32 New Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshots

Today we received 32 new screenshots of Konami's upcoming game Metal Gear Solid 4. The images look realy good, although they don't show anything really new.

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FLOPbox 3603898d ago

I can't freaking wait any longer.

yesah3898d ago

soon well have something to ease the pain. *looks over to GTAIV*

iAmPS33898d ago

I just so hope it's true... OMFG

sonarus3898d ago

For me visuals are secondary in a game like MGS but assuming these screens are not "touched up" even in the slightest way, this is definitely going to be one of the best looking games of the yr.
With visual giants like killzone 2, gears of war and GT5P that is saying a lot

perils3898d ago

ive always liked the subdued graphic style of mgs (if thats the way to describe it). instead of going for an all out sheen like in uncharted etc, mgs is rather pastel....y which i think suits it down ta the fooking ground. oh yeah i cant wait for mgs4. playing through mgs2 the now! every time the theme tune kicks in i get a chill down ma spine. i dont think any other game other than ff7 and the whole mgs series evokes such emotions in me!

fablex3898d ago

I don't think they are 'touched up'. Looks like they just took a capture every few seconds while playing.

UnblessedSoul3898d ago

Awesome screens I hope theres an option to turn the threat ring off if you have rumble

GrimWarrior3898d ago

I thought I heard that they're removint the threat ring entirely.
I think Kojima said they had it there because they were developing the game before the Dual Shock 3 came to light.

THC CELL3898d ago

This is tha game of the year man hands down

iAmPS33898d ago

Do you think it's true?
He said he played the whole thing and the jungle ACT is the best.

yesah3898d ago

O.O that is the first jungle pic ive ever seen, if you get more you could make a 100000000 degree story

iAmPS33898d ago

I asked for gameplay, I will see if I can get my hand on that.

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The story is too old to be commented.