The PS Vita is indie gaming's newest vehicle - and that's good for everyone

The indies are coming, best be ready for 'em

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GraveLord1314d ago

Funny how Xbox Live is the "leading" gaming network yet it is Sony who is pushing for a digital future in the best way. Indies are only available to purchase online, I think Sony's way of pushing for digital distribution is smart.

SlavisH21314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

I have to agree. I also thought about that.

3-4-51314d ago

Yea indies are heading towards Vita & PS4 and even 3DS/Wii U.

Nintendo has even gotten better at it while Microsoft is still arrogant.

I love my 360, but I just can't justify spending $500 MINIMUM, for 1-2 games I want, and no hope for good RPG's or variety in games.

I love FPS & Sports games, but they make up about 10% of games I play. I noticed I traded more games this gen than any other and it was because a lack in quality. Some of the indie games on xbox live made up for the fact the AAA games were poor more often than not.

* Age of Booty, Avatar Golf, Gotham City Imposters, Miner Dig Deep, Minecraft, ect....

miyamoto1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

isn't that ironic?

but yeah the playstation has all bases covered

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Protagonist1314d ago

From AAA games, to PSP/PSX games, to indies, to minis, to remote PS4...the more diversity and options the better.

Alex2491314d ago

I can't wait to buy one! Soon, soon.

Williamson1314d ago

When most of these indie developers become big names in the future, I wonder if they will remember how kind the PlayStation platforms were to them.

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