.

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amnalehu  +   643d ago
I love Ubisoft but considering the global appeal of games like Fifa 14, Madden 25, Battlefield 4 and last but not least Mass Effect Moore is probably correct.
Ashunderfire86  +   643d ago

Uh so you don't want Mirror Edge, Dragon Age Inquisition, or Star Wars Battlefront? Are you sure you will be true to your words? I find it hard to believe when your inner gamer face, looking at gorgeous graphics and gameplay, will takeover.
koolaid251  +   643d ago
BF4 is one of the best looking next gen games that I've seen and finally 64 players it's gonna be bananas. People be forgetting about Ea sports games Fifa/Madden they make more money than anyother game except for Call of Duty nobody tops them when it comes to making money.
BlackTar187  +   643d ago

Did Madden lose the NFL? I thought i read that somewhere that they lost the contract next year or something. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

EA make games like original Dead Space, Put some solid money in to army of two to clean up the controls and gun feel mechanics. Make a Road rash and ill play your games more. Also can't wait for Mirrors edge 2. Return Dragon age to its glory. Really enjoyed Dantes inferno.

A big one sink some money into a solid Mercenaries game with tight controls huge environments huge diversity and solid story and Frostengine destruction
rainslacker  +   642d ago
Hmmm...I say let them duke it out for supremacy. It can only be good for us in the end. Both have their excellent, as well as sub-par, games.
GT67  +   643d ago
I used to like EA for NEED FOR SPEED last 8 NFS games including RIVAL turned for the worst criterion tried to murder NFS with "Auto-Log" and burnout engine now we have GHOST GAMES trying to slash rest of NFS life with "ALL DRIVE" crap and burnout engine. time to move on with DRIVECLUB,GT6,THE CREW,COLIN MCRAE DIRT 4.
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Drakesfortune  +   643d ago
I agree with you about NFS, NFS use to be so good....i played most wanted after getting it on ps plus and deleted after a couple of hours..it felt like such a chore to play the game...it felt like burnout with the gate/billboard smashes, the crashe replays and takedowns etc, no customisation. even rivals seems like it is going to be more of the same with cops vs racers etc and online shit

shame was very good back in the day....The Crew looks unreal though...i can drive across fucking USA haah
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MWong  +   643d ago
Very Very bold statement from EA. They better release all their games multi-plaform to be the most dominant 3rd party publisher.

But so far UbiSoft seems to be doing everything right. EA is coming in at a close second. We haven't heard much from the others. Maybe 1 or 2 games here and there, but no kind of line-up announced like UbiSoft & EA.
stage88  +   643d ago
I hope not.
Sayai jin  +   643d ago
Let's hope the 3rd party arena stays competitive.
JunioRS101  +   643d ago
Ooo, "Hey, Rockstar! Come get a load of this guy!"
gaelic_laoch  +   643d ago
LOL Yeah this is like trash talking Mike Tyson not knowing he is right behind you ready to knock you the fudge out!
modesign  +   643d ago
i wonder if rockstar is laughing at this.
JunioRS101  +   643d ago
Yeah they definitely are.

Take a look at the pre-order chart, GTA is the first 2 spots lol almost 1.6 million pre-orders so far for 360 and ps3 combined

kewlkat007  +   643d ago
1 Game is suddenly good for the lead as leading publisher...

BlackTar187  +   643d ago
The thing is Rockstar doesn't put out the volume EA or Ubi does so it's hard for them to be the leading.

Plus 1 year of Madden and 1 year of FIFA combined kill rockstar totals(Assuming)

that said Rockstar games are Quality on Quality on Quality
Drakesfortune  +   643d ago
Hmmm has to be between ubisoft and ea

however for me it is ubisoft thus far....they have shown

Watch Dogs
The Crew
Assassins Creed
The Division

Which iminterested in them all whereas Ea im only in Battlefield...nfs rivals looks meh, fifa 14 i wont get the first fifa game on next gen. and there is nothing else that makes me think wow even titan fall doesnt capture my interest..

***Actually forgot about Dragon Age looks good and will wait to see more
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   643d ago
Battlefront, Mirrors Edge 2. (DICE is unfortunately under the EA umbrella)
Drakesfortune  +   643d ago
havnt seen much of them so cnt say....just speaking on from what ive seen...
SSJBen  +   643d ago
'We Will be The Dominant Third Party Publisher'

We'll be the smartest publisher in chewing up the wallets of the consumers.
Ashunderfire86  +   643d ago
EA will be the Dominate 3rd party studio. Just look at Battlefield 4, pure greatness with mass destruction! Follow by Star Wars Battlefront using the same Frostbite Engine 3 as Battlefield. It will definitely adopt the levelution tech too. Mirror Edge 2(Most Anticipated game whatever year it launchers)I predict, will be a massive success for FPS with singleplayer and hopefully multiplayer(Parkour racing please!). Mirror Edge already has games being influence by it, like Titanfall and Dying Light. Mirror Edge having multiplayer, why not? It will show Titanfall and Dying Light who is boss. I digress.

EA was terrible last generation, getting 2 worst company of the year in a row, but now they are going to change that with the new CEO in charge. They will fix Origin(They actually allow trade in downloadable games too),stop doing online passes, and expand on what is already successful.

UbiSoft is one hell of a giant company with its dominate Tom Clancy games, and others(milking the guy's name while giving him the greens). UbiSoft will be a tough competitor to face, but EA will knock them out with their sports, action, RPG, RTS, and many game franchises in other genres.

Activision could only Milk Call of Duty for so long, because it just look like the same Call of Duty we all played since 2007. If next Call of Duty just look the same as the year before, then they are in a world of trouble. I see Battlefield 4 owning Call of Duty this year, because it look more next gen than Call of Duty. The dynamic environments in Ghost don't look like anything special at all. Big whoop! A girl shoot down a gas station with very little destructibility. Heck 2009's Red Faction Guerilla can do better than that! Big whoop! Some walls are destructible. Infinity Wards explanation about dynamic environments is just as stupid as, their game programmer saying,"fish move out the way as you get close to them." Mario 64 and Seaman had the fish A.I. Battlefield series, Bad company series, Black, Red Fraction series, many others games from PS2/Xbox era, and PS3/360 done dynamic environments before.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   643d ago
and reverberation sound, (such as gun echo in a building, as opposed to outside) was done in Bad Company2 , they won best sound design that year, for that game.
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ufo8mycat  +   643d ago
Soo that means micro-transactions will dominate - awesome...
hadouken007  +   643d ago
I know EA isn't the best of folks but I wanna see a new dead space.
BLow  +   643d ago
Didn't this guy used to work for MS. Now MS and EA are REAL close next gen. Surprised no one has mentioned this. Seeing that he is one of the big dogs of the company, I think he may be a little biased toward one console. I just can't put my finger on which one that would be....hmmmm

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