Peter Moore: 'We Will be The Dominant Third Party Publisher' On the PS4 And Xbox One

Third party publishers have always been a big deal and without a shadow of doubt, they will be the ones who making the most out of next generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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KrisButtar1494d ago

Outta of the gamers I know, UbiSoft is the Dominant 3rd party

ZBlacktt1494d ago

Yep, also Ubisoft is all about details and quality.... Watch Dogs, AC4 BF and The Division.

KrisButtar1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Yea those are 3 games I'm going to be owning along with The Crew. I don't see any EA titles announced that myself or any of my friends want. UbiSoft is going to be rocking the 3rd party love

The most common 3rd parties I have are, off the top of my head in no order. EA doesn't even make my list.


amnalehu1494d ago

I love Ubisoft but considering the global appeal of games like Fifa 14, Madden 25, Battlefield 4 and last but not least Mass Effect Moore is probably correct.

Ashunderfire861494d ago


Uh so you don't want Mirror Edge, Dragon Age Inquisition, or Star Wars Battlefront? Are you sure you will be true to your words? I find it hard to believe when your inner gamer face, looking at gorgeous graphics and gameplay, will takeover.

koolaid2511494d ago

BF4 is one of the best looking next gen games that I've seen and finally 64 players it's gonna be bananas. People be forgetting about Ea sports games Fifa/Madden they make more money than anyother game except for Call of Duty nobody tops them when it comes to making money.

BlackTar1871494d ago


Did Madden lose the NFL? I thought i read that somewhere that they lost the contract next year or something. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

EA make games like original Dead Space, Put some solid money in to army of two to clean up the controls and gun feel mechanics. Make a Road rash and ill play your games more. Also can't wait for Mirrors edge 2. Return Dragon age to its glory. Really enjoyed Dantes inferno.

A big one sink some money into a solid Mercenaries game with tight controls huge environments huge diversity and solid story and Frostengine destruction

rainslacker1493d ago

Hmmm...I say let them duke it out for supremacy. It can only be good for us in the end. Both have their excellent, as well as sub-par, games.

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GT671494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I used to like EA for NEED FOR SPEED last 8 NFS games including RIVAL turned for the worst criterion tried to murder NFS with "Auto-Log" and burnout engine now we have GHOST GAMES trying to slash rest of NFS life with "ALL DRIVE" crap and burnout engine. time to move on with DRIVECLUB,GT6,THE CREW,COLIN MCRAE DIRT 4.

Drakesfortune1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I agree with you about NFS, NFS use to be so good....i played most wanted after getting it on ps plus and deleted after a couple of felt like such a chore to play the felt like burnout with the gate/billboard smashes, the crashe replays and takedowns etc, no customisation. even rivals seems like it is going to be more of the same with cops vs racers etc and online shit

shame was very good back in the day....The Crew looks unreal though...i can drive across fucking USA haah

MWong1494d ago

Very Very bold statement from EA. They better release all their games multi-plaform to be the most dominant 3rd party publisher.

But so far UbiSoft seems to be doing everything right. EA is coming in at a close second. We haven't heard much from the others. Maybe 1 or 2 games here and there, but no kind of line-up announced like UbiSoft & EA.

Sayai jin1494d ago

Let's hope the 3rd party arena stays competitive.

JunioRS1011494d ago

Ooo, "Hey, Rockstar! Come get a load of this guy!"

gaelic_laoch1494d ago

LOL Yeah this is like trash talking Mike Tyson not knowing he is right behind you ready to knock you the fudge out!

modesign1494d ago

i wonder if rockstar is laughing at this.

JunioRS1011494d ago

Yeah they definitely are.

Take a look at the pre-order chart, GTA is the first 2 spots lol almost 1.6 million pre-orders so far for 360 and ps3 combined

kewlkat0071493d ago

1 Game is suddenly good for the lead as leading publisher...


BlackTar1871494d ago

The thing is Rockstar doesn't put out the volume EA or Ubi does so it's hard for them to be the leading.

Plus 1 year of Madden and 1 year of FIFA combined kill rockstar totals(Assuming)

that said Rockstar games are Quality on Quality on Quality

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