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Submitted by john2 901d ago | news

Crysis 3's Development Was 15 Months Shorter Than Crysis 2's, Up To 2X More Lights Used On The PC

DSOGaming writes: "During GDC Europe 2013, Pierre Donzallaz talked about the lighting techniques that have been used in Crysis 3, and shared some screenshots, showcasing what Crytek’s artists have achieved. During his presentation, though, Donzallaz revealed some interesting information about the development of the game and the lighting difference between the PC and the console versions." (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Pain_Killer  +   901d ago
CRYSIS 3 without a doubt looked amazing given the time i took for its development, it was short for sure but its story was an improvement over CRYSIS 2.
die_fiend  +   901d ago
What story? This game had a story?
starchild  +   901d ago
Yes, it had a story, quit being facetious. The story was just as good as in most shooters, unless you think Killzone, Gears of War and COD are amazing examples of well-developed narratives.

Only story-driven FPS like Half Life 2 and Bioshock Infinite have clearly better narratives.

Anyway, Crysis 3 was an improvement over Crysis 2 in my book. And the visuals are truly astounding. It still looks better than any next gen console shooter I have seen.
gillri  +   901d ago
Crysis series = meh
SlavisH2  +   901d ago
i would love a next gen release of the series!
Moncole  +   901d ago
Just play the PC version.
ashahab861   901d ago | Spam
Kurylo3d  +   901d ago
I think his point was that the pc version is already next gen. lol No need to wait. Dont take offense .. he didnt bash the consoles lol
Baka-akaB  +   901d ago
Then they should have spent 15 more months onto it , over releasing some hybrid between C1 and C that is only superior to the mediocre C2 .
ashahab861   901d ago | Spam
Thisisjuju  +   901d ago
The first Crysis game was fantastic. Crysis 2 was visually stunning for the time but the game itself was a little lacking.

I have yet to play Crysis 3, hope it appears on PS+ at some point in the future.
windblowsagain  +   901d ago
First crysis was decent, warhead much of the same. Crysis2 was ok in places, crysis3 was better then 2.

But i think the series should have ended on the last game.
Pain_Killer  +   901d ago
Crytek mentioned that the current trilogy has ended but the game as a series would probably continue.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   901d ago
crysis was just a benchmark and hardly a game
Tyre  +   901d ago
Love em all, Crysis 3 is technically a marvel on current consoles, but the campaign was too short. I would have loved some missions. I hope they will re-release the original PC versions(including Warhead) on PS4/XB1. Crytek plz do it! Crysis belonged on NEXTGEN since 2007.
Kurylo3d  +   901d ago
thats the funny part. PC users were already at ps4 and xbox one levels in 2007 lol were talking freakn 6 years ago lol
Tyre  +   900d ago
Yeah that's what i em all since 2007 on PC too. The funny thing is you got 3 agrees and i've got only 1? People are strange when you're a stranger.
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