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Rockstar reveals why GTA 5 preorders are not available on Xbox Live

Rockstar Games has revealed why Xbox 360 won’t be receiving GTA 5 preorders and it’s due to how the entire Games on Demand is set up. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

vishmarx  +   637d ago
good for them...
or else people would already be playing it rnow
TwistedMetal   637d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
MidNite  +   637d ago

Hate to bust all your bubbles but GTA 5 just got hacked from the PS3 download.

It's a good thing this would never happen on the PS3!
JackStraw  +   637d ago
no. just no.
FunkMacNasty  +   637d ago
HAHAHAHA!!!! I know!! Yet, of course on N4G, people are like "no way... it didn;t happen.. Xbox live is full of hackers, YET THE PRELOAD GOT HACKED ON PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N4G = a fantasy world

Here's the story - http://n4g.com/news/1339220...
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thorstein  +   637d ago
That isn't why it isn't available.

It isn't available because Xbox Live doesn't allow preorders or day one digital...
FamilyGuy  +   637d ago
This happens on both consoles, new games are always up on pirate sites about a week before they launch.

This article is about the fact the MSs XBL service doesn't have Day 1 digital or digital pre-ordering like the PS3 does.

It's funny because MS are the ones speaking the most about a "digital future" and always claiming how "live is a better service", how it's "worth paying for" yet they lack this VERY CONVENIENT feature that pushes interest and acceptance in digital sales.

Knowing that your digital game will be ready to play the moment the game is released, ie no waiting on it to download and no waiting in line at a midnight launch party. These things help boost the incentive in buying digitally without forcing it on people.

MSs "better service" needs to take notes.
Timed Full Game Trials is another thing PSN (well PS+ specifically) has over Live. No idea what's hold MS up from copying these features :/
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andrewsqual  +   637d ago
@thorstein Microsoft never done Day 1 digital sales on any game and they would NEVER in a millions years do it for GTA V. They don't want Xbox Live to go down whe people pay for it. They also don't allow games on Xbox Live that have massive online battles like Resistance 2 in 2008, for example, with its 60 player online. MMOs were never capable on it either. Pretty much anything that is deemed taxing to a server.
Oh and preload and other sub services are not possible on the platform. There was no choice for them in the way you get to keep a Games for Gold game as the infrastructure wasn't there when they rushed that bonus out in a panic after the 21st May "Operation screw up everything we ever accomplished" plan.
JohnS1313  +   637d ago
I doubt that happened. Sony doesn't put games up until they're about to go live. So where's this report about that happening? I haven't seen it on N4G at least.
Ritsujun  +   637d ago
FMN sure is mad and nasty. Eww.
razrye  +   636d ago
Where does it say that it was hacked from the psn?
MazzingerZ  +   636d ago
@family guy
SONY has a patent on Timed Full-games trials but I agree with you, those kind of features help to sell digital versions, however, prices still too high, no manufacturing- nor logistics costs but still price is the same if not more expensive sometimes

What would really help digital content would be something like a 39 USD/Euro pricetag, unlimited supplies, to add some HD trailers of other games would be nice, like movies do or other bonus like artwork.

We'll see how it goes with digital this next gen, I guess better and better
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Deadpoolio  +   637d ago
Ummmmm NO...You can pre order it on PS3 right now but it's not even close to the full game unless GTA 5 is 10mbs total
AddictiveGamer   637d ago | Spam
Buzz7S  +   636d ago
Which is why the PS3 version is leaked, right? The full 18GB download was made available and hackers/modders have been uploading images and audio recordings all day long.
zyphee   637d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Lone_Man  +   637d ago
i can live with that....it always happens consoles get old and loose their spotlight..

wait what!!! preorder for ps3...
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thorstein  +   637d ago
Yes. PS3 owners have been able to preorder digitally for awhile now. Also, day one digital has been part of the free service for almost a year (10 months.)
vigilante_man  +   637d ago
So the 360 has the best network service in Live but cannot take pre-orders? Doh!
thorstein  +   637d ago
I didn't know Xbox Live members couldn't do this. I am rather flabbergasted by it. I am not trying to take a jab at Xbox users, but, Live is supposed to be this awesome service, but....
TheBurger29  +   636d ago
i nerver noticed it either but dosent really matter considering next-gen is a few months away.
AceBlazer13  +   637d ago | Funny
but digital is the future .
GunsAndTheBeast  +   637d ago
SchwoererBear  +   637d ago
If everything was digital those 500gb hd's on next gen would fill up real fast
Deadpoolio  +   637d ago
Except one of these things is doing its own thing and has an upgradeable HDD that uses ANY 2.5in Sata laptop HDD...Meanwhile the other that LOL "Future of gaming" has a non upgradeable HDD....Wasn't aware the future was DRM and Non upgradeable HDDs
InTheLab  +   637d ago
Games on Demand is terrible and has always been terrible. You can't even buy games Day 1 so why expect to pre-order?
stix079  +   637d ago
I don't get the peroder a download game.

what are the benefits from pre-ordering a downloadable game?
InTheLab  +   637d ago
The game is 18 gigs( i think??). You download it now or the night before and it's all set to go launch day.

Or if you have PS+, it will download it for you when it's available.

Not that I'm interested in GTA but hopefully they'll do this with more titles. It's nice to come home from work or whatever and your Ps3 has downloaded and installed everything for you.
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vigilante_man  +   637d ago
I guess some people want to pay while they have the money. Stops them spending it on something else before the game comes out..
BattleTorn  +   637d ago
Game are always release on GoD months after the PSN (ususally Day1)
rydamgw  +   637d ago
Lol Live is so much better yet you cant preorder games or get day 1 digital titles like the PS3 has been doing for years? Wow just wow!
Mr_Writer85  +   637d ago
It says PS3 players 'around the world' but I can't find it on the UK store?

Though I am only looking on the web one.
Deadpoolio  +   637d ago
And thats why you can't find it....You actually have to be in the store on the console
Mr_Writer85  +   636d ago
Aye I checked the store last night, and pre ordered. Very happy :)
GraveLord  +   637d ago
B-B-But Xbox Live is the best gaming network in the world! Best in class! Innovator! Leader!
XboxFun  +   637d ago
Yes they are, glad you agree Gravelord.
GraveLord  +   637d ago
How much of a loyalist do you have to be to dedicate your username to a brand? Tell me please. On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you love your Xbox?
XboxFun  +   637d ago
Yes, my username for N4G is XboxFun. I replaced the One with Fun, because they sound the same. Funny right?

I give my Xbox a 9, satisfied?

Now what's your excuse? Are you truly the Lord of Graves? Do you control the dead on N4G?
SheenuTheLegend  +   637d ago
those are just talkies
frostyhat123  +   637d ago
Sony trolls out full force today.
vigilante_man  +   637d ago
Why take it out on the people here when it is a lack of vision on Microsoft's part that they do not have this simple feature on their network infrastructure?
_FantasmA_  +   637d ago
Out in full force? WTF are you talking about. Did you even click the link? It looks like legit. Xbox isn't all its cracked up to be. Of course, since you pay for it, your small mind automatically thinks its better.
AddictiveGamer   637d ago | Spam
buynit  +   637d ago
Aahh... Both sony and ms missed this train... Dummy's should have done something to launch this game exclusive, timed of course, on one of the next gen consoles..

Talk about sell out mayhem if that would of happened, imo thats something ms really needed to do to get that launch boost they currently need..

Oh well... The game still looks great ps3 version for me.
LoveSpuds  +   637d ago
I refuse to pay the price that is charged for digital copies of games.

I know that my PreOrder with Shopto will be with me the day before release and will be cheaper than the RRP.

I hate getting gouged on digital games, as far as I am concerned they should be a damn sight cheaper than a retail copy, but they never are!
spike  +   637d ago
Do you pay taxes on digital copies?
Sci0n  +   637d ago
no taxes flat rate
Max-Zorin  +   637d ago
Wow at these comments. it wasn't even that serious.
razrye  +   636d ago
The xbots are just butt hurt since the game is more advertised for ps3. Also am just back from gamescom and all the watchdog and assassins creed 4 black flag posters don't have xbox 360/xbox one mentioned on them, just ps3/ps4.
TheSaint  +   636d ago
If the game is able to be dowloaded then surely it's finished, just release it R*!!
crazyeightz  +   636d ago
Need time for marketing, manufacturing, and distribution.
TheSaint  +   635d ago
I know, I'm just sad that we have to wait another 20 days or so.
Albie360  +   636d ago
Waiting for pc or ps4 version.

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